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  • Wild Justice
  • Joanna Mansell
  • 20 November 2015
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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Wild Justice Joanna Mansell is back with a revenge story that takes a really unusual twist The h a 22 yr old interior designer is abducted by the H under the pretense of her redecorating his remote Scottish home When the book opens the h is having a bit of ennui she has been working flat out for over 18 months getting her new interior design business established and she is doing great But the h also has a really conflicted relationship with her father Her mother died when she was born and her father defines Helicopter Dad before super parental hoovering was even an acknowledged parenting issue He is a ruthless businessman who is still trying to run her life and practically live it for her too The h has moved out on her own and is attempting to put some much needed distance between herself and her father but he is not taking it well Then a new client calls wanting the h to do a commission The h is actually turning down work and clearing her schedule She is having trouble doing the same ole routine in the interior design world and she is trying to reassess where she wants to go with her career so she is kinda rude to the potential client and hangs up on him Only to have him show up in her office a little while later There is something about the guy that stirs the h's senses but she does feel some interest about the house he wants her to look at as well The man has an old Scottish manor house he recently inherited along with a fortune and he wants to revamp the remote place and rent it out to wealthy Americans as a hidden Highland retreat The man is very insistent that the h drop everything and go assess his house The h has a niggling feeling of unease but she eventually agrees to go with the guy When they get to his Scottish house in all it's remoteness the man drops the bombshell that he is actually holding the h hostage Her father unethically and maybe illegally took over his toy company and the man wants his revenge or Wild Justice as he considers it The h has no idear about any of her dad's business activities but the kidnapper is very icily remote in manner and the h tries to charm him into letting her go but that isn't going to happen The h tries to escape but that doesn't go so well either cause running down a steep track in stilettos isn't the easiest mode of escape travel and the tension mountsSo there is a very hostile situation and the h is trying to figure out how to get away from the crazy guy The man who is holding her seems to be seriously detached from everything and impossible to relate too and the h is trying to figure him out Then the man holding her gets the flu He is really sick and the h takes her opportunity to escape by taking his car keys and driving to the airport The h makes it back to London and is considering dire retribution and police reports but something makes her ask her father about the man's claims of hostile business takeovers The h talks to her father and he is way OTT in demanding to know what she has been doing and who she has been with The h ignores those demands and asks about the toy company insteadThe father admits that he used a lot of leverage to take over the company when the sole owner's wife and child were killed by a drunk driver and the man was in mourning The h is horrified she knew her dad was bit tough but that is just unbelievable in her estimation Then the father starts to complain that the company is failing the man who owned it and made all the really cool toys refused to work with the h's father the h doesn't even blame him She leaves her dad after some verbal confrontation and the guilt starts kicking inSince she left a very sick man back in Scotland the h decides she better go check She reschedules all her clients packs some appropriate clothing and back to Scotland we go The h is concerned about the H but she also wants to avoid her father until she can figure out what to do about their relationship When she gets back to the H's house she thinks he might be dead Fortunately he isn't but he does need some nursing The h helps him out and gradually they become lovers We find out that the H did not really love his wife she was a former affair who dumped him for a richer guy and then showed up three years later with a little boy in tow whom she claimed was the H's son The H had no clue whether the boy was or not but he liked the little guy so he married the woman and put up with her in order to be a good dad Then the drunk driver hit them and they died and the H let things slide at his company a bit and the h's father snatched his business The H wanted a bit of revenge but really he is just trying to feel anything other than deep emotional numbness over the loss of his son As he and the h spend time together and they have some really funny banterings he gradually finds he can feel again and the h is sure she is in love Then her father shows up after hiring a detective to track the h down She kicks him out and tells him to leave her alone to manage her own life but the father has a mental episode and literally tries to kill the H with a gun to make him give up the h The father is very insistent that the h is only his and the h and the reader are really really suicked out by that The H manages to disarm the guy and the h has to have him admitted to a mental hospital The h tells the H that she has to leave to help her father out she feels guilty for driving him to a breakdown The H tries to convince her that giving into her father's emotional dependence and blackmail isn't going to work but the h is in full on guilty bad daughter mode and doesn't listen She leaves to follow her father to the mental health retreat and assumes the H doesn't want to see her any cause he pretty much gives her an ultimatum and she explains that she has parental care responsibility and the H has never claimed to need her he only wanted to lurve her up A few months goes by and the h is told by her father's psych docs that it would be better for her father if she uit visiting The father's condition wasn't going to improve by the h's daily visits and the h confesses that she just doesn't love her father After the years of strangulating possessiveness she just wasn't able to be around him and really not after she found out about his abusive and hostile business tactics For the only time ever in HPlandia the psychiatrist tells the h that to dump her father is just fine Family relationships are just like other relationships and sometimes people just don't work together The h is told her attempts to establish independence are the healthy thing to do and her father needs to rebuild his life without relying on her The h feels a ton of relief and gets back to her interior designing The h misses the H a lot but she figures since she chose her father the H is done with her At Christmas Eve the h is hanging out in her office alone when the H shows up and declares true love and he has named his new toy company after her and invented some really cool Space Transformer things that I want to get a hold of The h loves him back and they have a really elouent mutual declaration of true lurves dialog before deciding to go hang out in Scotland and lurve it up for the pre wedding HEA This one was really really good JM takes us from revenge kidnapping to breaking abusive and damaging relationship ties and I am pretty sure no other HP has the h cutting off a controlling and abusive parent and then making the statement that it is the healthy thing to do Most of the time the HP rules are that h's are doormat martyrs forever and for that reason alone this book is an all time HP h winner and on the reuired reading list for HPlandia It is really well done and you will never find another HP that advocates active avoidance of doormattiness and even declares it healthy and necessary and also gives a five star true love HEA Grab this one when you find it it is truly a rare HPlandia hidden gem

  2. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    This is a fascinating story no doubt It's about grief and healing and letting toxic relationships go Not the usual fair of a HP revenge storyThe hero has gone a little crazy after his wife and child were killed by a drunk driver and the heroine's father took over his toy company by using unethical methods He decides that kidnapping the heroine and worrying her father will be enough to compensate for the injustice in his lifeIt's not of course After a few days with the heroine he falls ill The heroine escapes to confront her father and realize what a rat he is She returns to nurse the hero back to health and to enjoy an affair When her unhinged father shows up with a gun she has to choose between the two go to London to admit her father to a mental hospital or stay with the hero in Scotland It's a silly choice but that's the black moment After two months the hero relents and chases after her in London with an engagement ring in his pocket He's ready to live again The heroine has been advised by her father's doctors that she needs to cut the cord to her father He never grieved properly for her mother which is why he is unnaturally focused on the heroine She needs to have her own life without guiltCan I just say that was a marvelous passage to read? Boundaries people Boundaries Just because they're family doesn't mean they are good for youSo the Hh have learned their lessons Good thing The h is pregnant and the hero knows without being told the minute he touches her HEA

  3. Iris Iris says:

    I have a weakness for coolly aloof hermits and heroines who aren't fooled by the emo vibes wafting off them stories where the h and H are holed up together with nothing better to do then banter butt heads and kiss when HP crazy behavior is grounded in rationality when pain or grief which would indeed cause a normal person to lose their shit is treated as than a blip on the surface of the plot I'm sorry for those last points I'll go stand in the angst junkie corner nowThere are other interesting points in this story as well including the uniue profession he's a toy designer of the beta hero and the recognition that sometimes familial relationships are just too toxic to be repairedIt was also funny that the H upon abducting the h and transporting her via his rusty 70's gas guzzler to his draughty pile had no further plans for her uite the low achiever in the revenge dept this H didn't even manage to improve h's character via the time honoured method of insisting she scrub toilets or make him a sandwich instead she was left to her own fairly meager devices while he caught than a few winks Though had she shown enough gumption to figure out how to turn on the water heater or get the generator going by herself I would have had respect for her

  4. Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves says:

    25 ★When did the love happen? Sex attraction perhaps but love?view spoilerThe h was like a petulant kid full of bluster and flusterWhile he was like an amused tolerant adult who dint much care one way or the otherIf someone tells you a dozen times to leave you don’t stick around And if they call you a bitch and boring to boot then maybe you should listenI hated when he kissed and touched her with cool indifference And then there she was – offering pity sex and he accepted CringingI felt embarrassed on the h’s behalf for most of the book It did get better for a chapter or soThere were bits that were amusing “Oh you are a maddening man' she said in annoyance“I don't usually go for the macho type but sometimes I wish you'd pick me up sling me over your shoulder and just tell me the way things are going to be”All the 3 protagonists of this book had selfish concepts of love The father’s love was obsessiveThe h was uick to un love her fatherThe H wanted her to choose him while the father lay there collapsedI liked the h best when she puts her comatose father first and dumped the suddenly demanding H showing spine rather than her usual bravado What he was saying was insensitive in ways than one It wasn’t an argument befitting the time – should have come later He does later accede on that The H was never a jerk just a detached guy whose past does show his sensitive side And for all the moral and medical judgment pitted against the father and making things convenient for the hH it still dint sit well for me hide spoiler

  5. suman suman says:

    25 starsBook wasn't too bad but couldn't hold my interest

  6. RomLibrary RomLibrary says:

    Revenge wasn't her idea of funCassandra Gregory had always been her wealthy daddy's pampered little girl But daddy couldn't help her when enigmatic Jared Sinclair spirited her away to the Scottish wildsJared was keeping Cassandra prisoner to get back at her father for destroying his business and for cold bloodedly doing it just after Jared had tragically lost his wife and sonAghast at her father's actions Cassandra grew up overnight She realized helplessly that she was falling for her captor yet knew that Jared's hard knocks had affected his ability to care for anyone Especially her

  7. Nikki Nikki says:

    This plot is so choppy I will say this at least the couple admit at the beginning what the hero did is illegal Not much love involved The dad straight up crazy The ending left a lot to be desired Skip

  8. Cerulean Cerulean says:

    The build up was a little weak and the declaration of love rather tepid but it was a nice read

  9. Samantha Brady Samantha Brady says:

    I started reading this book on March 24 This one was better then the others and had a much better plot A father that is possesive of his daughter so much so that he almost kills the man she falls in love with When they are able to stop him before that happens the father becomes comatose and has to be hospitalized and the daughter thinks it is her fault so she leaves the man she fell in love with to be with her father But the doctor said to stay away because it will not cure her father if she is always coming by to see him One day the man she is in love with comes back and they get back togetherThere is to the story but I don't want to give away too much Lets just say that if you are into this sort of book with a man that almost kills someone then you would like this book

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Wild Justice❰Reading❯ ➶ Wild Justice Author Joanna Mansell – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Revenge wasn't her idea of funCassandra Gregory had always been her wealthy daddy's pampered little girl But daddy couldn't help her when enigmatic Jared Sinclair spirited her away to the Scottish wil Revenge wasn't her idea of funCassandra Gregory had always been her wealthy daddy's pampered little girl But daddy couldn't help her when enigmatic Jared Sinclair spirited her away to the Scottish wildsJared was keeping Cassandra prisoner to get back at her father for destroying his business and for cold bloodedly doing it just after Jared had tragically lost his wife and sonAghast at her father's actions Cassandra grew up overnight She realized helplessly that she was falling for her captor yet knew that Jared's hard knocks had affected his ability to care for anyone Especially her.