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10 thoughts on “The Seagull Drovers (Legends of the Land 3)

  1. Oliver Oliver says:

    Loved reading it, not really sure what happened at the end though. I have a lot of questions!

  2. Allan Allan says:

    This is the final part of the Legends of the Land trilogy and, as such, it tries to bring together a lot of the threads from the earlier novels but it's almost a different story in itself.
    Sure there are characters appearing here that span back the twenty or so years from the start of the tale but it just doesn't feel like a three-book story. It's basically three stories set in the same place and with some of the same characters but each book focuses on one main theme.
    It's not a bad story but it did leave me with a slightly unsatisfactory feeling at the end.

  3. Liviu Liviu says:

    The ending of the superb Legends of the Land trilogy is the weakest of the 3 books, an A- to the A+ of the first and A of the second, mainly because it tries too hard to tie all loose ends and the suspension of disbelief frays here and there; I still loved the book and could not put it down, but the main weakness of the series, namely its artificial world-building which is like a magician act, so you do not want to look into it too closely, is more in evidence here than in the previous volumes

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