The Secret Note

28 May 2020 | By Lauren Rowe | Filed in: erotica.

He s a hot Aussie I m a girl who isn t shy about getting what she wants The problem Ben is my little brother s best friend An exchange student who s heading back Down Under any day now But I can t help myself He s too hot to resist n nDuring a camping trip with my brother and his friends, I sl

Beautifully Cruel

28 May 2020 | By J.T. Geissinger | Filed in: erotica.

Alpha noun n1 Having the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy n2 The most powerful man in a group n3 Liam Black n nHe was a stranger to me, a dark and dangerous presence who materialized from the shadows one rainy night to save me from a vicious attack I didn t know his name or where he was from.

My Favorite Souvenir

28 May 2020 | By Penelope Ward | Filed in: erotica.

From n New York Times nNew Bestselling authors Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland comes a new, sexy standalone novel n nMy planned trip for two unexpectedly turned into a trip for one Rather than let my breakup get me down, I packed my bags and decided a week at a luxury resort was just what I needed nBut

His Prize Pupil

28 May 2020 | By Jessa Kane | Filed in: erotica.

Alana is desperate to pay her college tuition and she only has one thing to sell her innocence The man who buys her for the night has very specific tastes Tastes that excite her as much as they confuse her and she never expected to want to fulfill them so badly One night beneath a rough, possessi

Stealing Cinderella

28 May 2020 | By A. Zavarelli | Filed in: erotica.

Every royal has their dirty little secret His was me n nIt should have been simple n nGo to the ball, meet the prince, and secure his patronage for my favorite charity n nBut beneath the mask, the brooding beast of a man was not at all who I expected n nHe was dark and intense and eerily quiet n n

Fourth a Lie (Goddess Isles, #4)

28 May 2020 | By Pepper Winters | Filed in: erotica.

There was a truth once Truth we shared in the dark and scribed scars upon our hearts nThere was a lie once A lie that shattered our hard earned truth apart n nEleanor Grace did the unbelievable She fell for a man who trades in women, dabbles in myth, and has the morals of a cold hearted beast.

The Deal (Arranged Series #1)

28 May 2020 | By Stella Gray | Filed in: erotica.

On my eighteenth birthday my father, the senator, gives me the gift he thinks every little girl dreams of The man of my dreams, and the wedding to match Stefan Zoric is heir to an elite worldwide modeling agency Practically a prince My arrangement is simple, as far as sham marriages go I gi

Sweet Temptation

28 May 2020 | By Cora Reilly | Filed in: erotica.

An Arranged Marriage Standalone Mafia Romance.The first time Cassio met his fianc e, she called him Sir.After losing his wife, Cassio is left to take care of two small children while trying to establish his rule over Philadelphia Now he needs a mother for his children, and someone who can warm hi

Wylde (Arizona Vengeance #7)

28 May 2020 | By Sawyer Bennett | Filed in: erotica.

There s a reason they call me Wylde and it s not just because it s my last name n nI might be one of the newest players on the Arizona Vengeance team, but I m no stranger to the celebrity that goes along with being a professional hockey player Whether it s a fan seeking an autograph or a puck bunny

Tell Me Pretty Lies

28 May 2020 | By Charleigh Rose | Filed in: erotica.

Three things my mother acquired when she became engaged n n1 A brand new Tiffany s ring n2 A lavish home on Heartbreak Hill n3 Three privileged stepsons n n nThe last thing I expected was to fall for one of them, least of all Thayer Ames nBeautiful, brooding, and untouchable nI knew it was a bad

Crowned by Hate (Crowned #1)

28 May 2020 | By Amo Jones | Filed in: erotica.

Some would say I have a privileged life Daughter of the current President of the United States, wealthy, famous, and all things that some girls wish they had nOnly I d dream of having a simple life A life where I wasn t marrying the scariest man I have ever met Well, I thought I had just met him

Dirty Charmer (The Bodyguards, #1)

28 May 2020 | By Emma Chase | Filed in: erotica.

Abigail Haddock is stunning, sensible, and some would say stuffy But it s not really her fault She was raised in one of Wessco s oldest, most affluent, aristocratic families stuffy is their middle name So is successful Abby s working overtime to distinguish herself as a top notch physici

Temptation (The Hunted, #1)

28 May 2020 | By Ivy Smoak | Filed in: erotica.

Shy student Penny Taylor always follows the rules At least, that s how it appears to her classmates But she has one illicit secret she s fallen hard for her professor And she s pretty sure he s fallen for her too n nEveryone loves Professor Hunter He s tall, dark, and handsome And completely u


28 May 2020 | By L.J. Shen | Filed in: erotica.

Troy Brennan n nEvery southie in Boston knows that name The son of a dead mobster The heart throb with steel blue eyes The Fixer who can make or break you in this city n nOh, and my new husband n nSparrow Raynes n nThat s me No one seemed to remember my name up until he barged into my life nBut t

Deviant King (Royal Elite, #1)

28 May 2020 | By Rina Kent | Filed in: erotica.

The villain isn t supposed to be king n nI have a simple plan nFinish Royal Elite School and get into my dream university n nOne glance from the school s king blows my plan up in smoke nOne glance and he suffocates my air nOne glance and he issues his death sentence n nHis first words spiral my life

Steel Princess (Royal Elite, #2)

28 May 2020 | By Rina Kent | Filed in: erotica.

The princess isn t supposed to dethrone the king n nElsa nHe said he ll destroy me, and he did nI might have lost the battle, but the war is far from over nThey say it starts with one move to dethrone the king nNo one mentioned he ll yank me with him on the way down n nAiden nIf Steel s little princess

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)

28 May 2020 | By E.L. James | Filed in: erotica.

When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get cl