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To Taste Temptation [Download] ➺ To Taste Temptation Author Elizabeth Hoyt – Lady Emeline Gordon è una giovane vedova aristocratica e molto ricercata per la capacità di guidare le debuttanti nel loro ingresso in società e nella scelta dell’uomo giusto da sposare Samuel Ha Lady Emeline Gordon è una giovane vedova aristocratica e molto ricercata per la capacità di guidare le debuttanti nel loro ingresso in società e nella scelta dell’uomo giusto da sposare Samuel Hartley è un figlio del Nuovo Mondo arricchitosi con il commercio Da poco arrivato a Londra è già oggetto di chiacchiere per i suoi natali il modo di vestire poco formale e l’atteggiamento sfrontato per ualcuno addirittura incivile Tuttavia Emeline dietro la maschera di compita e perfetta gentildonna sente che uell’uomo le sta suscitando To Taste MOBI :º emozioni mai provate scuotendo la sua sicurezza e il suo euilibrio Ma ha troppo paura di lasciarsi andare.

  • Paperback
  • 300 pages
  • To Taste Temptation
  • Elizabeth Hoyt
  • Italian
  • 11 November 2015

About the Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

Elizabeth Hoyt is a New York Times bestselling author of historical romance She also writes deliciously fun contemporary romance under the name Julia Harper Elizabeth lives in Minneapolis Minnesota with three untrained dogs and one long suffering husband.

10 thoughts on “To Taste Temptation

  1. Jilly Jilly says:

    Elizabeth Hoyt is a hit or miss author for me I have rated her books 5 stars and one of them I gave 2 stars This one though ugh is there a negative star yet Yet I will read the next one in the series because I think the problems in this book were uniue to the characters There was nothing wrong with the writing itself Plus I liked the couple who is set up for the next book So the problemsCheating Cheating everywhereThe heroine is engaged throughout the book and yet is screwing the new guy Oh and the new guy is an old army buddy of her fiance and they are becoming closer friends throughout the book As he sleeps with the guy's fiance So both of them were cheating on him Then at one point they have an engagement party and the other man attacks the fiance and beats the shit out of him Um you do know that YOU are the bad guy here rightThe next problemHer body betrayed herPlease God save us from this trope Both the heroine and the hero ruminate endlessly about how the animal magnetism takes over and they aren't in control of their actions Give me a break In other words you aren't to blame for cheating because your bodies wouldn't stop even when your minds said to Is this supposed to legitimize the act Wait would this work in a courtroomBecause you know my mind says not to stab idiots but my body has grabbed a knife and is heading towards idiots What can I do Then there was theDubious consentWhen a woman says no the answer is no Why is this so hard to understand Are we really still struggling for female authors to stop making non consent romanticWhy the fuck do I even need to say thisAt one point the guy cheater hero tells the girl cheater heroine that he is going to come into her bedroom that night at a house party and if she locks the door or tries to deny him he will yell and make sure everyone knows that she cheated Her fiance is also there He threatened to expose her and shame her if she didn't let him fuck herUm that's rape dudeBut don't worry she wants itShe was asking for itYou should have seen her dress SlutYeah so obviously this one didn't work for me But I haven't lost faith in the author She's usually pretty good And I don't mind a little bodice ripping just as long as she's okay with it Plus you know would it kill the guy to just undo the damn thing properly Those things don't sew themselves back togetheroh okay I'll make an exception for you kitty

  2. Duchess Nicole Duchess Nicole says:

    “There are no heroes on the battlefield my lady; there are only survivors” Let me say that I am a bit of a fangirl about anything Elizabeth Hoyt writes I may be a bit biased I think she is a master at sexual tension so if you like a smooth slow build up to a very enjoyable lustfully delicious climax GO HERE That being said Hoyt also writes such a fabulous STORY This is a Historical Romance with some meat on it's bones It makes you think it transports you with just a few words from sixteenth century England to early American colonies during the French and Indian war War is always brutal but especially when it was so hand to hand and personal as it was back then I am fast becoming enad of any Historical romance set in Colonial America I love my country and even though it may have been founded by my ancestors and wrongfully settled it's still my country and it's still my history I loved Pamela Clare's UntamedSurrenderDefiant for that very reason Both sides are shown and yes I realize that it's romanticized But it still leaves an impact and piues my interest While the war is the background for this particular book it's not the focal point The entirety of this story aside from a few flashbacks is set in England It deals with Samuel's uest to root out the person who gave information about his regiment to the French which led to their massacre While hunting down a fellow soldier he comes across Lady Evangeline sister to a fallen comrade She is also engaged to be married and besides Samuel Hartley isn't a titled Lord but a common rich man from the Colonies Of course their passion and chemistry is off the charts dominating most of their encounters but left much to their imaginations because they both realize the futility of their attraction Emaline is a lady of the ton She's a snob to be blunt but once again Hoyt's characterization also makes her relatable She's a product of her upbringing but she's not a bigot She realizes her attraction and though she tries to stay away her position as a chaperone to Samuel's sister makes it impossible to stay away from him Especially when he decides to stay close to her in order to explore their feelingsSensual sexy and captivating this is evidence of what makes me love Elizabeth Hoyt

  3. Sam (AMNReader) Sam (AMNReader) says:

    This was a uick read I enjoyed the book as I usually do with hers but can't see revisiting it

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    I've already read and really enjoyed the third book in this series I don't remember why I started there but I'm glad of it Because if this had been the first book I'd read I probably wouldn't have continued reading this series There's nothing major wrong with the writing just a bunch of personal deal breakers all in one bookview spoiler1 The heroine was engaged for 90% of the bookNo Just No I know she didn't love the man and he had his mistresses on the side but if you're engaged to someone you don't go around screwing someone he's friends with They had sex multiple times while she was engaged and at some point he actually found out and and decided not to give a damn and not once did she give him any reason to think that she actually considered a relationship with him because she thought of him as an uncivilized idiot from the Colonies Plus I never liked the heroine because she was very stuck up and only interested in class and rank and while that might be accurate for the time I don't see how he fell in love with her despite being insulted and played hot and cold the entire time It's only at the very end that she suddenly decides she loves him and out of nowhere decides to just go to America with him I'm sorry but I didn't buy that 2 The romanceI'm sorry but I don't find this particular animal lust stuff romantic Tasting blood during kisses scratching and ignoring being slapped and told to go away because he just has to have her up against a wall are not my idea of romance especially when that is all there is between the couple They would make out she would remember that she wants a dignified civilized man she would treat him like crap he would ignore her wishes and make out with her anyway Yeah Not my thing Then there was the aforementioned engagement Somewhere around 80% the heroine and the hero of the second book in the series publically announce their long standing engagement and out of nowhere since he knew about this the hero runs up to the fiancé breaks his nose there's blood everywhere And she still sleeps with him after that Sorry but I just don't get it I thought both men deserved better 3 The find the villain plotThe only reason the hero has come to England is to find the man who betrayed his regiment which ended in a slaughter of half the army I don't know how that was so difficult because I thought it was blatantly obvious who the traitor was from the very first time he was introduced That just dragged on too much for me there were a few bodies and an attempt to abduct both the heroine and the hero's sister Again nothing big but I just didn't care because I already knew who the bad guy was hide spoiler

  5. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    I think we all enjoy reminiscing on fairy tales from our youth The downtrodden heroine saved by what turns out to be a handsome prince At least those are the fairy tales of my youth before the era of political correctness I even remember when either Cinderella or Snow White was re released by Disney in the 80’s and women’s groups were encouraging mothers with daughters to boycott the film because it taught girls to “wait for a man to rescue them” Uh hello IT’S A FAIRY TALE Anyway that’s part of what was enjoyable about Elizabeth Hoyt’s books is her inclusion of a fairy tale within the story and somewhat mirroring plot lines She continues this tradition with her new series The Legend of the Four Soldiers and this first novel “To Taste Temptation”Our first fairy tale soldier is Iron Heart mirrored by our book hero Samuel Hartley He’s a wealthy successful rakish and “uncivilized” businessman from the Colonies who isn’t ashamed of his humble beginnings His backwoods background enabled him to act as a scout for the British in the French and Indian War and it was there he served with our heroine’s brother He’s come to England ostensibly on business but in reality to identify the villain who betrayed their Regiment which resulted in a massacre that very few survivedSamuel finagles an introduction to our heroine Lady Emeline Gordon whose brother was one of the officers killed in the massacre She also serves as a chaperone for young ladies navigating the ton Samuel has brought his sister Rebecca with him and soon maneuvers Emeline into acting as her chaperone He’s also soon maneuvering Emeline into a shockingly passionate affaire Emeline is the picture of titled British sophistication She’s also been deeply affected by the death of her much loved husband brother and father in short succession This has left her with an ageing Aunt a young son and all the cares and burdens associated with acting as head of the family She’s lost the ability to trust is frightened to love and is perfectly willing to settle for a secure marriage without passionuntil Samuel He’s wrong for her in every way and she’s everything he is not So why oh why is he the only one who sees her as she truly is Who understands her Who can pull these confusing exasperating exciting emotions from her so easily Is she willing to give up her life in the tonEach chapter of the book begins with a snippet from the story of Iron Heart and the progress of the mystery and the relationship between our lead characters seems to in some way echo our fairy tale It’s a story within a story within a story There’s a truly American budding romance between two secondary characters and I think I caught a glimpse of one if not two of our future soldiers I’ll be waiting for their stories too

  6. Fani *loves angst* Fani *loves angst* says:

    The beginning was a little slow but nice However from the moment they consummated their relationship the heroine turned from prudish to shrewish As the story moved on I liked her less and less and in the end I couldn't understand why the hero fell in love with her I think she needed to grovel a lot if this was to be a 4 star book Regretably she didn't

  7. Mojca Mojca says:

    To Taste Temptation Legend of the Four Soldiers Series #1 Lady Emeline Gordon is astonished as a tall devilishly handsome man strolls into a posh London parlor wearing a strange attire and approaches her with the reuest for her to be his younger sister's sponsor in Society Of course his sister's entrance in the aristocratic circles is merely pretense Samuel Hartley is hell bent on discovering the lowlife who had betrayed the English troupes six years ago leading them to slaughter at the hands of bloodthirsty American natives Little do Emeline and Sam suspect that their bargain would soon turn into something Meh While the book started off strong with the uest for the traitor it uickly dissolved into a series of almost nonsensical events mixed with male sweat smelling rough and at the beginning non consensual sex midnight jogs in moccasins and an extremely shallow heroine While the authors depiction of Emeline was probably an illustration of the aristocratic shallowness of that time the attempt fell short and merely succeeded in making the heroine appear petty In the second part of the novel I just couldn't stand her any with her looking down her nose at everyone who wasn't her social eual and her snide remarks She was horrible Sam on the other hand was your average HR hero with some added bonuses that made him stand out from the lot I could've done with a little less sniffing though The supporting cast was mediocre at best the villain too easily spotted from the very beginning The plot though no overly slow didn't offer much Ms Hoyt should've stuck with the initial story line and build the romance around it to complement the whole and not let the romance take over I might have closed an eye on that if the romance was something to talk about but like the rest of the book that too was uite uneventful and mediocre

  8. Elena C. Elena C. says:

    Read for the URR New Year 2018 Reading Challenge Military Romanceuick uestion did the world really need another book about a Man Explaining The Facts of Life to a Woman Nope No it did not And this is all there is to the story really Mmm well okay there might have been a secondary plot involving an american soldier seeking revenge on an ex comrade who sold him out or something But mostly it was about some dude teaching the heroine how to be a better mother a slightly less stuck up bith a woman who lives her sexuality without shame and in general a better human being You know like he is HOW ABOUT NO

  9. Pamela(AllHoney) Pamela(AllHoney) says:

    The first in the Legend of the Four Soldiers series and my first book by Elizabeth Hoyt I'm not sure why I avoided her I saw her on many favorite lists and recommendations but I'd been burnt before trying books that didn't appeal to me But this one was a winner and keeper for me This one has an across the tracks themeplot to it Beautiful young lady of the ton meets the rugged backwoodsman from the colonies I loved the characters and the flow and will be continuously looking for by this author

  10. WhiskeyintheJar WhiskeyintheJar says:

    Why is it that when someone is rich it's always as rich as Croesus Shameful how Midas is ignored I tell you Excuse me just 10 pages later Samuel is richer than King Midas Only on the third or so page and Emeline shows such promise by these two lines She suppressed a shiver Intelligent men were so hard to manage hahaha Emeline struck me as very cold at first but just average English lady mannerisms I think Emeline is too accurate of a portrayal of an English woman for me She is so reserved There are little wants and desire that eek out in Samuel's presence I just need of them to surface to connect with Emeline Oh God love when Rebecca Samuel's sister asks the footman if her dress is cut too low and blurts out the maid doesn't mind her boobies hanging out So funny Definitely feel like there is something up with that footman hmmm After Samuel confronts Jasper the man he thinks is responsible for the attack on their regiment at a ball and then goes back to Emeline's home they have an argument in the sitting room Here is where I finally felt the heat between this couple Or maybe it was simply completion of all the stand offish meetings with wanting communicated just between the eyes Whatever it was these two characters finally popped for me Liked how Emeline complains that Samuel not conforming to English customs is all to annoy her Also uite enjoyed Emeline's friend Melisande had the most wonderful dry sense of humor Melisande is the star of the next book Heartbreaking storyline of soldiers and how they deal with the aftermath of war The author did a commendable job of showing how each one handles it differently but still all the same with too much seen eyes that are haunted Wowza Emeline and Samuel's first sex scene was hot I think the author tried to set it up with them being cold and arguing with each other which I got but I didn't feel it was uite the incredible moment it could have been or I have read before You know how sometimes when you read a sex scene between the characters and you're like Finally Samuel and Emeline arguing being a little rough with each other definitely added some spice to it and the um coughblush descriptive words brought heat to the scene Samuel and Emeline's sex scene was so passionate I just wish their relationship would have felt the same to me so close but just lacking maybe in interaction they don’t seem to be the star of the show but rather Samuel's search for who betrayed him and his regiment during the French and Indian War Which by the way not to be to picky but wouldn't the English have called it the Seven Year's War American's called it the French and Indian War so Samuel saying it makes sense but all the English people saying does not My history background rearing its ugly headThe author used some words and descriptions that I'd call on the risué side or maybe I'm just not used to this kind of talk in regency stories This book is definitely not for people who shy away from or can't handle some naughty talk icky these two sentences sound kind of prudish Samuel and Emeline really love to hate each other She could slap him he could roughly grip her arm and then bam they are going at it like mad little bunnies Great sexual frictionchemistry between these two Would have been an A book if with that same sexual frictionchemistry there was great cognitive interaction The author started each chapter with a snippet from a legend called Iron Heart I was surprised how much I liked this techniue and how much it added to the story and the development of Samuel's character I almost wanted to read ahead to finish this story within the story The ending was a tad anti climatic They caught the traitor they didn't catch the traitor All I know is that Ms Hoyt better continue the storyline of Rebecca and O'Hare or I will be pissed I still think something funny is up with that footman He seemed to have of an accent when he talked with Rebecca When he was with Samuel and Vale searching for Rebecca and Emeline he spoke in proper English Maybe it was an author mistake and I am just driving myself crazy with theories Spoiler Turns out I was wrong SHOCKING I have actually read this whole series preparing for the Olympics so I can watch the men's hockey and not get behind on readingupdating my blog which I've been doing lately Anyway O'Hare is alas just a footman and we the poor readers hear nothing about them until the last book in the series and it is only for like 5 sentences BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I would probably describe this story as first a drama and then romance There are a lot of intangibles in this story which I highly enjoyed I liked it because it was original but Emeline was a little too cold for me hush to the people who say this is a historically accurate portrayal of an English woman during the time period and Samuel never struck a cord with me I uite honestly liked Rebecca and O'Hare better and could have read about them If you're looking for some scorching booty scenes though this book has that just start reading about 100 pages from the end ;

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