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A Battlefield Atlas of the Civil War ❰KINDLE❯ ❁ A Battlefield Atlas of the Civil War Author Craig L. Symonds – Buyprobolan50.co.uk From Fort Sumter to Appomattox A Battlefield Atlas of the Civil War offers a clear and concise overview of the Civil War Ideal for battlefield tours the 43 two color full page maps highlight the criti Atlas of PDF ☆ From Fort Sumter to Appomattox A Battlefield Atlas of the Civil War offers a clear and concise overview of the Civil War Ideal for battlefield tours the two color full page maps highlight the critical military positions and communicate the changing nature of the war The Battlefield Atlas of the Civil PDF or description accompanying each map enables the reader to relive the action of battle and sense the drama it held for the troops that fought in A Battlefield Kindle - the world's first total warThe author exploreres the personalities of the commanders on each side and explains the rationale behind the battlefield decisions In addition each narrative details the strength of each side the losses suffered and the strategic conseuences of the battlesThe maps are divided into four groups each of which constitute a chapter in the history of the war the Amatuer War saw civilian volunteer armies slug it out at Bull Battlefield Atlas of PDF/EPUB è Run and Shiloh; the Organized War saw the emergence of managers of war like George B McClellan who could administer but who was loath to fight as well as the rise of Robert E Lee; the period of Confederate High Tide in saw Southern hopes crest only to collapse again after Gettysburg and Vicksburg; and ultimately the era of Total War witnessed the complete metamorphosis of the war from its chivalric beginnings Battlefield Atlas of the Civil PDF or to it emergence as the world's first unlimited war under the leadership of Grant and Sherman A short introductory essay precedes each section accompanied by contemporary photographs and drawings that portray America's greatest military conflict.

10 thoughts on “A Battlefield Atlas of the Civil War

  1. Kosta Mitraj Kosta Mitraj says:

    The maps were thorough and appropriately detailed Each narrative was easy to follow along with the corresponding map and told a clear story of each battlecampaign The tactics and movements of the armies were nicely portrayed

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    Maps make me happy

  3. Jud Barry Jud Barry says:

    This 110 page volume makes up for its slenderness by providing through a format that pairs a battle map on one page with a narrative on the other a weighty understanding of the military aspects of the American Civil War Not intended as a comprehensive reference of battles and campaigns its selectiveness well suits it as a companion to guide an understanding of the war's big picture in both the strategic and grand tactical senseThe maps are clear and well labeled The device of using numbers to key the narrative to locations on its accompanying map is simple and effective Military histories so often get bogged down in a swamp of place names that it comes as a relief to have in front of you and on facing pages all of the names as well as their graphic presentationThe narrative is vivid and concise The battle summaries are crisp and succinct; the judicious use of detail brings the events and the actors to life eg this account of Cold Harbor At dawn on June 3 they the Union Army of the Potomac attacked 60000 of them half of Grant's army They charged into a lead hailstorm assailed by musketry not only in front but on their flanks the rebels having arranged their lines to create interlocking fields of fire The grand attack lasted just eight minutes and in that eight minutes nearly eight thousand Union soldiers fell one thousand per minute better than sixteen per second It was the bloodiest charge of the war bloodier even than Pickett's charge at Gettysburg The men in blue who leapt from their trenches to cross no man's land knew it would be that way but they went anyway A diary pulled from the pocket of one dead Union soldier told the story of the final measure of their devotion The last entry read 'June 3 Cold Harbor I was killed'My only minor Monday morning uarterback uibble with the selection is that it could have included a couple of other campaigns to round out the strategic picture particularly of the last months of the war For example while the book includes the battle of New Market and Jubal Early's 1864 raid that took him to the outskirts of Washington DC it does not include the strategically important Valley campaign of Philip Sheridan which neutralized Early nor does it follow Sherman's march past Columbia SC to its conclusion in North Carolina where he received the surrender of a larger number of Confederates than Grant did at Appomattox These two campaigns would've been worth adding four pages to the book

  4. Craig Craig says:

    Very militarily oriented and even for the military enthusiasts I'm guessing this one isn't a huge hit too basic for the enthusiasts and too detailed for the layman Some good information and the maps are certainly reproducable for the classroom although I'm not sure if the author allows teachers to do this? but in general this wouldn't be a must read I'd suggest for those hoping to learn about the Civil War

  5. Mark Saha Mark Saha says:

    This concise little 110 pp atlas is in fact a brief history of the Civil War Each map is on the left hand page with accompanying text on the right All the major campaigns and battles are covered Unlike other brief summaries of the war this one can be followed on the maps; the reader comes away with genuine insight into what happened and why rather than vague notions of it was sort of like this

  6. Randy Randy says:

    A pretty good overview of the military battles and campaigns of the civil war The 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg was just a few weeks ago I finally have an understanding of why the battle was so important I recommend this for anyone interested in Civil War or military history

  7. Tom Darrow Tom Darrow says:

    Great atlas of the major Civil War campaigns and battles Two major complaints though 1 Each battle summary is only one page long and is therefore kind of superficial 2 The maps show general positions of armies in a kind of zoomed out way

  8. Jimmy Jimmy says:

    Not bad for a brief introductory history of the war While he probably didn't want to include every battle of the war I did wish that he would have included Sheridan's 1964 Valley Campaign and the 1865 Carolinas Campaign along with a few maps of the Trans Mississippi theater

  9. Glory Glory says:

    A great reference easy to use Provides thumbnail summaries of the conflicts to go with each map Used in class and have no regrets

  10. Rwest6 Rwest6 says:

    One of the must reads of the US Civil War All major battles covered with an overview of each battle and very clear maps regarding the battle Very well done

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