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The Mechanical Cat ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Mechanical Cat By Torey L. Hayden ⚣ – Conor ha nove anni ed è autistico O per lo meno così pensa sua madre Laura Deighton una famosa scrittrice che lo affida alle cure del dr Innes uno psicologo newyorkese appena trasferitosi nel Dakota Conor ha nove anni ed è autistico O per lo meno così pensa sua madre Laura Deighton una famosa scrittrice che lo affida alle cure del dr Innes uno psicologo newyorkese appena trasferitosi nel Dakota Al medico basta poco per capire che la situazione è molto complessa e coinvolge tutta la famiglia del bambino Peccato però che proprio Laura non accetti la terapia ma preferisca raccontargli fuori dal rapporto psicologo paziente la storia della sua vita Una vita difficile ricca di avvenimenti e di bruschi cambiamenti di direzione nella uale la vivissima fantasia di The Mechanical PDF/EPUB or bambina prima e di giovane donna poi la porta a creare la figura di Torgon una donna con poteri sacri una sorta di alter ego con il uale Laura stabilisce un rapporto al limite del patologico che condizionerà profondamente non solo la sua ma anche la vita della famiglia Non sarà facile per James dibattuto tra la sua intuizione le cose che apprende dalle sedute con il bambino e i racconti di Laura arrivare a capire ual è il vero problema di Conor uando finalmente la verità verrà a galla sarà una verità sorprendente e con un risvolto oscuro che lascia senza fiato.

  • Paperback
  • 445 pages
  • The Mechanical Cat
  • Torey L. Hayden
  • Italian
  • 10 October 2014
  • 9788879722636

About the Author: Torey L. Hayden

Victoria Lynn Hayden known as Torey L Hayden born May in Livingston Montana is a child psychologist special education teacher university lecturer and writer of non fiction books based on her real life experiences with teaching and counselling children with special needsSubjects covered in her books include autism Tourette syndrome sexual abuse fetal alcohol syndrome and electi.

10 thoughts on “The Mechanical Cat

  1. Hannah Almond Hannah Almond says:

    I can't uite describe how engrossed I became in this compelling novel It is so complex It took me a few chapters to get used to the multi layered layout of the story How it flicks between the therapy sessions of Connor his sister Morgana their parents Laura Alan James’s the therapist’s life was a little confusing to me at first Once I got used to this format I found the whole story absolutely fascinating Especially Laura's sessions with James The vividness of Laura's imagination regarding her trips to 'The Forest' Torgon's stories were indeed highly interesting When it all came together at the end of the book the revelations surrounding the 'ghost man' that I had come to believe was just a complex fantasy of the troubled little boy Conor's imagination how it actually turned out to conceal the terrible truth that lies at the heart of Conor's problems was a shock indeed The final revelations of what Laura had done the effects this had on Connor who was in fact not autistic at all just deeply troubled by what he had witnessed was indeed very clever not to mention a very good twist ending to the story This book is so cleverly written with reality and imagination entwining that it definitely leaves the reader guessing right until the very end I have to admit the very final page of the book regarding the 'Lion King' is a feast for thinkers has had me pondering the parallel storylines of the book ever since I finished the very last page I can imagine it has had others who have read this doing so to I've recently become a huge fan of Torey Hayden's books I really couldn't recommend her very first novel 'Overheard In a Dream' enough This book left me with so many interesting uestionsthoughts that I very much hope that a seuel is written because I don't think we have heard the last from Connor and his family

  2. Erika Erika says:

    First let me say that normally I love Torey Hayden's writings I've read many of her nonfiction novels about her own experiences in working with disturbed children But I could not finish this book The writing was well done as always with Hayden The synopsis leads you to believe it's mainly about an autistic child's therapy treatment But the story got way too far away from this The majority of the plot was centered around the mother's fantasy imagination as she grew up I think Hayden would do better to stick to her non fiction case studies

  3. Kris Kris says:

    I really don't even know where to begin with this one I guess I could start with a general observation about the author Hayden is an American grew up in Montana writing about events taking place in the United States but moved to Wales in 1980 and I believe still lives there Although her fictional characters and the real people she writes about are all from the United States she still peppers her books with British words I'm not just talking about spelling color colour or saying socialising instead of socializing although she does do that; I'm talking about having American children refer to their Mum or using boot instead of trunk etc This Anglicizing begins to feel like an affectation and it can be a bit jarring to the reader An American author writing about American characters for an American audience I feel should be using American English; otherwise she comes off as a bit pretentious A small uibble true; but if it's scattered throughout the book and I cringe a little bit each time I see it it slows the reading downUpdate I just read that Overheard in a Dream is actually the English title of the book; the American title is The Mechanical Cat So apparently I've read the English edition of the book and that would explain why this particular book is filled with English isms But Hayden has done this in most of the other books I've read as wellTo be honest I've gotten a bit burned out on Hayden Not because she's a bad writer; while she comes across as a bit naive she does an excellent job of describing the harrowing conditions her clients have gone through And really that's what has me burned out the rough incredibly violent and emotionally exhausting situations these children have been through I tried to break things up a bit by reading some lighter fare James Patterson in between Hayden's books but when I would return to her work I was faced by yet another example of adults destroying children's lives I need to take a break so I'll be holding off on reading and reviewing any of Hayden's work for a whileI started reading the book uite a while ago October 12; I don't know if it's the book itself or being burned out on Hayden or the fact that this is fiction while most of her other books I've read are not but I just could not get motivated to continue reading I thought of putting it to the side and coming back to it later but knew I wouldn't return to it if I left it So I soldiered on and things started to get betterThis book is about four intertwining stories The narrator James is a child psychologist who has recently divorced his wife and moved from Manhattan to the Badlands of South Dakota His interactions with his ex wife his children and his co workers are one of the stories and really probably the least necessary to the main plot Conor one of James' clients is a young boy who has been possibly incorrectly diagnosed with autism; James' sessions with Conor and Conor's treatment are a second part of the plot As part of his methodology James reuires the parents and siblings of his patients to participate in counseling as well; these sessions are a third part of the story especially Conor's mother Laura's recounting of her childhood and early adulthood In counseling Laura confides to James that she can see into a different world that of a woman called Torgon; Laura's stories of Torgon's life are the fourth and final part of the story Hayden switches back and forth among these four story lines and in fact there is a point where she spends so much time with Laura's and Torgon's stories that I thought she had forgotten about what was supposed to be the central issue in the book Conor's treatment But by the end of the book I realized or realised that the stories of Torgon and Laura actually explain the defining moments that caused Conor's withdrawal and autistic like behaviorI enjoyed reading James' interactions with clients like Conor and other children; it was interesting to compare that to how he spoke with and treated his own children Hayden also did a good job of giving Conor his own different way of speaking referring to himself in the third person making statements or reuests via his stuffed cat and his way of making observational statements Here is a window etcSo really I did enjoy parts of this book And the book as a whole wasn't bad; Hayden's writing style is smooth and usually easy to follow and she doesn't bury the reader under a lot of technical lingo The characters were for the most part interesting but I didn't care about them as much as I had those in her nonfiction And maybe at the end of it all that's why I didn't like this book as much as I did her nonfiction I didn't have that emotional investment in the characters

  4. Dana Dana says:

    Nine year old Conor comes to James as an autistic child in need of help James a psychiatrist starts with play therapy and discovers that Conor is not autistic but is very very troubled and emotionally disturbed Little by little Conor who feels very safe in James' play therapy room starts to communicate He sees ghosts and is haunted by themJames decides to involve the whole family and starts to hear Laura's Conor's mother story Laura is a famous writer She weaves a story about her life from her childhood on It involves a whole fantasy world revolving around Torgon The story is an elaborate fantasy with well developed characters and plot James must decipher what is real and what is notI found the book totally predictable Torgon's story was a bit tedious and I would have preferred of Conor's story and less of the fantasy Even the little twist at the end was 'telegraphed' I did enjoy the book but this is not up to the standards of Hayden's non fiction

  5. Terri Terri says:

    A disappointing read More about the visionsdelusions of the mother than the interesting problems of the boy supposedly diagnosed with autism Predictable too

  6. La Knott La Knott says:

    a bit cofusing at times but all in all a very good read

  7. Haylee Haylee says:

    was a really good readvery good read

  8. Paula Paula says:

    I have read several books by Torey Hayden in the last couple of years currently I am in the middle of The Mechanical Cat or rather its Finnish translation Sähkökissa

  9. Kayla Jefferson Kayla Jefferson says:

    All i can say is wow Such detailed story telling absolutely amazing felt like i was in the room with each character and the ending 😲😲 wow

  10. Yassemin Yassemin says:

    Initial impressions I started out with reasonably high hopes for this book the premise sounded great right up my street and it read well albeit it perhaps a little slow if anything for the first couple of chapters Anyway it soon became apparent aside from having very little in the way of actual plot that it was going to take a weird turn The book soon turned from a psychological case study regarding an autistic kid to becoming centred around a weird fantasy life of the kids mother when she was a kid At this stage I gave up Just wasn't what the book advertised itself to be Plot Characterisation Plot The plot allegedly surrounded a child called Conor who has already been diagnosed with Autism When his mother famous novelist Laura finds she cannot handle him any longer and her relationship with her husband Alan also begins to suffer as a result she seeks the help of James a child psychologist You would assume based on the above which was pretty much the synopsis given on the book albeit in slightly different wording that the emphasis of the story therefore would be around Conor perhaps identifying the issues he has and seeking to find a manageable solution The blurb however lied This was of some strange fantasy than a psychological novel It revolves around for the most part the mothers early life where she recounts strange tales of worlds she created out of her imagination To make matters worse we are then forced to hear about these tales in detail by us being provided by various stories she had written down after the time to try and keep the memorydream as vivid as possible Basically the book turned out to be something it didn't advertise itself as and I was very disappointedCharacters The characters were fairly weren't too bad Conor was mildly annoying but that was to be expected having no understanding and perhaps tolerance of autism unfortunately Alan and Laura were likeable and you sympathised for both of them and James well seemed nice enough Cliched would also be another way to describe them but I suppose in these novels they would be to a degree Still likeable for the most part and fairly well developed when not going into irrelevant detail about Laura's imagination rather than her and Conor's life Writing So based on the above bearing in mind I have been mislead and lied to by the blurb in the book the book goes on a completely different tangent in regards to genre from psychological to fantasy of which carries no coherence at all this would have usually attracted a one star and perhaps an utter rubbish label however its one redeeming feature was that although by no means literary brilliance it read well It read slow the pace was certainly very slow but once again could be expected from what you would get from a psychological book The writing is what made me continue uite a way into the book before giving up but had to stop when I'd just uite simply had enough of the fact that Laura and her stupid and very boring not to mention childish oh and also completely uninteresting imagination became the main plot of the book when the blurb advertised otherwise Overall Based on the writing I would possibly give this author one go but beyond that unless promising I won't be bothering because I felt deceived here and thats not a very good selling point

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