The Civil War in Greenbrier County, West Virginia

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Between 1861 and 1865 than 60,000 warriors of the Blue and Grey traversed Greenbrier County A careful review of the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, published by the United States Government years after the war, reveals than 1,400 pages of letters, orders, dispatches and othe

West Virginia and the Civil War: Mountaineers Are Always Free

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The only state born as a result of the Civil War, West Virginia was the most divided state in the nation About forty thousand of its residents served in the combatant forces about twenty thousand on each side n nThe Mountain State also saw its fair share of battles, skirmishes, raids and guerrilla w

Grumble: The W. E. Jones Brigade of 1863-1864

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A truly gripping account of Confederate Cavalry Commander W E Grumble Jones and his brigade of Virginians during the East Tennessee Campaign of 1863 and the Operations of Cumberland Gap in 1864 This brigade was composed of the 8th and 21st Virginia Cavalry Regiments and the 27th, 34th, 36th and

The Last Confederate General: John C. Vaughn and His East Tennessee Cavalry

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John Crawford Vaughn was one of the most famous men in Tennessee in the mid nineteenth century He was the first man to raise an infantry regiment in the state and one of the very last Confederate generals to surrender History has not been kind to Vaughn, who finally emerges from the shadows in th

Blank 133x176

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General William Averell s famed raid into West Virginia, and his clash with General John Echols 302 pages with index List all casualties and wounded men Numerous photographs of the Marlinton Hiilsboro area published for the first time The only book ever written exclusively on this battle.