The Angels of Lovely Lane (Lovely Lane #1)

23 February 2020 | By Nadine Dorries | Filed in: nursing.

The first in a brand new series from the bestselling author of THE FOUR STREETS, and RUBY FLYNN It is 1953 and five very different girls are arriving at the nurses home in Lovely Lane, Liverpool, to start their training at St Angelus Hospital Dana has escaped from her family farm on the west

In Shock: My Journey from Death to Recovery and the Redemptive Power of Hope

23 February 2020 | By Rana Awdish | Filed in: nursing.

A first person account from a young critical care physician describes how toward the end of her medical training she suddenly became a patient fighting for her own life, revealing how her experiences exposed her to flaws in today s care standards and how to better embrace the emotional bond between

Nightingales Under the Mistletoe (Nightingales #7)

23 February 2020 | By Donna Douglas | Filed in: nursing.

Christmas 1941 and the nurses at the Nightingale are facing their toughest winter yet With shortages everywhere, and every news bulletin announcing defeats and losses, the British people are weary and demoralised and The Nightingale Hospital is suffering too Millie is recently widowed and

The Nurses of Steeple Street (Steeple Street #1)

23 February 2020 | By Donna Douglas | Filed in: nursing.

Welcome to the district nurses home on Steeple Street, where everyone has a secret Ambitious young nurse Agnes Sheridan had a promising future ahead of her until a tragic mistake brought all her dreams crashing down and cost her the love and respect of everyone around her Now she has come to

The Shift: One Nurse, Twelve Hours, Four Patients' Lives

23 February 2020 | By Theresa Brown | Filed in: nursing.

In a book as eye opening as it is riveting, practicing nurse and New York Times columnist Theresa Brown invites us to experience not just a day in the life of a nurse but all the life that happens in just one day on a hospital s cancer ward In the span of twelve hours, lives can be lost,

The Reluctant Midwife (Hope River #2)

23 February 2020 | By Patricia Harman | Filed in: nursing.

The USA Today bestselling author of The Midwife of Hope River returns with a heartfelt sequel, a novel teeming with life and full of humor and warmth, one that celebrates the human spirit The Great Depression has hit West Virginia hard Men are out of work women struggle to feed hungry children.


23 February 2020 | By Echo Heron | Filed in: nursing.

Echo Heron presents riveting and unforgettable narratives from emergency room nurses across the nation EMERGENCY 24 7 Nurses of the Emergency Room, portrays thirty one nurses, each with a distinctive voice and unique view of what really goes on behind the closed doors of the secret and chaotic

Nightingales at War (Nightingales #6)

23 February 2020 | By Donna Douglas | Filed in: nursing.

As the war takes its toll, the Nightingale nurses must do their bit for king and country Dora is the devoted mother of twin babies but, determined to help the war effort, she goes back to work at the Nightingale Hospital More used to nights out in the West End, Jennifer and Cissy volunteer in the

The Age of Dignity: Preparing for the Elder Boom in a Changing America

23 February 2020 | By Ai-jen Poo | Filed in: nursing.

By 2035, 11.5 million Americans will be over the age of eighty five, than double today s 5 million, living longer than ever before To enable all of us to age with dignity and security in the face of this coming Age Wave, our society must learn to value the care of our elders The process of

Sixty Years a Nurse

23 February 2020 | By Mary Hazard | Filed in: nursing.

When 18 year old Mary Hazard touched down in post war Putney to begin her nurse s training, she could never have known that it was the beginning of a colourful career that would still be going 60 years later one of the longest ever serving NHS nurses.For Mary, raised in a strict convent in rural