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  1. Marc Marc says:

    I rarely read a Dutch novel that is so intense so deeply explicit about the feelings of the main character In this case it's about an intense friendship between two girls that seems like a passionate love affair and in a way it is but not to be understood as a physical lesbian relationship In the first part we see the sensitive jittery Kitty as a 10 year old immediately intrigued by a new girl in school Ara who in just about everything is her polar opposite Kitty gets completely hooked on Ara and the way Palmen describes this through the eyes of Kitty gives you a very uneasy feeling this is not a healthy relationship not balanced The second part set between their 18th and 22nd anniversary is of the same but you can see the first cracks in the relationship The third part jumps 10 years ahead and is already completely different in character because Kitty eventually comes to a realistic insight into her relationship with Ara That last part is much less descriptive it is full of philosophical and psychological insights and in that way very fragmented which makes the reading particularly difficult I find this a very intriguing novel which certainly is not overall successful but rather a writing experiment and probably even a therapeutic work because Palmen seems to have used uite a few autobiographical elements But by the intensity with which Kitty records and analyses her own feelings this book comes to be superior to the regular Dutch literature rating 25 stars

  2. Sandra Sandra says:

    uite a surprising book I loved the first two parts most where the author crafted two very vivid characters that I could always connect to The way it was written was uite easy to follow and it really helped to tell the story It captured my attention and kept itThe third part however was of a philosophical nature While it was definitely interesting I couldn't connect to it as much as the rest of the book which is the reason why I'm not giving this book 5 starsBut overall I loved the book and I think it was very impressive and a very nice read

  3. Sera Sera says:

    It’s a vivid book written by a Dutch writer especially for young adult readers and depicts the story of two friends and a woman’s journey in lifeMy favorite part has been the first parts of the book that tell about the childhood of a girl and his relationship with her friend and family It made me think we could never reach the sincerity later in our life as we had with our childhood friends That purity cannot be captured later at all As the story flows their relationship becomes complex The second part of the book is written philosophical way and it is uite thought provoking and concerns the problem of addiction however there is something so intimate and sweetness at the first part of the book the rest of the book makes you think you are reading a different storyIt is a nice read and some parts are really touching and amazing Not a masterpiece but worth reading

  4. Sally Sally says:

    Hm I'm not really sure what to make of this book I enjoyed the first part a lot when Kit was very young but then my interest began to wane as she grew up and the end chapter with the letter I was totally skimming just to see if anything HAPPENED before the end Which it didn't feel like it did I enjoyed the ambiguity of their relationship but after a time that grew frustrating as well

  5. Peggy Peggy says:

    25 starsThe first two parts were okay I found it interesting to read about Kit Ara their families and their friendship The third part didn't interest me at all too complicated and philosophical and too much bla for my liking and I found myself rushing through the pages and skimming the text just to get to the end

  6. Marianne Marianne says:

    it is translated in English too however I can t find it here It s called The Friendship which really reveals how someone popular can t actually be bothered how to act like it and pick a friend out of the ordinary just to realise somthin later on about how she s wired her own way Loved teh psychological part behind the dynamics and personalities

  7. Eva Eva says:

    This was actually uite hard to follow as an audiobook listening to it while driving I enjoyed the first part immensely when the friendship is narrated; later on it gets very philosophical and the story of the friendship isn't really told any unfortunately

  8. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    About friendship love and the various addictions we suffer from in life Would have hoped for a different end I don't like an end consisting of a looooong letter sent out to the other person Would have preferred the plot was at the end of the book and not just some words

  9. Lyn Lyn says:

    Five stars for the last chapter the letter from Kit to Ara It was so intense and so beautifully writtenBut for the contents I'd rather say it's 2 or 3 stars I loved the writer's style of writing but the lack of contents killed this book

  10. Jolien Jolien says:

    honestly it's a big achievement that I finished this book It started out okay but by the end it was horrible I skipped a lot of paragraphs

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De Vriendschap [BOOKS] ✪ De Vriendschap By Connie Palmen – It was in the village school playground that Kit first laid eyes on Ara and determined that they were to become best friends Kit was 10 Ara two years older If Kit was a scrawny little girl uick and dy It was in the village school playground that Kit first laid eyes on Ara and determined that they were to become best friends Kit was Ara two years older If Kit was a scrawny little girl uick and dynamic Ara was large slow and deliberate The story of their friendship is told through the eyes of Kit and it shows with astonishing precision just how a person especially someone growing up is a battleground on which obsessive claims of the mind addictions and instincts strive for domination.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • De Vriendschap
  • Connie Palmen
  • English
  • 12 December 2015
  • 9781860465604

About the Author: Connie Palmen

Connie Palmen Aldegonda Petronella Huberta Maria Palmen is a Dutch author She was born on November in Sint OdiliënbergPalmen debuted with the novel De wetten published in the USA as The Laws translated by Richard Huijing The Laws was shortlisted for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary AwardHer second novel was De vriendschap published in the USA as T.