Secretariat: The Making of a Champion

22 September 2019 | By William Nack | Filed in: horse racing.

In 1973, Secretariat, the greatest thoroughbred in horse racing history, won the Triple Crown The only horse to ever break the two minute mark in winning the Kentucky Derby until recent winner Monarchos, Secretariat also pulled off one of the most astounding victories in the annals of horse racing

Ruffian: Burning From the Start

22 September 2019 | By Jane Schwartz | Filed in: horse racing.

During two short seasons at the track, Ruffian was hailed as the greatest thoroughbred filly of all time Unbeaten in her first ten starts, she shattered one record after another, dazzling crowds with both her beauty and her brilliant speed Then tragedy struck on the afternoon of July 6, 1975 Ruff

Under Orders (Sid Halley, #4)

22 September 2019 | By Dick Francis | Filed in: horse racing.

Sadly, death at the races is not uncommon However, three in a single afternoon was sufficiently unusual to raise than one eyebrow It s the third death on Cheltenham Gold Cup Day that really troubles super sleuth Sid Halley Last seen in 1995 s Come to Grief, former champion jockey Halley kn

Lord of Misrule

22 September 2019 | By Jaimy Gordon | Filed in: horse racing.

A brilliant novel that captures the dusty, dark, and beautiful world of small time horse racing, where trainers, jockeys, grooms and grifters vie for what little luck is offered at a run down West Virginia track Tommy Hansel has a plan run four horses, all better than they look on paper, at long

Man o' War: A Legend Like Lightning

22 September 2019 | By Dorothy Ours | Filed in: horse racing.

His trainer said that managing him was like holding a tiger by the tail His owner compared him to chain lightning His jockeys found their lives transformed by him, in triumphant and distressing ways All of them became caught in a battle for honesty.Born in 1917, Man o War grew from a rebellio


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Julian Trent, you have been found guilty by this court of perpetrating a violent and unprovoked attack on an innocent family, including a charge of attempted murder You have shown little or no remorse for your actions and I consider you a danger to society When defense lawyer Geoffrey Mason hear

Blood Sport

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English agent Gene Hawkins is restlessly facing three weeks of vacation with only his tormented past for company So when his boss asks him to help millionaire Dave Teller locate a prized missing stallion, he accepts But he gets action than he bargained for when he draws the affection of his b

Come to Grief (Sid Halley, #3)

22 September 2019 | By Dick Francis | Filed in: horse racing.

When ex jockey Sid Halley becomes convinced that one of his closest friends and one of the racing world s most beloved figures is behind a series of shockingly violent acts, he faces the most troubling case of his career.

Even Money

22 September 2019 | By Dick Francis | Filed in: horse racing.

Ned Talbot is a small time bookmaker on the edge of giving it all up when his world is turned upside down by a man who claims to be his father, long thought dead And when the mysterious stranger is murdered, Ned feels compelled to find out exactly what is going on But the he discovers, the lo

10 lb Penalty

22 September 2019 | By Dick Francis | Filed in: horse racing.

Benedict Juliard is an aspiring jockey who must bypass his dreams of horse racing to help his father, George, in his quest to enter the world of politics At 18, the reserved Benedict is asked by his father to enter into a pact Neither of the two will do anything that could somehow hinder or destro

Dick Francis's Gamble

22 September 2019 | By Felix Francis | Filed in: horse racing.

Felix Francis co wrote several horse racing mysteries with his late father Dick Francis before the legendary author passed away in 2010 Taking up the reins for his first solo effort, Felix delivers a captivating tale that franchise fans will thoroughly enjoy Former jockey Nicholas Foxy Foxton is


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A jockey becomes the sole inheritor of his late brother s business, horse, mistress, and enemies.


22 September 2019 | By Dick Francis | Filed in: horse racing.

Rob Finn was a bit of a misfit a struggling young jockey in a family of accomplished musicians, a man in love with a beautiful woman who wouldn t have him he suddenly looked like a rider who had lost his nerve Could it be, though, that the horses were unusually sluggish, and that there was some

The Horse God Built

22 September 2019 | By Lawrence Scanlan | Filed in: horse racing.

He was the perfect horse, it was said the horse God built Most of us know the legend of Secretariat, the tall, handsome chestnut racehorse whose string of honors runs long and rich the only two year old ever to win Horse of the Year, in 1972 winner in 1973 of the Triple Crown, his times in