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  1. Terry Terry says:

    What a wonderful book I found the book fascinating The personalities of the individuals and how their innovations moved the music industry forward make for some very interesting reading Both young people and adults will enjoy this bookTo read our full review go to the Reading Tub

  2. J J says:

    What an interesting little book Musicians and inventors this one's for you The book focuses on 8 musical instrument makers Zildjian cymbals; Steinway pianos; Conn trumpets; Martin guitars; Ludwig drums; Hammond electric organs; Fender electric guitars; and Mood synthesizers We learn how they started playing and what led them to manufacture and in some cases invent their instruments Find out what makes an entrepreneur successfulStudents will like the oversize pages fabulous photographs and connections to various musicians of the period Each chapter is 15 20 pages long not too overwhelming for casual reading but enough information for school reports

  3. Alicia Alicia says:

    This nonfiction title can be easily manipulated for use in classrooms for short narratives on the creation of musical instruments but also a history lesson as many of these inventors and artists managed to be innovative even during times of war in their country and in the United States There are many sidebars and text boxes with historical facts short stories or biographies along with 5 7 page chapters of different instruments created mostly during the late 1800 and 1900s It's also full of immigrant stories and generational ownership making it part of America's past Each story is laced with economics industrialization and creativity along with famous musicians and brand names

  4. Penny Peck Penny Peck says:

    An interesting look at how eight different musical instruments were invented or adapted in the US Zildjian cymbals Steinway pianos Conn brass instruments Martin guitars Ludwig drums Hammond organ Fender guitars and Moog synthesizer There are many color and bw photos sidebars profiles of famous musicians who used these instruments and lots of biographical details on the families who started the companies to manufacture these instruments many were immigrants to the US A fascinating book with a lovely elaborate book design that suits the topic Great for middle and high school music classes

  5. Ann Ann says:

    Notable Children's Books 2012 ALA

  6. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    Informative interesting and attractively designed introduction to American music inventors and innovators A uniue book that belongs in libraries of all sizes

  7. Don Don says:

    Nice enough little collection of the stories behind some of the big names behind musical instruments Martin Fender Steinway Zilijdan no help from spell check here

  8. Michael Michael says:

    For those with a serious interest in music or a casual interest in Americana a fine piece of socialcultural history

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Raggin Jazzin Rockin [PDF] ❤ Raggin Jazzin Rockin By Susan VanHecke – Buyprobolan50.co.uk 2012 American Library Association Notable Children's Book 2012 YALSA ALA Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction NomineeMeet the inventors and innovators who defined American music history A radio repair American Library Association Notable Children's Book YALSA ALA Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction NomineeMeet the inventors and innovators who defined American music history A radio repairman imagined inventing the electric guitar The inventor of D glasses envisioned an electric organ in every home And a German carpenter immigrated to New York City with the dream of designing the greatest piano in Raggin Jazzin eBook ✓ the world From Steinway pianos and Moog synthesizers to Zildgian cymbals and Martin guitars noted music writer VanHeke offers a fascinating insider view of the personalities and perseverance that led to some of music's most important innovations from classical to jazz to rock Includes photos source notes and glossaries.