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Perhaps Tomorrow (The Nolan Family #3) ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Perhaps Tomorrow (The Nolan Family #3) By Jean Fullerton ⚣ – Mattie Maguire is a twenty six year old widow with an infant son Since her husband Brian died three years before she has struggled to keep the family's East End coal business solvent as well as taking Mattie Maguire is a twenty six year old widow with an infant son Since her husband Brian died three years before she has struggled to keep the family's East End coal business solvent as well as taking care of her troubled mother in law But unbeknown to Mattie life is about to get even tougher Maguire's is in the path of the proposed Wapping to Mile End Railway extension that Amos Stebbins is trying to raise capital for and he has his sights set on the deeds of the coal yard Outwardly Amos is a respectably married local benefactor But he has a darker side and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

  • Paperback
  • 277 pages
  • Perhaps Tomorrow (The Nolan Family #3)
  • Jean Fullerton
  • English
  • 06 February 2015
  • 9781409122913

About the Author: Jean Fullerton

I was born into a large East End family and grew up in the overcrowded streets clustered around the Tower of London I still live in East London just five miles from where I was born I feel that it is that my background that gives my historical East London stories their distinctive authenticityI first fell in love with history at school when I read Anya Seton’s book Katherine Since then I hav.

10 thoughts on “Perhaps Tomorrow (The Nolan Family #3)

  1. patriciawhite patriciawhite says:

    I loved this book the third in the series of the Nolan familyIt made you feel as if you were part of the family and you lived along with the charactersThe story had you in suspense from start to finish Jean Fullerton is a brilliant story tellerI have now started the 4th and final book in the series and know I will be sorry when I finish the last page

  2. mois reads mois reads says:

    Mattie and NathanielOnce again Jean has brought the streets of London to life the story of Mattie and Nathaniel was fabulous it had love sorrow and happiness as well as the horrors of the gangs that were around in London then reading this you can see the hard work that Jean put into her research Definitely a 5 STARS for this book now to read book four

  3. Yvonne Walton Yvonne Walton says:

    Dieselblackcat That’s the third book done and dusted and another good one Roll on the fourth and I hope it’s as good as the last three

  4. Gary David Reed Gary David Reed says:

    GoodAs good as the last 2 Kept me reading into the wee hours Will download the next in the series and then get some sleep But I may need to read at least the first chapter

  5. Judy Palmore Judy Palmore says:

    Repeat almostEnjoyed reading this story very much I like reading historical romance especially anything To do with the IrishI look forward to the next


    Excellent readCannot wait to read the next one in the series Once started could not put it down Love following the families in the series Would recommend this to all

  7. LindyLouMac LindyLouMac says:

    A relaxing read that transported me back to an era that I am glad I was not born in It is thanks to the enthusiasm of many authors today that use the internet to publicise their work that I have started reading widely than ever I have always had eclectic tastes but until recently historical fiction was a genre that I had not been reading much If you look back over my recent book reviews you will notice that many of them are books I have read thanks to the generosity of the authors I very much appreciate that they are willing to let me read and review their work It is also thanks to some of these authors that I am now reading and enjoying historical fictionJean Fullerton is one of the authors whose enthusiasm for her writing goes far beyond the book and the story Since reading Perhaps Tomorrow while researching autobiographical information about her I discovered that on her website she has copious information and photos of locations used in the novel Wonderful it really brings it alive and makes you realise how comprehensive this author’s research isStoryline The female heroine is young widow Mattie Maguire who is a tough young lady Struggling for three years since her husband died to keep the family coal business afloat she has a hard time Not only is she a woman in a mans world but she has a young son and a disturbed mother in law to look after as well At first she has no idea that her livelihood is under threat by the proposals of corrupt local business man Amos Stebbins Mattie believes that she will never fall in love again until into her life comes Nathaniel Tate Nathaniel has escaped wrongful imprisonment and returned to London to make the man who has ruined his life pay for his past crimes Of course the man is Amos Stebbins and tracking him down to the coal yard is how he and Mattie meet when she offers him work It is thanks to Nathaniel that Mattie manages to cope with the dastardly deeds that Amos tries to bring her business to collapse The pair grow ever closer only to be torn apart again when the police catch up with him It is a challenge for him to prove his innocence expose Amos and get back with the woman he lovesA relaxing read that transported me back to an era that I am glad I was not born in If you think you would enjoy a love story set in the late 1840’s then you will not go far wrong with this oneFor information please visit LindyLouMac's Book Reviewshttplindyloumacbookreviewsblogspo

  8. Louise Graham Louise Graham says:

    I met Jean at the Festival of Romance in Watford at the back end of 2011 and I was really pleased when she asked if I would review one of her books As anyone who follows my blogs will know I’m a big fan of historical novels and always keen to try a new Author to me I certainly was not disappointed with this book Perhaps TomorrowSet with the back drop of the East End of London in the Regency period To me felt there were three storylines all interwoven with each other and it not until to progress through the book you totally understand how and why Nathaniel and his need to clear his name Mattie to survive the loneliness and continue to keep the family business going and Amos with all his dark secrets that he has been able to hide so wellJean has written a fabulous book really pulling you into the dirt and hardship of this time Her wonderful descriptive text really helps make you feel that you are in the East End of London amongst the dirt and coal dust Mattie was a wonderful heroine She was a great mix of compassion with those around her and struggling with what life had to throw at her but also strong enough to stand up for what she believed in and who she loved I loved the chemistry positive and negative that she had with both Nathaniel and Amos There are lots of moments of where will the story take you next? Is it possible for there to be a happy ending or is it too lateA wonderful 5 read and I recommend it and will certainly be reading other books by JeanThank you so much Jean for letting me have a copy of Perhaps Tomorrow I wish you lots of success with itIf you would like to purchase a copy via please click this link Jean Fullerton Books To find out about the location of where this book was set please click this link to Jean Fullerton’s website

  9. Carol W Carol W says:

    Set in the East End of London following the struggles of Mattie Maguire Widowed only 3 years ago she is the owner of her late husband's coal yard mother to her 3 year old son Brian and carer for her frail mother in law Running a business is not easy for a woman but that is the least of Mattie's worries Thank goodness for the kind help of Amos Stebbins businessman and pillar of the church community Although Amos is not all that he appears to be He has dark secrets and ruthless intentions Who is this handsome stranger who appears at the coal yard? What is the secret he shares with Amos Stebbins? Nathaniel helps Mattie to turn the coal yard around but will his secret catch up with him?The author captures Mattie's plight so that I felt compassion for her but also had admiration for the strength she showed keeping the family business running in a man's world and still managing to care for the family The scene setting took me right to the heart of the East End for the working classes and into the criminal nightlife too I felt like I was thereA real page turner that had me wanting to know I want to read of Jean's work45 for meI received a copy of this novel from the Author for an honest review This did not influence my review in any way

  10. Lucie Wheeler Lucie Wheeler says:

    I have just finished this wonderful book and I was sorry to see it end After taking a couple of chapters to get immersed in the story I found myself turning the pages uicker and uicker as I reached the climax and then the endingPerhaps Tomorrow is the story of Mattie Maguire who has been struggling to run her late husbands coal yard since he passed three years previously A strong hardworking woman Mattie struggled through the hard times and kept the yard afloat just But when plans for a new railway puts Mattie's business in danger she is forced to fight tooth and nail to keep it But then when Jack Archer comes to her rescue one day she gets than she bargains forWith a gripping story fantastic characters and in depth periodic detail Jean Fullerton has created a story to wholeheartedly lose yourself in Even though I do not know the accuracy of the period it is written I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt refreshed reading a story set in the area's I grew up inAn enjoyable read and I look forward to reading her other titles

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