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  • 10 November 2016

10 thoughts on “The Long Way Home

  1. Tara Tara says:

    Loved it Rachel Spangler is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors This is another great example of how there's just enough angst to add tension to a story without making it overwrought I love how sweet her books are2017 reread I still really enjoyed it but reading this after Perfect Pairing and shortly before Close to Home it's clear that she's grown so much as an author Full review

  2. Ian Ian says:

    As a young gay woman living in a small town Rory faced prejudice Her parents disowned her and she was forced to leave town In Chicago she made a living talking about her experiences living in small town America about facing prejudice and being made to feel like less of a person because she was gay Now after 10 years she has accepted a job as a guest lecturer and returned to her home town There is a lot this book could have been but isn't There was a case just last week in the US where a lesbian couple were beaten up by a group of men There have been cases where gay men and women have been murdered for no other reason than their sexuality Gay men and women to this day face prejudice and discrimination Laws are being passed which allow christian businesses to refuse to serve homosexuals That is a story worth telling But this book is just fluff It's fairly mindless contemporary romance that tries to say something but is just too damned safe It was entertaining enough so 3 Stars

  3. mishi mishi says:

    The Long Way Home was a lot better than i expected In the beginning Rory's holier than thou attitude bothered me but even then it was hard to be mad at her She is a uite flawed but refreshing character Over time she grows a lot The other MC Beth had her own issues but was nowhere near the hot yet endearing mess that Rory seemed to be The whole Raine vs Rory persona was uite uniue Raine was sort of a armour for Rory to protect herself emotionally You’re being sweet Raine is self centered You’re being introspective Raine is brash You’re apologizing Raine never apologizes for anything Beth and Rory were so different yet fit so well together All Rory did was make impulsive decisions while Beth was the complete opposite The transition to romantic relationship was really well done Nothing about the dialogues or their relationship felt artificial They spend half the time making me go aww by being the sweetest to each other and half the time bickering which to my surprise i enjoyed immensely It was very well written

  4. Luce Luce says:

    Did not finish the audiobookI got about 20% into the book and I had to stop I didnotlikeanyofthecharacters Especially Rory aka Raine who returns to her hometown She says she was thrown out of her house when she was 17yrs old after she revealed that she was a lesbian The way it was written it sounded like that her parents yelled at her and she left immediately not giving them a chance to adjust to this news I dunno maybe later details that led to her running away will be revealedBecause I didn't like the MCs I stopped reading There are too many books on my to read next list to struggle with this one I may come back to this book in the future

  5. Jude in the Stars Jude in the Stars says:

    When I first read The Long Way Home I gave it 3 stars I’m moving it up to 4 Rory still gets a bit too much on my nerves but having read the other Darlington romances I enjoyed the whole atmosphere a lot for some reason Or maybe I’m just in a better mood I don’t know All I know is a 3 star rating feels unfairly low right now All the so as I feel and that Rachel Spangler is really good at shaping characters

  6. Jae Jae Jae Jae says:

    I read the first two of Rachel Spangler's novels and while they weren't bad this one is clearly her best work so farIt's a good read with three dimensional characters and a lot of layered emotions Nothing is just black or white in this novel; it shows the shades of grayI can recommend this novel

  7. coloured_braids coloured_braids says:

    Review rant that has nothing to do with how amazing this book is lmaooo Ok so I read this and I read Close To Home also and am I the only one that puts Raine and Kelly at the same level of “villainy” or maybe even worse? Like don’t get me wrong I wanted to slap some sense into Kelly too lol but I was bummed about how Raine is obsessed with this concept of pushing people out of the closet and how someone is not a real lesbian cause they are closeted Maybe I’m sensitive cause i’m from a community where it’s legal for me to get stoned to death for being a lesbian but Raine really made me angry she seems so blind to the dangers of homophobia to others that aren’t in safer spaces and its scary Oh but lovely book Rachel I’ve read of your books in a week You are AMAZING I just wanted to rant about this on somewhere that wasn’t twitter 3

  8. Linda Linda says:

    2nd book by the same author which I’ve now read Loved the characters even though the 2 MCs irritate me at times the plot and throughly enjoyed the book From the book you’ll get some insights when an individual come out from both perspectives parentsfamily as well as the individual themselves Like most if not all story all’s well that ends well of course in reality life isn’t that smooth sailing Still a good read nonethelessRatings 4 ⭐️

  9. M M says:

    This is a really touching romance set in small town america and the changing attitudes to homosexualityI enjoyed both the setting and the characters particularly the emotional development of the main protagonist from outright fear to nervous acceptance and finally a happy conclusion hey it's a romance what were you expecting?Not having experienced small town USA for myself the author's portrayal felt authentic and very sympatheticThe only part that did slightly jar was the closeted love rival who I felt was a little 2 dimensional However as the villain of the piece painting in broad strokes can be forgivenAll in all a nice escapist weekend's readMags

  10. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    My third Spangler book read Though I've read a fourth since I read this one here Before July I'd read zero Of the four Spangler books I've read this is the second that included a college professor And of the four I've read this one has the character I least like Raine St JamesPart of it is her superior than thou attitude Her I'm a real lesbian you? You make me laugh angrily you? You are nothing than a fake attitude And it's based on what exactly? Seriously? I read the book and kept waiting for the big revealRory St James was beloved One of the most popular maybe even the most popular teenagers in the small town of Darlington Illinois One night in a fit of whimsy she confessed to being a lesbian To her parents The mother stammered in confusion The father roared at her Something like there's no way you are gay So Rory being horrified by the response from her coming out fled To Chicago Started calling herself Raine Made a huge career out of being a 17 year old who got tossed out on her ear for being gay she wasn't she got yelled at and so she fled At least that was the story I got That dribbled out I kept waiting for the extra little something or other to dropSo Spends the next ten years harping on how horrible her coming out was on being the big radical lesbian On sleeping with groupies While writing really really horrible articles about Darlington and it's inhabitants Or I mean articles about how horrible small town Darlington iswas Until people become tired of her stick and she has to find something else And apparently the only job opening is back in DarlingtonBeth? I rather liked Beth Except for one moment that confuses me When she made some snide superior comments about what was her name? Patty? About how openly lesbian she is? She didn't seem to have any problem about how open Raine was and rather wished she herself could be allowed to be open Her partner and her fear of how the town would react the town that supported her when she lost her parents both kept her from being openly lesbian But why exactly would that lead her to being snide and superior about Patty? Heck she wanted to warn Raine about Patty Because um because Patty was a lesbian? I couldn't figure that out But mehStill I liked Beth And to a certain extent when she relaxes enough to be Rory instead of Raine I kinda of like Rory as well

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The Long Way Home[Download] ➻ The Long Way Home ➼ Rachel Spangler – They say you can’t go home again but Raine St James doesn’t know why anyone would want to Rory St James was disowned after she came out at seventeen She rebounded by moving to Chicago changing her They say you can’t go home again but Raine St James doesn’t know why anyone would want to Rory St James was disowned after she came out at seventeen She rebounded by moving to Chicago changing her name to Raine and putting down her hometown to audiences The Long PDF/EPUB or around the country Now ten years later too old to be considered a gay youth broke evicted and fresh off a much needed break up Raine St James is forced to accept a job teaching at Bramble University in Darlington the town she’s been publicly bashing for the last decadeBeth Devoroux was born and raised in Darlington Despite losing her parents at a young age she is well loved by everyone who knows her She leads a comfortable life with good job at Bramble University a long term but closeted relationship friends that she can count on and everything she thinks she wants so why is she so drawn to a rabble rouser like Raine St JamesCan Raine and Beth face their pasts and come to terms with their differences in order to have any hope for a future together.