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Prime Cut The World Is In Economic Meltdown, But A Mining Town On The Edge Of Nowhere Is Booming With The Town S Population Exploding, It S Easy Enough To Hide A Crime Or Even A Dirty Past Banished To The Stock Squad After The Fallout From A Police Frame Up, Detective Senior Sergeant Cato Kwong Is Brought In From The Cold To Solve The Case Of A Torso Washed Up On The Wild Shores Of The Great Southern Ocean When Kwong S Investigation Lifts The Lid On The Exploitation Of Migrant Workers And Disturbs An Even Darker Criminal Mind, The Fallen Cop Faces Powerful Opposition Drawing In Globally Relevant Issues, Such As Immigration, Racism, And The Economic Crisis, This Is A Humorous And Tightly Plotted Crime Narrative.

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    Cato Kwong of Asian descent and nicknamed after Cato in the Pink Panther movies has been sidelined to the stock crimes arm of the WA police after making some bad mistakes as a rookie policeman He is therefore delighted when a headless body washes up on a remote south western beach and he is seconded to the local police to investigate the crime until able detectives are available Add in some fraudulent dealings with foreign workers at the local mine and a retired detective who thinks he s solved a British cold case from 30 years ago and the murderer is hiding in south Western Australia and the plot becomes very busy indeed The Aussie setting feels very authentic, the text wry and witty and sprinkled with good honest Aussie vernacular The plot is a bit disjointed at times, jumping around between the various threads but I loved the true blue characters and the writing enough to look out the next book in the series 3.5

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    Liked the voice the first scene is a blazing hot tease but at 12.99 for the Kindle edition, no.

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    What do you get when combine multiple murders in two countries, drugs, exploitation of migrant workers and a killer who always manages to stay out of the reach of the law With the debut novel from Aussie Alan Carter Prime Cut you get an assured and brilliantly written story wich is both witty and chilling in its delivery.Right from the opening page Carter pulled me in with a murder so gruesome and one that is repeated over and over in the next 35 years.The story is brought across in a destinct Ozzie feel with the setting of country Australia and the reality of living in such settings As an Aussie myself i really liked this, it felt very familiar to me with thedialogue of the characters and even the subtle bits of Ozzie humour.The book has plenty to make you think about with how certain murders are related Action packed and uncomprimising it grabbed a hold of me and woudnt let go The main character Cato Kwong who is a discraced former detective due to previous actions is brought across as a man haunted by his past and unsure of what he wants The serial killer is also truelly facinating, brutally violent but smart enough to stay ahead of the law and taunt them while he does it.The only criticism i have is with the character Tess Maguire It may be just me but she came across as just a bit player in the story wich to me was disapointing.Prime cut is an excellent debut for Alan Carter who shows a strong understanding of the crime genre Bloody,ambitious and at times hilarious all adds up to an excellent read If you love a good crime mystery read then you ll love Prime Cut Michael.

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    From BBC Radio 4 Drama Banished to the Stock Squad after his involvement in a police frame up, one time golden boy DSC Cato Kwong is given a final chance at redemption When the Great Southern Ocean washes up a headless torso, Cato is called in from the cold and sent to the remote mining town of Hopetoun, Western Australia to investigate If he can quickly solve the case then maybe he can get his career back on track Only his investigation takes him deep into the murky waters of migrant worker exploitation and multiple senseless murders.Crime Down Under showcases the best crime fiction from contemporary Australia Prime Cut by Alan Carter was shortlisted for the 2010 Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Award It is the first in a series of Cato Kwong mysteries Prime Cut has been adapted for radio by Adrian Bean.Part 1 of 2.Directed by Helen PerryA BBC Cymru Wales production.Melbourne born Christine Stephen Daly shot to small screen prominence as Lara Stone in BBC s Casualty and Holby City Fellow Australian Mark Little is famous for playing Joe Mangel in the long running Australian soap Neighbours Richard Dillane spent ten years living in Australia before moving back to the UK He is well known for his TV Silent Witness, Wolf Hall and film roles Argo, Oranges and Sunshine Andrew Leung is a rising star of stage Olivier winning Chimerica and screen Phoneshop, Doctor Who.http www.bbc.co.uk programmes b0938f8w

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    There s absolutely nothing like a quintessential Aussie bloke, a cop in purgatory, stuck in outback Western Australia, doing time on the Stock Squad for offending the powers that be Alan Carter s debut novel PRIME CUT starts out with considerable promise, despite the slightly unrealistic picture of a Stock Squad peering that closely at roadkill But the setup is beside the point as DSC Cato Kwong has to be out in the middle of nowhere for some reason, therefore becoming the only option on hand when a mangled torso is washed up on the beach of mining town Hopetoun Much to his old bosses displeasure But then it s just for a few days until some resources can be freed up in Perth So Kwong has a mystery, an existing force of two cops, and a deadline if he wants to drag himself back from the brink of investigating rustling for the rest of his born days And things are even complicated when he arrives in Hopetoun to find that one of the local cops is an ex of his, sidelined to the bush because she was badly injured in an incident after they split up, Tess Maguire has problems of her own.Because Kwong and Maguire both have pasts separate and their failed relationship there s obviously going to be a hefty dose of self evaluation and backward looking focus at points in the book, but that s handled with considerable aplomb and helped immensely by some really deft touches of humour, and a laid back, Australian sensibility There s also a point at which you can see that this author has spent some time in this town, he has a keen eye for the effects of a mining boom on a quiet little seaside town and he s developed a good sense of place albeit a place in the middle of nowhere, a 21st century outback Australian frontier of a sort.The pressure of the deadline gives the story a good feeling of tension, without it being played overtly There s a nice balance of investigative ability and observation, assisted by some risky moves and some strong local knowledge There s also a lot of threads playing out in the book, so the reader is kept well on their toes keeping track of who is who and what is what, let alone why The characters are really well handled, from the ambitious but flawed Kwong, to the local policeman who can hold his own Tess Maguire was interesting, her life obviously considerably derailed by her encounter with a man who injured her badly when on duty one night, her story weaves its way into the narrative, just the same as Kwong s personal story is drawn out The only downside is that towards the end Maguire disappears a bit in the hurly burly The series stars DSC Cato Kwong, but Carter may just have a team on his hands here And let s hope that we see a lot of one or both of them into the future PRIME CUT really is a terrific debut novel.

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    The strengths of Prime Cut are the evocative sense of place, the characterisation, and the mordant sense of wit Carter places the reader on the southern shore of Western Australia, with its scenic beaches and desolate landscape, and into Hopetoun, a small town being transformed by a massive nearby mine He populates the town and story with an interesting set of characters who are nicely penned, especially Cato Kwong and Tess Maguire, two damaged cops clinging onto their roles and rethinking their futures The storytelling is engaging, aided by a very nice dose of dark wit, expressed through some zinging one liners For the most part the plot worked well, with a couple of decent hooks and steady pace, but as the story progressed it fractured into too many subplots and some of the scenes felt a little over the top and melodramatic Personally, I felt the Sunderland linked plotline was not needed and was rooted in too much coincidence it was if Carter couldn t decide which case the tale should be about, the washed up torso or the Sunderland murderer and rammed together two plots that could have been the central focus of the story in their own right Sometimes, less is Regardless, I d be interested to read the second book in the series to see how Cato fares in trying to get his career and personal life back on track.

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    Alan Carter has written a fantastic debut novel, in the Crime genre I thoroughly enjoyed it I loved that it was set in Australia that Carter set the book in places with which he was obviously very familiar My suggestion is that if you like crime novels, READ THIS BOOK Hopefully there will be to come from this author these characters.

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    Not a bad debut crime novel set in the southern region of WA If you ve ever been to Hopetoun, Ravensthorpe or Esperance it s worth a read There s three Cato Kwong novels I m keen to get into.

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    3 1 2 stars Bit gruesome and violent in parts but a compelling story with interesting characters

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    Detective Senior Constable Cato Kwong ist gewiss keine Zierde der australischen Polizei Schlampig, faul, bestechlich und inkompetent, hat er es endg ltig mit seinen Vorgesetzten verdorben Man hat ihn abgeschoben ins Viehdezernat, das in Viehdiebst hlen ermittelt und nach gestohlenen Landmaschinen fahndet Doch aus purem Personalmangel wird Cato gebraucht, als an Australiens S dk ste ein kopfloser Torso angeschwemmt wird, ber den sich schon die Haie hergemacht haben.Aus anderen Gr nden ist Tess Maguire nach 9 Monaten Dienstunf higkeit in Hopetoun gelandet Die kleine Dienststelle, die noch nicht einmal ber eine Arrestzelle verf gt, soll Tess die Wiedereingliederung erm glichen, nachdem sie in Aus bung ihres Diensts bel zusammengeschlagen worden ist.Parallel zu den Ermittlungen im Fall des Torsos hat der pensionierte Polizist Stuart Miller die Spur eines 1981 noch nicht zu l senden Falls aus Gro britannien aufgenommen Miller ist nach Australien ausgewandert und vermutet eine Verbindung zwischen dem britischen und dem australischen Fall, in denen ein Mann jeweils Frau und Kinder mit einem auff lligen Tatmuster t tete Miller m sste nun beweisen, dass auch der T ter nach Australien ausgewandert ist Die Kollegen in Australien haben nicht gerade auf einen Pommie gewartet, der am liebsten wieder die Polizeiuniform anziehen und in ihre Ermittlungen einsteigen w rde.Tess und Cato befassen sich derweil mit dem sozialen Umfeld ihrer Wasserleiche Die ausgesprochen ertragreiche Nickel Mine des Western Mineral Konzerns hat die Bev lkerung des kleinen Orts von ein paar Dutzend auf 2000 Einwohner anwachsen lassen Das bunte Gemisch aus Angestellten und Leiharbeitern aus aller Herren L nder verbirgt unter einer glatten Oberfl che sicher so manchen Konflikt, doch bisher hat die Firma die Reihen geschlossen gehalten In der Mine wird gut verdient und daran verdienen wiederum Einwohner Hopetouns, die mit Drogen handeln Zu schnell um ihm zu glauben gesteht ein Minenarbeiter den Mord an dem bisher unbekannten Toten Als ausgerechnet der Ermittler ums Leben kommt, der die Nummer eines Verd chtigen in seinem Handy gespeichert hat, m ssen einheimische und hierher abgeordnete Ermittler einen Zahn zulegen.Alan Carter hat mich mit seiner unkomplizierten, leicht hemds rmligen Sprache gleich gepackt Die Entwirrung mehrerer Handlungsf den verl uft mit unerwarteten Wendungen und einem klug gew hlten Anteil privater Probleme seiner Ermittler Carters Kriminalpolizisten sind ganz und gar keine Engel, sondern sperrige, traumatisierte, gefrustete Figuren Bei diesem Auftaktband einer Reihe hat alles gepasst Nachschub ist zum Gl ck schon in Aussicht.