The Fixer's Daughter by Hy Conrad

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Now you can enter for a chance to win one of 50 copies of “The Fixer’s Daughter” by Hy Conrad, the award-winning writer/producer of the ground-breaking TV and book series, "Monk."

In “The Fixer’s Daughter,” an idealistic journalist comes home to Austin, hoping to mend fences with her father, a powerful fixer for the Texas elite. But before either one can apologize for the past, father and daughter get pitted against each other in a twisted tale of murder, politics and family loyalty.

Burn You Twice by Mary Burton

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Fire can destroy the past. It can also uncover secrets in this novel of searing suspense by New York Times bestselling author Mary Burton.

Ten years ago as an undergrad, Joan Mason escaped an arsonist’s fire. Shaken, she fled the small collegiate Montana town, leaving behind friends and not looking back. Now a Philadelphia homicide detective, Joan’s trying to put her traumas to rest. It’s not easy. Elijah Weston, the classmate who torched her house, is out of prison and returning to Missoula. Gut instinct tells Joan he’ll strike again. To stop him, she must return to the past as well. To face not only the man she fears but Detective Gideon Bailey, too. The man she loved and left behind.

When a local woman dies tragically in another fire, it can’t be a coincidence. Can it be Elijah? He has a solid alibi for the night of the blaze. Reunited by the tragedy, Joan and Gideon have their doubts. So does Gideon’s sister, Ann—Joan’s old college roommate.

The investigation draws Joan and Gideon together, but it also sends them down a dangerous path—into a troubling history that Joan, Elijah, and Ann all share. As more lives go up in flames in Missoula, this town’s secrets are just beginning to rise from the ashes.

Immortal Angel by Lynsay Sands

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Enter now for a chance to win 1 of 100 Kindle editions of the latest vampire romance from Lynsay Sands, in which a gorgeous mortal encounters his greatest temptation.

Mirrorland by Carole Johnstone

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Enter for a chance to win one of 50 advance readers copies of MIRRORLAND, a twisty, dark, and brilliantly crafted thriller - a story of twin sisters, the man they both love, and the dark childhood they can’t leave behind.

Chewy Marmot by S.E. Spracher

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Enter for a chance to win one of five copies of a signed, first edition paperback of "Chewy Marmot" by S.E. Spracher.

Great Quarantine Reading for Families!

A very long chapter book in three parts...
Book I - An Unexpected Journey
Book II - The Wolverines
Book III - The Lotus Flower

Chewy Marmot has never ridden on a skyship before, or taken a funicular inside of a mountain. He doesn’t know any wizards, or talking pigs, or that he can actually manifest fantastical foods just by imagining them. He certainly doesn’t believe that the world is full of magic (it is), and that it’s governed by a giant lotus flower that’s about to die. All he knows is that his Spring is off to a really bad start. He’s failed a really important test, he has no friends and his crush loves nothing more than to embarrass him. Not to mention there’s a dark and ugly cloud hovering over Marmtunn, and it won’t go away. When his grandfather dies, leaving him to take care of a cabin in the Mind Mountains that no one even knew existed, it’s the last place he wants to be. He’d rather be at the helm of a sailboat out on the lake. Realizing he must prove his responsibility to his father in order to redeem himself, Chewy sets out to the cabin, only to find that when he gets there nothing will go as planned. He'll have to rely on his new friends in order to escape the tricks of Mind Mountains and avoid being captured by the evil Marculf, a gargantuan wolverine who's got an entire army to do his bidding.

Teen Titans by Kami Garcia

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DARE TO FIND YOUR TRUTH! Enter for a chance to win one of 10 copies of Teen Titans: Beast Boy!

From the creative duo behind New York Times bestseller Teen Titans: Raven, author KAMI GARCIA and artist GABRIEL PICOLO bring us the next daring installment of the Teen Titans series.

Follow Garfield Logan (aka Beast Boy) on his adorkable, junk-food-loving story—as he tries to be popular and dares to learn what it really means to belong.

Perish by L.C. Barlow

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Enter for a chance to win a copy of PERISH, Book Two of the Jack Harper Trilogy, by L.C. Barlow.

Jack Harper is a dangerous woman, capable of death and resurrection. Raised and utilized by Cyrus, the leader of a mystical religion, she was once a fearless and brilliant weapon against all who blasphemed. Now, having destroyed Cyrus, Jack is free to be more.

While starting anew, Jack receives letters from children trapped in Infinitum who beg for rescue, and she soon discovers that Cyrus’s cult is alive and thriving, with tendrils branching across the world. One of these tendrils leads Jack to Patrick, a man who speaks of a contraption that “bleaches anything white.” Yet another tendril stretches beyond death, where the Builder and Jack’s brother, Alex, reside. Jack must now seek to permanently destroy the following she once escaped by fixing her sights on a higher target―the infamous demonic Builder, who once supplied Cyrus with overwhelming power.

Potential aid arrives from an unusual source when Jack encounters Jonathon Roth and his kill-for-hire outfit. Combined, they hope to become an unstoppable force, but only the future will tell. Jack may be falling into her old acolyte ways, and Roth may have found in Jack the very thing that made Cyrus so powerful―his own magical being.

“In Perish, Barlow sings the siren song of anger and revenge, expanding the universe of the terrible, and introducing us to even greater threats as she builds a world of the awful.”—Weston Ochse

The End of the Day by Bill Clegg

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*Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this shipment may be delayed.*

Following his acclaimed New York Times bestseller, DID YOU EVER HAVE A FAMILY, Bill Clegg returns with a deeply moving, emotionally resonant second novel about the complicated bonds and breaking points of friendship, the corrosive forces of secrets, the heartbeat of longing, and the redemption found in forgiveness.

A retired widow in rural Connecticut wakes to an unexpected visit from her childhood best friend whom she hasn’t seen in forty-nine years.

A man arrives at a Pennsylvania hotel to introduce his estranged father to his newborn daughter and finds him collapsed on the floor of the lobby.

A sixty-seven-year-old taxi driver in Kauai receives a phone call from the mainland that jars her back to a traumatic past.

These seemingly disconnected lives come together as half-century-old secrets begin to surface. It is in this moment that Bill Clegg reminds us how choices—to connect, to betray, to protect—become our legacy.

Deeply observed and beautifully written, this novel is a feat of storytelling, capturing sixty years within the framework of one fateful day.

Team One - Orion's People by David MacNamera

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It's a race against time, a rush to uncover secret plots, and a military standoff with extreme alien interference, all rolled into one universal conflict. From spy masters to sex clubs, fighter pilots to sentient technologies, with a team of heroes opposite a dangerous duo, everything is set in motion to bring down human Inner Space, all for the revenge of a single being, Orion.

An ancient Shezrian expression tells us that three can keep a secret, if two are dead. In a future reality where out-of-control pirate guilds, space zombies, and self-evolved psychic powers all collide, who will live to love and grow, and who will die?

Spend hours away from the real world, as you travel around Inner Space with Team One on one dangerous adventure after the next, always trying to beat the clock before a dismissed minor world achieves an undreamed of domination over all nine human planets for generations to come. Team One is commanded by the heroic Dr. Erian Kane, and supported by the mystic Casandra Willow, with ace pilot 'Win Again' Tanigan Mclane, and joined by their ally 'starbase', an ancient piece of sentient alien technology on a mission.

In an interplanetary game of futuristic alien 5-D chess, will Orion put the pieces in place to put a 'checkmate' on the human race? Or will allies, new and old, reach to new heights to let freedom ring for all, and create a bold new union for peace, learning, and love, to last for eons?

Seduced in Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan

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Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of SEDUCED IN INK - a fake engagement romance.

The Montgomery Ink: Boulder series concludes with a fake relationship where the heat and emotional connection are anything but false.

The moment Madison McClard’s parents tell her that her ex is getting married, there’s no getting out of their latest scheme. One moment she’s trying to get out of their clutches. The next, they’re telling her exactly who she’ll marry to save the family name. The one thing her parents don’t count on, however: Aaron Montgomery.

Aaron Montgomery didn’t mean to lie. Still, as soon as he overheard Madison’s dilemma, the words fell out of his mouth. Now, he’s fake engaged to a woman he barely knows, who also happens to be his new brother-in-law’s cousin.

As the deception mounts, so does the attraction. They told themselves it was only a ruse, but as feelings ramp and dangers surge, this Montgomery may have just met his match.

He simply has to fight to keep her.