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Big Mutt ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Big Mutt By John Henry Reese ✰ – Received the NY Herald Tribune award for Best Children's Book 1952 Originally a Junior Literary Guild Selection of the Westminster Press it can now be found in the Macmillan Reading Spectrum for child Received the NY Herald Tribune award for Best Children's Book originally a Junior Literary Guild Selection of the Westminster Press it can now be found in the Macmillan Reading Spectrum for children OUTLAW DOG A blizzard threatened the North Dakota Badlands and Dwight Jerome was herding his father's sheep across the road back to the ranch That was when he first saw the magnificent Big Mutt who filled the back seat of a car from New YorkWhen the storm broke the Easterners were afraid of being snowed in for days in the car They abandoned the dogThe Big Mutt slept out the storm in a coyote's den When he awoke he was famished and his nose led him to sheepTo the ranchers any dog that kills sheep is doomed A posse is sent out to track the outlaw down But Dwight believes that Wolves are doing most of the slaughter and he is determined to save the Big MuttSet in teh sheep raising country of North Dakotait successfully combines a moving dog story with exciting adventure The New York Timesa freshly exciting and absorbing story no one who takes it up will put it down willingly nor soon to forget New York Herald TribuneThe dog's fight to live and the boy's efforts to save and reclaim him are told with gripping suspense and realism ALA BooklistA gripping realistic picture of the North Dakota Badlands in a time of bitter cold and blizzard when wolves prey on sheep Big Mutt an abandoned dog must kill to live but eventually proves his value as a sheepdog and justifies a young boy's supreme faith in him Library Journalthis realistic story of a boy of dogs and sheep and wolves has some unforgettable scenes There are graphic details of the posse's search for Big Mutt of a lambing season and throughout of the intensity of conflict and devotion between animals and men Horn BookWithout being in the least sentimental it has both drama and pathos Big Mutt is an exceptionally good dog character Saturday Review.

7 thoughts on “Big Mutt

  1. Chrystal Wright Chrystal Wright says:

    Great book This began my youthful stint of reading the pets in the wild genre Incredible Journey A Nose for Trouble etc

  2. Steve Shilstone Steve Shilstone says:

    Loved it in my passionate dog book devouring days as an 11 year old

  3. J.t. Stout J.t. Stout says:

    Great book for middle school boys If anyone liked Call of the Wild you will love this book

  4. Rob Rob says:

    Pretty good youth book I swear I read it before the date this claims it was published but maybe not

  5. Gillian Gillian says:

    You know when you remember a book from your childhood but you only recall a few details not the title of course so you try and Google it and you get a hit? Yeah me neither But you have to get lucky sometimes right? WELL THAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME WITH THIS BOOK I remember reading this as a dog crazy 10 yr old many many many years ago It was where I first read the term Badlands and wondered why anyone would choose to live somewhere that sounded scary I also recall wondering how someone would get so lucky as to just find a dog and be able to keep it forever and ever I desperately wanted a dog but was never allowed to have one In fairness my parents had enough on their plates with three kids but stillthat dream never did die Which is how I've ended up owning dogs for almost my entire adult lifeI'm so glad I was able to find this and now I'm rating it 4 nostalgic stars because I'm a grown up and I can do what I want So there

  6. Kathleen A Kathleen A says:

    A great story about a boy and a dog’s relationship and connection in conflict with the boy’s sense of loyalty and responsibility as a sheepman Nothing like a good dog book

  7. Liesa Malik Liesa Malik says:

    To be honest although the writing style is a tad dated I really liked this book It is a dog against nature kind of tale and I was drawn through the story to the end There was little romance or violence but enough conflict to keep you reading on and rooting for Buster who has to survive a major winter storm in the sheep country of North Dakota We see this overgrown and perhaps a bit flabby city dog grow into a magnificent canine who retains just enough dog to make him truly a hero

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