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  1. Wild-Rogue-Rose Wild-Rogue-Rose says:

    This is my second time wrestle I mean reading something by Tolkien I will openly admit I slept read The Hobbit gaspI know I knowhow can someone do that? Like I have a clue I was a freshman in high school that on a whole is an unsolved mystery in itself So as I helped my Mum put books away this fell from a stack and hit meIn the faceI took it as a sign to get back on the horse and charge headlong back into Tolkien's imaginative writing My steed was derailed a few pages later After a few pages it took me by the hand and we began to run These two short stories were very charming to read I'm a bit surprised no nerds and geeks talk about them; or seem to have read themWhile reading Smith of Wootton every time Tolkien would mention the Star my mind flashed to something along the lines of Paul Stanley Farmer Giles it was just a snortfest for me From now on if I were to ever learn Latin or Latin names for things I'm going to use the phrase Or in the vulgar tongue That and I desperately want to commission a Dragon tail cake for my next birthdayLightening of Heaven what are you still reading this for? Go on out right this minute and procure yourself a fine copy

  2. Linda ~ they got the mustard out! ~ Linda ~ they got the mustard out! ~ says:

    I ended up rereading this on a whim since these stories were included in Tales from the Perilous Realm that I borrowed off KU so I could finally read Roverandom and stop feeling like a bad Tolkien geek These are great examples of the lighter side of fantasy that we don't really get any these days with all the grim dark flooding the market Smith of Wootton Major is a random little story about a fae star and a cake and a smith It doesn't really have a point but it's interesting despite its nonsensicalness and of a serious tone than I remember Farmer Giles of Ham follows the adventures and misadventures of a farmer named Giles his cowardly dog Garm and all the stuff they get up to with unexpected results There's a witty whimsical tone to this one since it is a silly yarn and full of colorful characters and creatures

  3. Katy Katy says:

    Delightful shorter stories by a master

  4. Chris Chris says:

    Two great novellas by Tolkien which I'd hazard to say most readers and probably most fans of JRRT's don't know exist but which are both among his stronger works Both stories would make great animated adaptations like the RankinBass productions of The Hobbit and The Return of the KingSmith of Wootton Major is my favorite of the two and in it Tolkien gives us a intimate view of Faery Land than in his other works Faery remains mysterious beautiful and dangerous but we are treated to interactions with the King and ueen of Fairy than in any other story It is a story that is both happy and sad which is fitting for any treatment of Faery LandFarmer Giles of Ham is a fun light hearted story It is similar to a fable featuring talking animals and legendary creatures It parodies medieval tales of dragon slaying knights and kings and in my view comes very close to satirizing them JRRT shows how luck and using wits can raise one from humble beginnings to fame and fortune In doing so Farmer Giles becomes better than the king and his knights who are shown to be useless throughout the tale

  5. Jeannette Jeannette says:

    Two charming tales by Tolkien One the story of faerie magic in a small village the other of a humble farmer who becomes brave when it is asked of him My edition was graced by Pauline Baynes’ illustrations There were laugh out loud descriptions of chastised dragons and uirky villagers Tolkien is a master of these kinds of tales

  6. SheriC (PM) SheriC (PM) says:

    I admit I'm biased but I loved these two short stories as much now as I did when I was a little kid just discovering Tolkien I feel as though they represent both his love of the heroic and the mysteriously romantic nature seen in LotR but also his affectionately scathing take on human nature seen in The Hobbit With SoWM illustrating the first and FGoH the second I think these would be a good intro to Tolkien for anyone hesitant to make the larger commitment to his novels Paperback version found at my public library's Friends of the Library sale

  7. Carl Carl says:

    My favorite in this book is Smith of Wooten Major though Farmer Giles of Ham is a fun romp in its own right Smith is in fact probably my favorite of Tolkien's short works Leaf by Niggle was also very enjoyable and if we take the portions of the Silmarillion as individual pieces I might revise my opinon but there is just something about Smith which is not only enjoyable but which speaks to something in the heart of anyone drawn to something beyond to the fantastic the mythic to another world or an idea of another world or a vision of THE world which may only be seen in the fiction of fantasy Though I would not call it an allegory the reference to Tolkien's own life seems strongly implicit with the dual tragedy of both losing that fantasy world and discovering that one has come late to the beauty of one's own world and yet there is the hopeful fact that the pragmatic everyday world has been enriched by this contact with the Other world Out of all of Tolkien's work Smith seems to me to hold by far the greatest debt to George MacDonald's work I know that Tolkien later in life found much of MacDonald's work distasteful but I feel the debt here is a positive one A very different work than Lord of the Rings or his other Middle Earth material but it is a pleasant change and cannot help but feel personal Tolkien's own vision of his life as Leaf by Niggle was

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    Awwwww these two stories were so cute and fun I really wasn't entirely sure what to expect from these two short stories but they definitely reminded me in some ways of Tolkien's Letters from Father Christmas just whimsical and funny and with some nice bits of wisdom gently bestowed here and thereSmith of Wootton Major is all about baking cakes and giving secret gifts and since I love both those activities I probably liked it the best of the two Farmer Giles of Ham is about a reluctant accidental hero who ends up outsmarting a tricksy dragon and becoming very important indeedThis is totally going to be the next book I read out loud to my kids It's sweet and clean and will make them giggle It made ME giggle Especially those knights in Farmer Giles who didn't want to go dragon hunting at all

  9. Robin Hobb Robin Hobb says:

    In these two tales we see Tolkien in two story telling modes Farmer Giles of Ham is playful while Smith of Wooten Major does exactly what fantasy does best it examines a larger uestion and wakes a sense of wonder If you have only seen the movies or if you've never read Tolkien or seen the movies I'd recommend Smith of Wooten Major as a wonderful place to sample his story telling I've read this aloud to children and they loved it

  10. Timothy Ball Timothy Ball says:

    It was five miles if it was a step and stiff going; and Giles trudged along puffing and blowing but never taking his eye off the worm At last on the West Side of the Mountain they came to the mouth of the cave It was large and black and forbidding and it's Brazen doors swung on great pillars of iron Plainly it had been that a place of strength and pride and days long forgotten For dragons do not build such Works nor delve such mines but dwell rather when they may in the tombs and treasuries of Mighty Men and Giants of old

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Smith of Wootton Major Farmer Giles of Ham [PDF] ✩ Smith of Wootton Major Farmer Giles of Ham ❤ J.R.R. Tolkien – Two bewitching fantasies by JRR Tolkien beloved author of THE HOBBIT In SMITH OF WOOTTON MAJOR Tolkien explores the gift of fantasy and what it means to the life and character of the man who receives Two bewitching fantasies by JRR Tolkien beloved author Wootton Major ePUB ´ of THE HOBBIT In SMITH OF WOOTTON MAJOR Tolkien explores the gift of fantasy and what it means to the life and character of the man who receives it And FARMER GILES OF HAM tells a delightfully ribald mock heroic tale where a dragon who invades a Smith of PDF/EPUB or town refuses to fight and a farmer is chosen to slay him Farmer Giles of Ham first published in Smith of Wootton Major was first published in November .