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2 thoughts on “The Ice Goddess (John Eagle Expeditor #7)

  1. S.j. Thompson S.j. Thompson says:

    This sorry excuse for a book is the worst thing I've ever read The writing fails as action adventure and fails even worse as science fiction The story opens up with the mysterious kidnapping of a lady scientist Promising right? I was expecting a gung ho guy story full of action and girls and the good guy saving the day Instead I got a poorly developed narcissist who lacks the decency and introspection generally present in a truly heroic literary character Misogynistic musings and his seemingly insatiable sexual appetites aside our protagonist John Eagle is tasked with finding out why the polar ice caps seem to be melting at an alarming rate He's turned loose in the frozen north with an poorly designed vehicle that practically ensures his death just from lack of proper design After the expected crash of said vehicle John Eagle finds himself rescued by some random Eskimo people out on a routine hunting trip Since John Eagle doesn't speak their language and they obviously do not speak English communications are limited to primitive hand gestures and short sentences Here's where the first awful turn of events takes place John Eagle estimates his rescuers to be young male approximately 18 years old and the female to be at least 14 or 15 years old They all hole up in their igloo and as is the custom everyone strips naked and sleeps under stacks of caribou hides Our frozen lothario is approached by the adventurous girl and its made clear to him that she's game for a little action Now he's got an opportunity here to behave in a manner befitting a hero but he decides to describe in gross detail his sexual encounter with a fourteen year old child At this point I was unsure if this piece of shit book was worth a finish but i was already wondering about where else this story was going so i pressed on As expected the girl's companion is mauled by a polar bear of course he was and dies This part of the book drags on far longer than necessary The girl and John Eagle move on to meet up with her people where another Eskimo man happens to speak English and takes John Eagle to a trading post where he can get transport back to his people who obviously think he's dead Back in civilization he's reported that he's found nothing about his mission so his billionaire boss sends him back up to the frozen north but this time he's in a mini submarine cruising the ocean depths in search of what he doesn't even know We've already failed as action adventure now is where we fail as science fiction The mini sub finds an underwater kelp farm which is super weird so far north in the frozen ocean This leads to the discovery of an enormous under ice cavern that houses a veritable city of scientists Powered by a very clever nuclear reactor and staffed by super smart scientists our hero has the opportunity to use some impressive tools and toys that make his sneaky entrance into the caverns As he's sneaking around he stumbles upon some freaky cocaine fueled sex games transsexuals militant feminist lesbians and an evil plot by their leader to melt the ice caps and flood all the naval ports in the world Why does she want to do this? Because she can apparently This is never really covered Yeah so many uestions How this place is built and why and how it all works would be such a great science fiction story Alas we won't find out anything Instead of capturing the major players and finding out the how and why all this cool under ice science is working John Eagle just starts shooting everyone blows up the nuclear reactor that powers the place and blasts his way back out to his mini sub Oh and that kidnap victim? She's there We finally find her at the end of the story She gets rescued The End

  2. Jean-Marc Rocher Jean-Marc Rocher says:

    I found myself getting into this book but only within a very narrow range of subject matter When it was just the main character working by himself the pages flew by The moment he interacted with anyone else clunk Perhaps it’s just as well that the antagonist doesn’t make the slightest appearance other than a brief prologue until about 130 pages into the 170 page book In that brief remaining space the enemy lair is discovered and explored the evil genius is encountered the master plan is explained in the third person; the main character and the antagonist never directly engage beyond a very brief firefight the lair is destroyed the end More space is devoted to describing the Ice Goddess’s kelp farm than her plan for world dominationOf course no 70s secret agent pulp novel would be complete without sex scenes This one has several ranging from clumsy to laughably offensive to stomach turning I’m not sure what they say about the author but both he and his editor need help

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