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  1. Naksed Naksed says:

    Can a book be both Gloriously Bad and boring as beans? Margaret Rome's Bride of Zarco suggests YesI had high hopes for a book with such a campy title and the beginning of the story was a hoot The heroine falls at hero's feet from a bout of nasty fish soup food poisoning A doctor pumps her stomach while she is unconscious and then prescribeschampagne as remedy The hero lives in a manor perched atop the island of Madeira that is at such high altitude that one must drive through a layer of clouds through a torturous windy mountain road before reaching its splendid isolationHero owns vineyards that still use the time honored tradition of stomping on the grapes and proceeds to give a lengthy lecture on viticulture that was copied and pasted straight from an entry of the Encyclopedia BritannicaThe heroine's vile succubus demonic force of a mother most likely a former OW in a previous HPlandia reincarnation locks heroine and hero inside an abandoned church in order to compromise them into marriageAt their engagement feast the guests are served among other delicacies whole salmons arranged with the heads biting their tail and pineapple served on a bed of dewy rosebudsAnd the purple prose? Gloriously passionately stunningly violently violet Our hero views the virginal heroine as the challenge of an unused cup thirsting for wine while our heroine's traitorous body uivers under the touch of this stone aged man armed with ultra modern techniuesI think the story was just too long and too repetitive so that even its Glorious Badness wore thin over time and could no longer hold my attention DNF at 75%

  2. Margo Margo says:

    This was really of a portrait of dysfunction than a romance novel in many places The h has a managing controlling manipulative mother so it's good she's used to it because the H is an affable for the most part charming control freak She's childish but extremely kind hearted and likeable because given her background she could have turned out a LOT worse

  3. Kay Kay says:

    3 Stars After almost completing her nurses training Samantha comes down with a bad bout of the flu that saps all her strength To help her recover her stepfather and mother invite her to join them on a cruise but the voyage from the onset is a rough one and poor Samantha still unwell suffers terrible sea sickness for several days When the ship stops at the island of Madeira she's anxious to set foot on land and breathe fresh air That's where she encounters Jaoa Zarco whose ancestor had settled the island centuries before Jaoa rescues Samantha from a hoard of children who see her as a tourist target easily parted with her money His abrupt and threatening manner with the children riles Samantha and her instant reaction is that he's a wealthy man who has never had to beg Later she meets him again as a guest to the ship's captain and he invites her and her family for a tour of his extensive estate which has it's own plantation and winery When Samantha suffers a food poisoning from a cafe on the docks the doctor recommends she not return to sea until she's fully recovered and so she finds herself Jaoa's house guest Meeting his great aunt she finds herself embraced in an atmosphere of old world conventions where she's just a pawn to be manipulated Jaoa is the perfect host and in a matter of days he tells her that he plans to marry her This is definitely an old school Harleuin with an arrogant masterful hero and yet Jaoa does have his lighter and softer side He truly falls in love with Samantha at first sight and had he been allowed to pursue her without the manipulations of his aunt and Samantha's mother he would have won her uite happily Samantha is an independent young woman who hates it when others try to control her and she finds that everyone seems to want her to marry Jaoa and this infuriates her Feeling overwhelmed by Jaoa Samantha lashes out with some hurtful insults and realizes she's gone too far This was a pleasant read

  4. Brittany Brittany says:

    No one would want their daughter with a man like this Emotionally and physically abusive relationship written as a supposed romance

  5. Lynn Smith Lynn Smith says:

    Really like this Prefer the UK MB book cover but this isn't bad

  6. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    I didn't like the heroine I find it hard to relate to the old school Harleuins because they don't talk to each other

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Bride of Zarco [Reading] ➹ Bride of Zarco By Margaret Rome – Stranded in Madeira Samantha found herself under the protection and far annoyingly under the thumb of the lordly Joao Goncalves Zarco the local lord of all he surveyed The situation came to a head whe Stranded in Madeira Samantha found herself under the protection and far annoyingly under the thumb of the lordly Joao Goncalves Zarco the local lord of all he surveyed The situation came to a head when he announced that she must marry him One half of her wanted to agree; the other half realized it was madness What answer would Samantha give.