Hero's Haven (Dark Protectors #11)

23 February 2020 | By Rebecca Zanetti | Filed in: fae.

He s her darkest fantasy After years of struggling, Haven Daly has finally accepted that she s nuttier than a fruitcake.Why else would she see visions of a beautiful but tormented male every night and actually believe she can talk to him, even feel his touch But thanks to those dream

The Hunt (The Twisted Kingdoms #1)

23 February 2020 | By Frost Kay | Filed in: fae.

Death marked her from her very first breath.Being sired by a Madrid is supposed to be a blessing, but for Tempest, it s a curse that leaves her orphaned, penniless, and enslaved to a blood thirsty crown on the brink of war.Found too unruly to become a ward of the court, she s thrust into the care

Druid Vices and a Vodka (The Guild Codex: Spellbound, #6)

23 February 2020 | By Annette Marie | Filed in: fae.

I ve said it before, but sometimes I m a bad person I cheated on my twelfth grade math final, I ve run countless yellow lights, and I gossip about how hot my kickass best friends are Good thing my job as a guild bartender doesn t require moral perfection But there s bad, and then there s bad.

Pack of Lies (The Potentate of Atlanta #2)

23 February 2020 | By Hailey Edwards | Filed in: fae.

Hadley is losing time, and her shadow refuses to shed light on the gaps in her memory How can she protect her city if she can t remember where she goes or what she does when she ought to be asleep Her grim history appears to be stuck on repeat, and the only way forward might be a scythe through

The Last Bell (Great Falls Academy #9)

23 February 2020 | By Alex Lidell | Filed in: fae.

Hostages Memories Heartbeats The long awaited finale to the epic Power of Five story is here The quint has finally reunited, but their stunning new discovery changes everything Just as Lera and the males navigate their redefined future, Owalin violently ups the stakes, giving the humans one

Dark Alpha's Temptation

23 February 2020 | By Donna Grant | Filed in: fae.

There is no escaping a Reaper I am an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death And when Death says your time is up, I m coming for you Carrying Death s orders is my sole duty I ve never had reason to question her, even if I disagreed But Kyra s fierceness and willpower

Bright of the Moon (The Dark-Elves of Nightbloom, #2)

23 February 2020 | By Miranda Honfleur | Filed in: fae.

Wrath consumes him as the dark does the night Until she rises But can she chase away his darkness Most would say the sweet and quiet Signorina Arabella Belmonte has lived a quiet life as a young noblewoman in her family s castello But little do they know she pens treatises criticizing the

Shadow Master (The Nightwatch Academy #4)

23 February 2020 | By Debbie Cassidy | Filed in: fae.

The tide has turned, and chaos hovers on the horizon There can be no looking back There can be no second guessing, because the lives that matter most to me are on the line No one gets left behind It s time to walk into the storm The Vampire Academy meets Game of Thrones in this kick ass,

Twilight Seeker (Daybreaker, #1)

23 February 2020 | By Pippa DaCosta | Filed in: fae.

Stay in the light, avoid locked doors, and resist silver whispers Meet Lynher Aris Hostess extraordinaire By night, she entertains the Dark Ones passing through the Night Station vampires, demons, shifters, and worse By day, she undermines them all, working with the resistance to unravel their

Lock and Key (Nocturne Academy, #1)

23 February 2020 | By Evangeline Anderson | Filed in: fae.

What do a mysterious necklace, forbidden Blood Magic rituals, and a sarcastic Nocturne boy with the face of a fallen angel all have in common Me, apparently Since I started school at Nocturne Academy, strange happenings have befallen me The weird key shaped necklace I found at a flea market

Forbidden Magic (Dark Falls Academy, #1)

23 February 2020 | By Anya J. Cosgrove | Filed in: fae.

Beauty is vain Beauty is dangerous The kind of beauty I found at Dark Falls Academy is deadly My half sister Allie told me all about the sorcery classes, the potent potions, and the incredibly hot supernatural creatures that frequent Dark Falls Academy Soon, I ll be one of them Only my first

Hidden (The Grimm Cases, #4)

23 February 2020 | By Lyla Oweds | Filed in: fae.

I finally found somewhere to belong, only to be ripped from the four men who complete me They are the only ones who ve ever helped me feel normal This was my greatest fear being locked away, alone with those who would call me crazy No matter how much everyone tries to convince me otherwise, I won