Dreyer's English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style

25 May 2020 | By Benjamin Dreyer | Filed in: linguistics.

n A witty, informative guide to writing good English from Random House s longtime copy chief and one of Twitter s leading enforcers of proper grammar a twenty first century n n Elements of Style n n n n nAs authoritative as it is amusing, this book distills everything Benjamin Dreyer has le

In Other Words

25 May 2020 | By Jhumpa Lahiri | Filed in: linguistics.

From the Pulitzer Prize winner, a surprising, powerful, and eloquent nonfiction debut n nIn Other Words is at heart a love story of a long and sometimes difficult courtship, and a passion that verges on obsession that of a writer for another language For Jhumpa Lahiri, that love was for Italian, whi

Wordslut: A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language

25 May 2020 | By Amanda Montell | Filed in: linguistics.

The word bitch conjures many images for many people but is most often meant to describe an unpleasant woman Even before its usage to mean a female canine, bitch didn t refer to gender at all it originated as a gender neutral word meaning genitalia A perfectly innocuous word devolving into a fema

Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World

25 May 2020 | By Maryanne Wolf | Filed in: linguistics.

The author of the acclaimed Proust and the Squid follows up with a lively, ambitious, and deeply informative book that considers the future of the reading brain and our capacity for critical thinking, empathy, and reflection as we become increasingly dependent on digital technologies n nA decade ago,

Other-Wordly: Words Both Strange and Lovely from Around the World

25 May 2020 | By Yee-Lum Mak | Filed in: linguistics.

Discover words to surprise, delight, and enamor Learn terms for the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees, for dancing awkwardly but with relish, and for the look shared by two people who each wish the other would speak first Other Wordly is an irresistible gift for lovers of words and

P is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

25 May 2020 | By Raj Haldar | Filed in: linguistics.

Let s get real the English language is bizarre A might be for apple, but it s also for aisle and aeons Why does the word gnat start with a G but the word knot doesn t start with an N It doesn t always make sense, but don t let these rule breaking silent letters defeat you n nThis whimsical, fu

Greek to Me: Adventures of the Comma Queen

25 May 2020 | By Mary Norris | Filed in: linguistics.

The Comma Queen returns with a buoyant book about language, love, and the wine dark sea n nIn her New York Times bestseller Between You Me, Mary Norris delighted readers with her irreverent tales of pencils and punctuation in The New Yorker s celebrated copy department In Greek to Me, she delivers

Semicolon: The Past, Present, and Future of a Misunderstood Mark

25 May 2020 | By Cecelia Watson | Filed in: linguistics.

A page turning, existential romp through the life and times of the world s most polarizing punctuation markThe semicolon Stephen King, Hemingway, Vonnegut, and Orwell detest it Herman Melville, Henry James, and Rebecca Solnit love it But why When is it effective Have we been misusing it Should

What Kind of Creatures Are We?

25 May 2020 | By Noam Chomsky | Filed in: linguistics.

Noam Chomsky is widely known and deeply admired for being the founder of modern linguistics, one of the founders of the field of cognitive science, and perhaps the most avidly read political theorist and commentator of our time In these lectures, he presents a lifetime of philosophical reflection o


25 May 2020 | By Robert Macfarlane | Filed in: linguistics.

Landmarks is Robert Macfarlane s joyous meditation on words, landscape and the relationship between the two n nWords are grained into our landscapes, and landscapes are grained into our words Landmarks is about the power of language to shape our sense of place It is a field guide to the literature

When in French: Love in a Second Language

25 May 2020 | By Lauren Collins | Filed in: linguistics.

A language barrier is no match for love Lauren Collins discovered this firsthand when, in her early thirties, she moved to London and fell for a Frenchman named Olivier a surprising turn of events for someone who didn t have a passport until she was in college But what does it mean to love someone

The Seventh Function of Language

25 May 2020 | By Laurent Binet | Filed in: linguistics.

Paris, 1980 The literary critic Roland Barthes dies struck by a laundry van after lunch with the presidential candidate Fran ois Mitterand The world of letters mourns a tragic accident But what if it wasn t an accident at all What if Barthes was murdered

The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language

25 May 2020 | By Steven Pinker | Filed in: linguistics.

The classic book on the development of human language by the world s leading expert on language and the mind n nIn this classic, the world s expert on language and mind lucidly explains everything you always wanted to know about language how it works, how children learn it, how it changes, how the b