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  • Egyperces novellák
  • István Örkény
  • English
  • 19 March 2015
  • 9789631339871

10 thoughts on “Egyperces novellák

  1. John John says:

    incredible how orkeny's witty satirical absurdist tales can show me exactly what hungarian life was like under the communist regime i wish there was to read of his work

  2. Gabriela Gabriela says:

    At times really hilarious black humour and absurd A must read

  3. Annie Annie says:

    do not read this in public you will laugh so hard people will start edging away from you

  4. Chuck LoPresti Chuck LoPresti says:

    More like Zoschenko than Kharms but redolent of both absurdist leaning humorists attempting comedy in the face of death at the hands of communist overlords Crackling with a laughter that is a rejection of giving gravity to your oppressors Orkeny is damn funny The Toth Family is one of the funniest stories I've read and what is offered in One Minute Stories is no less enjoyable Obviously there is something horribly malevolent that lurks beneath the surface of such humor that makes the experience that much visceral to me Although fairly simple and extremely easy to read there is an impressive intelligence that informs the humor If you're familiar with the humor of James Thurber you'll probably find something to appreciate here Less obliue than Kharms' weirdest stuff these One Minute Stories would appeal to Monty Python fans as well as literary scholars There's something of Kosztolanyi's comedic illumination here with a brand of humor that is beautiful horrifying and very socially perceptive Add Orkeny to the list of Hungarian writers that are undeservedly unknown not by force of their talent but based on the cultural isolation of a language not easily understood by non natives You needn't be a Hungarian lit or language scholar to howl in laughter at Orkeny's wit If you have to go to the bathroom in a bar you won't find a better companion than Orkeny

  5. Boris Gregoric Boris Gregoric says:

    István Örkény was a granddad of the avant garde experimental off the cuff micro fiction —need to get back to him some time to see how well does his often mordant sense of humor keep At the time aged 19 or 20 this book felt like a revelation of how one can write Not sure this would be nearly as 'great' thirty some years laterStill having fond memories of these crazy little tales that must bite even better in the original Hungarian

  6. Kai Weber Kai Weber says:

    Text condensation is a difficult thing When doing too much of it the result might look a bit dull and trifle Such was my first impression after the starting pages of this book But giving these miniature stories time to breathe and my mind some time to reflect on them I found most of them very well conceived some of them funny some of them enlightening and all of them a good picture of our conditio humana Thumbs up

  7. Laura Laura says:

    Tiny stories and excerpts of small human life among war work camps bureaucracy and silly laws and orders in 20th century Budapest Still there's wonderful and despite the tragic and even shocking themes hilarious black humour and satire in everything like another reality next to the official one just to make people go through their everyday life

  8. Victor Victor says:

    This book contains some of the best one minute stories as the book names itself that I have ever read There were considerable number of stories that I did not understand that was indeed not my fault but others I read repeatedly for than fifty times perhaps Sadly I lost the book very shortly

  9. Ramblin& Ramblin& says:

    Pretty funny guy Pessimistic and dark; like most Hungarian stuff Ive read He's dry and to the point without being boring I just read public opinion research sums up the public of every country everywhere in two pages Short read and the whole book is like a one minute short story Good stuff

  10. Alastair Hudson Alastair Hudson says:

    As part of my understanding of Hungarian history society culture and my girlfriends sense of humour I was told to read thisCertainly I see some parallels with the Pythons' humour also a product of the Cold War and some glints of Spike Milligan the absurd inanity of following rules to the letter Unfortunately there's a cultural missing link that would enable me to truly appreciate this collectionThere's also an age gap I find the Goons dull my kids struggle to see the point of Basil Fawlty and that's as much of an apology I'll give as to why I thought this was dullSure the bad punctuation in my English language copy didn't help nor did some of the bottom lines getting repeated at the top of the next page help and total lack of any punctuation in a few pagesI did see the jokes but I didn't find them funny nor did my kids

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Egyperces novellák[KINDLE] ❃ Egyperces novellák By István Örkény – A mellékelt novellák rövidségük ellenére is teljes értékű írásokElőnyük hogy az ember időt spórol velük mert nem igényelnek hosszú hetek hónapokra terjedő figyelmetAmíg a lágy to A mellékelt novellák rövidségük ellenére is teljes értékű írásokElőnyük hogy az ember időt spórol velük mert nem igényelnek hosszú hetek hónapokra terjedő figyelmetAmíg a lágy tojás megfő amíg a hívott szám ha foglaltat jelez jelentkezik olvassunk el egy Egyperces NovellátRossz közérzet zaklatott idegállapot nem akadály Olvashatjuk őket ülve és állva szélben és esőben vagy túlzsúfolt autóbuszon közlekedve A legtöbbje járkálás közben is élvezhetőFontos hogy a címükre ügyeljünk A szerző rövidségre törekedett nem adhatott hát semmitmondó föliratokat Mielőtt villamosra szállnánk megnézzük milyen jelzésű a kocsi E novelláknak éppoly fontos tartozékuk a címEz persze nem azt jelenti hogy elég csupán a föliratokat olvasgatni Előbb a cím aztán a szöveg ez az egyetlen helyes használati módFigyelemAki valamit nem ért olvassa el újra a kérdéses írást Ha így sem érti akkor a novellában a hibaNincsenek buta emberek csak rossz Egypercesek Örkény István.

About the Author: István Örkény

István Örkény was a Hungarian writer A typical feature of his plays and novels is satiric view and creation of grotesue situationsBorn in Budapest the son of a pharmacist Örkény studied chemical engineering after leaving school and then turned to pharmacy graduating from Budapest University in He travelled to London in and lived in Paris from casual work in In he conti.