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  1. Gerry Gerry says:

    The eighth adventure of the railway detective Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck keeps up the tradition of superb thillers from the pen of Edward MarstonAs always well researched and with a great depth of character Colbeck with the invaluable assistance of his right hand man Sergeant Victor Leeming chases down a criminal that he has long been after even before his days on the railway And the reason that Colbeck is after him rankles with the detective to such a degree that it almost affects his judgementColbeck and Leeming have a third policeman foisted upon them by the irritable Chief Inspector Tallis but that officer does not survive meeting a tragic end Tallis resigns but is persuaded to return and then joins in the celebrations when Colbeck and Leeming after an adventurous trip to New York eventually apprehend their man with his lady accompliceThere are some poignant family moments and Colbeck's romance with Madeleine Andrews runs throughout the tale

  2. Leigh Leigh says:

    This is good follow the plot story no real surprises but a well written and thought out story that made you want to read 375 Star

  3. Andrew Andrew says:

    Blood on the Line by Edward Marston#8 in the Railway Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck Series⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️12DescriptionJeremy Oxley is being transported from Wolverhampton to London to face trial for a string of offences but manages an audacious escape with the help of his lover and two policemen are killed in the process Superintendent Tallis at Scotland Yard is livid and Inspector Robert Colbeck is determined to catch the man particularly as he has strayed across Colbeck’s path in the past But Oxley is adept at disappearing acts and leads the detective on a cat and mouse journey all the way across the Atlantic to New York Will Oxley pay the price for the crimes he has committed and what lies ahead for the Railway DetectiveMy ViewI have now read the first eight books in this series and this would have to rank up there amongst my favourites in this series so far I do really like this series and there has not been one book I have not enjoyed This is not a blood and guts series but I do love the interplay between the main characters Inspector Robert Colbeck Sergeant Leeming and the head of the newly formed Police Force at Scotland Yard Superintendent Tallis All three are such contrasting characters but in your own way you have to love them all In this book we learn a lot about Inspector Colbeck his past and why he gave up a lucrative career as a barrister to become a policeman as well as about a past love interest This also explains why he is so reluctant at this stage to marry his fiancé This book has a bit of everything a chase deaths guilt evil criminals retribution etc In fact so much so that we almost lose one of the main characters but I'll leave you to find out what I mean by this If there was a relative weak point in this one it would be that Madeline has a minor role than in previous books I missed her and Robert togetherIf you have not read any of this series I strongly urge you to try them they are uick light easy reads and I do love the part that the early days of the Railways plays in these books but then again I have always been fascinated by the early days of the railwaysOnward to Book 9 he needs to write faster

  4. Charlotte Holmans Charlotte Holmans says:

    I found this one to be much darker than the other books in the series but a rather exciting read Loved it

  5. Terri Lynn Terri Lynn says:

    The 8th in Edward Marston's excellent series about Detective Inspector Richard Colbeck set in 1850's England indeed have blood on the line Colbeck and his assistant Detective Sergeant Victor Leeming are called in after two cops get on a train with a handcuffed Jeremy Oxley who is a killer with no conscience in addition to being a thief and are confronted by a gorgeous young woman Irene Adnam who is a petty thief hoping for a better life who leaped on the train as it took off and charmed the officers She pulls out a gun murders one officer then helps her lover Jeremy throw them both one still alive off the train to be sliced to pieces Oxley and Adnam head out on the run but when Colbeck finds out that Oxley is involved he is like a dog with a bone Years ago Colbeck was a well off barrister lawyer when a jewelry store was robbed and the owner murdered while chasing the thief who was Oxley Only one witness Helen Millington agreed to testify after Robert met with her repeatedly and talked her into it They fell in love somehow in the process which is rather a weird thing I can't imagine falling in love with someone I only know through being pressured to testify Oxley tracked Helen down abducted her raped and tortured her then strangled her to death This caused Robert to join Scotland Yard to hunt him down This is also why he has not yet been able to force himself to commit fully to his ladylove artist Madeleine Andrews They held hands for years and now have been engaged for over a year with no date set Robert wants to catch him than anythingAs always there are plenty of interesting people and situations here and watching the clever pair evade Colbert is fascinating In the course of this we meet a doctor who did assisted suicides in exchanged for being named in little old ladies' wills who went on the run himself and now lives with his wife under an assumed name As always Victor Leeming does nothing but whine and complain about spending nights away from his wife as if his penis would rot off if he can't use it daily I get so tired of his whining and wish that Superintendent Tallis would fire him and tell him to go make a career out of having sex and making kids he can't afford Leeming also is mean to sweet fresh faced Constable Peebles who idolizes Colbert Leeming and even Tallis When Tallis drags Peebles along on an ill fated attempt to catch Oxley while Colbert is away Peebles is murdered and Tallis resigns There is a lot of feeling among these men much honor and you can see just how dangerous the job of protecting the public is Madeleine I hate to say is so boring to me All she does is fawn and mope about Robert and wonder about what her role will be once married Surely she knows she will just be your typical housewifemother drudge That is all she seems to aspire to anyway Her father Caleb Andrews decides to retire and he has been reduced to a caricature in the books after the first one as if he is just a joke Colbert and Leeming have to follow the pair to the USA and frankly there is much in this one that is forced and very unrealistic You'll see what I mean Still I love this series including this one

  6. Clare Clare says:

    Not as good as previous Marston novels and the habit of calling each other by first names grated I am always surprised in eg Trollope and Dickens how even sometimes husbands and wives call each other Mr or Mrs and formality is paramount

  7. Joanne Joanne says:

    First time reading this series unfortunately couldn’t find number one in series However I liked it a lot and will hopefully start from the beginning of the series I love the whole train aspect of it it has a Agatha Christie feel to it as well Love the characters

  8. Paul Paul says:

    To date this is my favourite book in the railway detective series This one sees Robert faced with an old foe and boy does the story keep a good pace throughout

  9. Jane Jane says:

    I like trains and Victorian England I cataloged this one at work the other day and got sucked in It's going fast even if it's not exactly Sherlock HolmesI rounded up to two stars because I actually managed to finish this I can imagine worse books The mystery is nonexistent and the writing is on par with most romance novels I've read minus the nakey bits Not much to recommend here

  10. Mary Mary says:

    Typical entry in the Colbeck series The dialog in this series has a particular style that might drive some people mad This is a series I have to be in the mood for

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Blood on the Line ❮Download❯ ➶ Blood on the Line Author Edward Marston – The year is 1855 and on the LNWR train to London a criminal is being escorted to his appointment with the hangman But the wily Jeremy Oxley con man thief and murderer has one last ace up his sleeve a The year is and on the LNWR train to London a criminal is being escorted to his appointment with the hangman But the wily Jeremy Oxley con man thief and murderer has one last ace up his sleeve a beautiful and ruthless accomplice willing to do anything to save her lover including committing cold blooded murderInspector Robert Colbeck is dreaming of his impending wedding to Madeleine Andrews Blood on eBook ↠ as he enters Superintendent Tallis s office When he learns that Oxley his nemesis has once again escaped black memories of their shared past leave him no choice but to do his duty No matter the cost he must bring the murderous Oxley to justice once and for allBut Jeremy Oxley is no ordinary adversary He knows the law is on his trail and retreats to his favourite hunting ground the complex web of railways sinews of empire where he can stalk his prey It spells deadly peril for the famous Railway DetectiveWith the faithful Victor Leeming at his side and the idealistic young Ian Peebles at his back Colbeck must use all of his considerable skill to track his elusive enemy But could Colbeck have finally met his matchA thrilling chase across two continents Blood on the Line brings the fascinating world of Victorian London vividly to life.