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Nightwalker ➝ [Epub] ❦ Nightwalker By Connie Hall ➧ – All her life Takala Rainwater hoped to find the mother who'd abandoned her and her sisters But she'd never expected the woman to be a shadowy double agent in the spy ridden underworld Nor did she anti All her life Takala Rainwater hoped to find the mother who'd abandoned her and her sisters But she'd never expected the woman to be a shadowy double agent in the spy ridden underworld Nor did she anticipate falling for the very vampire who wanted her mother destroyedLike his name Striker Dark was ruthlessand the sexiest thing Takala had seen in both worlds Her white magic power and her willpower was defenseless against him But Takala didn't know the long dead passion she roused in him could end her mortal life For centuries Striker had denied himself human blood but now Takala had resurrected that bloodlustand only hers would satisfy him.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Nightwalker
  • Connie Hall
  • English
  • 09 April 2016
  • 9780373618637

About the Author: Connie Hall

Award winning author Connie Hall is a full time writer Her writing credits include two novellas written under the pen name Constance HallAn avid hiker conservationist bird watcher painter of water colors and oil portraits she dreams of one day trying her hand at skydivingShe lives in Richmond Virginia with her husband two sons and Keeper a lovable Lab mix who rules the house with her big.

10 thoughts on “Nightwalker

  1. Debbie Heaton Debbie Heaton says:

    Takala Rainwater spent her life hoping to find the mother that had abandoned her and her sisters What she never expected was to find that woman in the form of a double agent of the underworld And she never expected to fall for a vampire who wanted to kill her motherStriker Dark was ruthless and sexy and Takala had never seen anything like him before Her white magic power combined with her willpower was defenseless against him What Takala didn't know was that she had aroused his passion for her and that could jeapardize her life For centuries Striker had denied himself the taste of human blood But now Takala had resurrected both his passion and his bloodlust and hers and hers alone would satisfyNice conclusion to the series

  2. Karla Karla says:

    Striker reminded me of Eric Northman blonde tall gorgeous high handed vampire who protected Sookie Stackhouse to the point of obsession Sexy brooding and mysterious how can Takala resist him? What's great about this book is the female protagonist had her share of action seuences She even saved Striker once which made her his eual somewhat The ending touched me a gladiator old vampire crying his heart out for him to be loved back Sigh

  3. Tracey Tracey says:

    I liked Striker but got me this was an average vampire story

  4. Clint Griffon Clint Griffon says:

    Takala Rainwater is a private detective in Richmond Virginia possessor of supernatural strength due to her position in her Native American tribe’s shamanistic religionWhen she searches for her long lost mother she walks into a high powered feud between vampires and must decide whether to trust Striker Dark the sexually and supernaturally captivating head of the Bureau of Supernatural PhenomenaThe ideas behind this are mostly good the juxtaposition of traditional European myth with the Native American could work well The only weakness at that level is the relationship between centuries old globetrotting vampires and non supernatural government structures which doesn't seem to have been thought throughBut into the details the book just isn't at all well done The prose is awkward the characters unconvincing and the backgrounds betray howling ignorance Tamala's Glock is a “revolver”? Raithe was leader of the vampires in the United Kingdom in the 16th Century? For the record Glock don't make revolvers and the United Kingdom didn’t exist until the 18th CenturyConnie Hall does avoid my pet peeve of leaving out descriptions of exotic locations but rather than letting them enrich the story she brutally shoehorns an actual tourist circuit of Paris landmarks into the middle of what should be the tension building build up to the big showdown This is fairly typical of the unconvincing characters and the odd choices they make as well as the poor structuring of the storyNot very good

  5. Cathy Cathy says:

    This is the last book in the Nightwalkers series This is Takala's story and I really liked it Takala is the middle sister in the Rainwater family She has inherited her strength from her mother She is a private investigator Her current client is herself She is searching for the mother that abandoned her and her sisters Her oldest sister is the Guardian and her youngest sister has the ability to speak and healTakala feels that her gifts aren't important because she is just very strong She has abandonment issues that causes her to latch onto all the wrong men She comes off as being needy and keeps a strangle hold on all relationships She finally meets her match in the vampire Striker DarkStriker Dark is the head of a special government agency BOSP This agency is the Bureau of Supernatural Phenomenon and it polices the supernatural elements living in the United States He can't glamour Takala because her white magic negates his powers over herNeedless to say I loved the story Give it a try if you are into paranormal romance

  6. Sharon Sharon says:

    WOW I read this book in 3 days because I could not put it down This part of the Nocturne Series that Harleuin puts out and centers around Vampires The story line was refreshingly different and I enjoyed both female and male characters Felt real to me I intend to read by this author and try to read books in this series

  7. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries The Nightwalkers

  8. Kelley Kelley says:

    Really good book well written I thoroughly enjoyed it

  9. Ash Ash says:

    35 stars

  10. Julieann Coleman Julieann Coleman says:

    great book the twist and turns are great

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