Christmas in Ritual and Tradition Christian and Pagan

Christmas in Ritual and Tradition Christian and Pagan ❮Read❯ ➲ Christmas in Ritual and Tradition Christian and Pagan Author Clement A. Miles – Check out ngims Publishing's other illustrated literary classics The vast majority of our books have original illustrations and navigable Table of Contents Browse our library by type in ngims at bncom Check out ngims Publishing's other illustrated Ritual and PDF/EPUB ì literary classics The vast majority of our books have original illustrations and navigable Table of Contents Browse our library by type in ngims at bncom or Kindle Store or ngims plus the title you're looking for eg ngims Gulliver's TravelsFinding literary works with illustrations such as this book on the web is hard to find Much a book that is beautifully formatted placed with amazing illustrations like this for a very Christmas in MOBI :º affordable price The book’s price which is very nominal covers the time and effort that has been taken out to put everything together and formatted the materials for your convenienceIt is for your interest why this book has been made in one easy readable and the most convenient possible place for you Most of the e books available online are not made for an average reader or even for readers who want the simplest book possible for easy in Ritual and Kindle Ó reading This e book is of good uality for a very affordable price Christmas how many images the word calls up we think of carol singers and holly decked churches where people hymn in time honored strains the Birth of the Divine Child; of frost and snow and in contrast of warm hearths and homes bright with light and color very fortresses against the cold; of feasting and revelry of greetings and gifts exchanged; and lastly of vaguely in Ritual and Tradition Christian PDF/EPUB ² superstitious customs relics of long ago performed perhaps out of respect for use and wont or merely in jest or with a deliberate attempt to throw ourselves back into the past to re enter for a moment the mental childhood of the race The book shows how Christmas is or has been kept in various lands and throughout the ages to trace as far back as possible to the origin of the pagan elements that have mingled with the Church's feast of the Nativity Christmas The book goes into great depth of the Christmas Calendar and all its traditions with the book including conclusion notes bibliography and index Christmas in Ritual and Tradition Christian and Pagan has also included original illustrations from frescos of Madonna; and some of the first drawings featuring the Child to the Adoration of the Shepherds and the holy night itself of the birth of Christ FEATURES • Includes beautiful artworks and illustrations • Active Table of Contents for an easy navigation within the book • Saves space and don’t have to carry a hard copy around • Offers an easy access and convenience to this classic literary masterpiece for a reasonable price • Gives a lasting entertainment and values for readers of all ages.

10 thoughts on “Christmas in Ritual and Tradition Christian and Pagan

  1. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    Fantastic A remarkable resource for anthropologists historians and folklorists alike A scholarly work that despite its age remains a valuable addition to any academic collection I find myself turning again and again to its well thumbed pages while researching a varied range of subjects

  2. Joséphine Joséphine says:

    I particularly enjoyed the chapter on Christmas poetry which has taken many forms over the centuries Among my favoritesAn 18th century cradle song by Dr WattsHush my dear lie still and slumber Holy angels guard thy bed Heavenly blessings without number Gently falling on thy headSoft and easy is thy cradle; Coarse and hard thy Saviour lay When His birthplace was a stable And His softest bed was hayLo He slumbers in His manger Where the horned oxen fed; Peace my darling here's no danger; Here's no ox a near thy bedA 17th century hymn a few verses here by pastor Paul Gerhardt which is best known through Bach's Christmas OratorioFröhlich soll mein Herze springen Dieser Zeit Da für Freud Alle Engel singen Hört hört wie mit vollen Choren Alle Luft Laute ruft Christus ist geborenNun er liegt in seiner Krippen Ruft zu sich Mich und dich Spricht mit süssen Lippen Lasset fahrn O lieben Brüder Was euch uält Was euch fehlt; Ich bring alles wiederSüsses Heil lass dich umfangen; Lass mich dir Meine Zier Unverrückt anhangen Du bist meines Lebens Leben; Nun kann ich Mich durch dich Wohl zufrieden gebenAnd lastly maybe less spiritual but pretty funny a poem in french and latinComme les bestes autrefois Parloient mieux latin ue françois Le co de loin voyant le fait S'écria Christus natus est Le boeuf d'un air tout ébaudi Demande Ubi ? Ubi ? Ubi ? La chèvre se tordant le groin Répond ue c'est à Béthléem Maistre Baudet curiosus De l'aller voir dit Eamus; Et droit sur ses pattes le veau Beugle deux fois Volo Volo

  3. Jean Jean says:

    If you really want to know Christmas Customs from early centuries and all the Traditions of Christmas both Christian pagan this book is a comprehensive account of Christmas customs and traditions in both their pagan and Christian aspects Coverage of Christmas poetry and songs also Explains how Christmas is or has been kept in various lands and ages The first part of the book is about Christmas and Christianity It is written in part in different languages but for the most part in English Well written explained

  4. Diana Diana says:

    This book published in 1912 definitely shows its age It is Eurocentric without commenting on that fact as one example; the print is teeny tiny; and the language is a bit stuffy and uaint That said this is an amazing catalog of European Christmas related traditions from the first introductions of Christianity to the early 20th century No doubt many of the practices described herein have already vanished Miles traces the history of indigenous religious practices that were simply renamed and tweaked a little to be given the patina of Christianity in later centuries including examples that are straight up witchcraft sympathetic magic andor animism Aside from the fascinating practices and traditions included here many of which were entirely new to me the most interesting thing that struck me was Miles's repeated comments — in passing as if this were known to all and taken for granted — that modern folks weren't much for this religious stuff Christianity included He seemed to forecast a twilight of organized religion in modern society that has alas not come to pass A mighty tome but well worth a read for anyone interested in the history of winter holidays and traditions You might even find a few you wish to revive

  5. Felicity Terry Felicity Terry says:

    A 2012 edition of what I'm beginning to believe is the digitised copy available free from Project Gutenberg which might well account for the fact that the layout of the book was well shall we say uirky; that the black white photographs were pretty poorly reproduced so as to look like they had been photocopied badly at that from another book Other than that A real gem of a read as interesting as it is informative Some of them doubtlessly familiar others not so much still others not at all with Part I dealing with 'The Christian Feast' Part II the larger aspect of the book 'Pagan Survivals' which as the title might suggests takes a look at how many pre Christian festivals were re dressed as Christian; section by section chapter by chapter the author takes us through many of the rituals and traditions associated with 'Christmas' showing how it ishad been kept in various places at various times in this fascinating read that not too dry or academic provides much food for thought and not just for the serious students amongst us eitherCopyright Felicity Grace Terry Pen and Paper

  6. Min Min says:

    Originally published in 1912 the tone is devotional than a modern reader would expect The book is divided into two parts the Christian Feast and the longer Pagan Survivals As expressed in the preface the book is intended for the average reader that aspires to appeal to the budding scholar and expects most are interested in the latter section The work is ambitious in scope and depth The amount of information is utterly astonishing I doubt there is another book meant for the lay person as detailed and careful in discussing European wide traditional celebrations one would be a scholar by the book's end The introduction is a fine example of what is to follow developing concepts such as origin and purpose of festivals Pagan and Christian elements named of the festival Kalends of January Yule and Teutonic festivals to name a few of the topics mentioned in this brief portionPart One leaps first into poetry of several nations specifically Italy England France Spain and Germany rarely translated examining the content as a study of the aspects each time and region focused their celebration Following is a chapter for Liturgy and Popular Devotion then Drama in detail with several examples in the original languages for a proper sense of what it was like to experiencePart Two covers the various folk customs associated to the season from Hallow's Eve to Candlemas with the chapters divided between the major saint's days The author often references Frazer as a source to explain ancient customs; further scholarship has disproven much of his work

  7. Ladonda Ladonda says:

    I didn't really make it through this book More than anything I skimmed it The customs and traditions it addresses are those from Europe and ones that date so far back in time that most of them are obsolete Rome Paris Germany and Britain make up the bulk of the countries whose traditions are talked about in this book As another reviewer mentioned the language used is rather uaint since the book was originally written in the 19th century I would think the only people that this book would hold an interest for are people doing some sort of research related to this topic or folk lorists This book is not for the average person curious about Christmas and why we do what we do

  8. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    This is a survey of the history and folklore surrounding Christmas and related holidays originally published in England in 1912 Part I covers the history of Christmas as a Christian feast day and how that developed Part II discusses pre Christian festivals and observances and how a lot of them survived by being given a Christian veneer feasting the Yule log mistletoe etc although the overt paganism disappeared The folklore of several European countries is covered One value of this book is that it covers a lot of customs that have probably disappeared since 1912

  9. Patrick Patrick says:

    A great overview of the history of Christmas See my complete review at my blog

  10. gfguildjr gfguildjr says:

    The title says it all

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