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Outies (Moties #3) ❰Download❯ ➾ Outies (Moties #3) Author Jennifer R. Pournelle – Fixer Asach uinn is bored and jaded on Makkasar Librarian Colchis Barthes is winding down his career on Sparta Governor Jackson is corrupt and scheming on Maxroy's Purchase Seer Laurel Courter is youn Fixer Asach uinn is bored and jaded on Makkasar Librarian Colchis Barthes is winding down his career on Sparta Governor Jackson is corrupt and scheming on Maxroy's Purchase Seer Laurel Courter is young and determined Splintered by distance competing visions and outside rivalries New Utah is forgotten and alone in a remote backwater of Imperial space Its residents busy scratching a living from alien soil beyond the Coal Sack nebula don't even know they've been designated as an Outworld A lot of them don't even know each otherThirty five years ago the Moties made first contact with the Second Empire of Man Sentient capable and sometimes charming they nevertheless proved to be enemies of humankind— not by intent but by dint of biology Mote in God's Eye The Fleet’s ability to block Motie access to human space now depends upon a shaky alliance with the horrifically prolific technologically brilliant three armed Moties themselves Gripping Hand Human and Motie shareholders have assumed joint control of industrial giant Imperial Autonetics but the Empire still decides the fate of worlds Those already possessing space worthy craft may join as Classified systems and enjoy the benefits of access to new technology trading rights and Fleet protection Those less advanced may be parceled out as colonial concessions King David's Spaceship Outworlds that refuse to join risk annihilation by zealous commanders intent on preserving the hard won peace at any cost New Utah's fate depends upon meeting the Empire with one united voice Enter the Seer the Fixer and the Librarian One way or another everything is about to change.

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  • Outies (Moties #3)
  • Jennifer R. Pournelle
  • English
  • 24 October 2015

About the Author: Jennifer R. Pournelle

Dr JR Pournelle is an archaeologist and anthropologist best known for reconstructing landscapes surrounding ancient cities A Research Fellow at the University of South Carolina’s School of The Environment and past Mesopotamian Fellow of the American School of Oriental Research her work in Turkey Ira and the Caucasus has been featured in Science Magazine the New York Times; on The Discove.

10 thoughts on “Outies (Moties #3)

  1. Jennifer Pournelle Jennifer Pournelle says:

    Ok I am saying up front I'm the author of Outies Yes I wrote it I have to put some number of stars on it or I can't tell you about it If I only put one I'd be lying and anyway you wouldn't see this This is a seuel to The Mote in God's Eye and The Gripping Hand by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle and I wrote it on a bet As in I bet you can't Bet I can Can Not Can TOO Can't CanIf this sounds like childish sibling rivalry well I couldn't possible commentIt's an authorized seuel but not a directed one I wrote the whole thing before taking it to Dad and Larry They didn't expect much In fact they expected ashes and tears They were surprised Pleasantly surprised They even wrote jacket blurbsSo if you liked either of those first two I hope you'll like this one If you didn't give this one a try I switched point of view switched out some charaters and well that would be telling Enjoy

  2. Roberto Roberto says:

    This book is a mess There are some good ideas in there but1 It desperately needs an editor example it uses composite compound as the description of a material2 Characters appear out of nowhere and disappear 20 pages later to never be seen again3 The action scenes are so confusing they would make Michael Bay blush4 The publisher should put the author's full name in the cover so noone confuses her with her father

  3. Erin Lale Erin Lale says:

    The action in Outies builds and builds This book is like a song that starts with nature sounds adds a few notes like rain falling into the music drums up the excitement with a percussion rhythm and then pours on the instruments and storms on through to a joyful thunderous crescendo Readers of the Pournelle universe will love this seuel to The Mote in God’s Eye The story sheds light on the origin of the Moties and the plot turns on science and engineering in a way that will delight fans of hard sf Those who are new to this series can catch up with the timeline and handy list of dramatis personae at the front of the book before getting swept away by the tempestuous story of how contact with an alien culture upends an all too human struggle for wealth power and souls Outies is a symphony of disparate characters orchestrated into one great read This review based on an advance proof of the print edition

  4. Maryanne Hickston Maryanne Hickston says:

    I really really liked this I would have maybe rated it like 4 stars but I just thought some of those other reviews were really way off I can see where readers who just want to flip pages would not like it and I would not recommend it to them It's a demanding book than that It gives you an incredible sense of place and really makes you think about how things might really evolve over time if a world was pretty much but not totally cut off It's way complex than I traveled to interesting new places met fascinating people and killed themThe book starts out with four levels andor timelines Imperial all of Second Empire Space System the trans Coalsack sector Capitol St George the capitol of New Utah and local Bonneville the Outback New Utah At first these seem like they are all separate and have nothing to do with each other But in every chapter they come closer closer until finally it turns out that they all come togetherIt's true that if you want all fast paced action the first half is slow But it did really pull you in I really felt like New Utah was a real place not just some backdrop for the next video game The author really thought through a lot there's even appendixes that lay out things like how the religion works and why the aliens evolved the way they did even music And the female characters are real and important and not just heavily armed girl jocks though some are that tooSo I absolutely don't agree with this book being dismissed as a mess It just isn't a fanboy book There's nothing wrong with fanboy books or fanboys But this book is for readers who like depth

  5. Harv Griffin Harv Griffin says:

    Book Review OUTIES by JR Pournelle ★★★★If you read this on a Kindle before you start reading hit the Prior Page button a whole bunch of times until you get to the Cover Art; then start paging forward If you don't you miss the maps and other important background materialThe CHRONOLOGY was not formatted correctly for Kindle Words in some of the paragraphs extended beyond the edge of the viewing screen on my deviceEven 5% into the novel I feel this novel ADDS to the Motie Fictional Universe rather than SUBTRACTS as for example the DUNE seuels do in my opinion I wish I had never read any DUNE seuel I wish those images would leave my mindI am so biased and prejudiced by multiple readings of THE MOTE IN GOD'S EYE and THE GRIPPING HAND that I have no clue if OUTIES is a good stand alone novel For me it is useful as an Appendix of additional information on the fictional Motie universe POV goes into the thinking of inferior Motie classes and a horse which at first seemed odd but I get it The effect works50% into OUTIES everything suddenly gets a lot interesting for me One nice thing about eBooks is that a Version 20 can be issued I believe OUTIES could be strengthened by some professional and ruthless editing in the first half This novel would work better for me if the action at 50% hit at about 5% or 10% I sometimes felt like the author was a paleontologist slowly brushing away dirt from a buried fossil; I was in a hurry to have the thing dug out the ground Next chapter brush brush brush; revealing another ribI prefer the short version of Heinlein's STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND In my own novels I have noticed that if I have to cut ten or thirty thousand words from the text that years later I prefer the shorter version the forced cutting seems to improve my own writingOUTIES is a variation on the The Moties Are Loose cry in The Gripping HandNoticed a few minor grammar glitches and formatting errors The Kindle version would benefit from a new cleaned up conversion a proof reader and a professional editJR Pournelle has a career in science fiction if she wants it hg47

  6. Stuart Dean Stuart Dean says:

    A continuation of The Mote in God's Eye series written by Jerry Pournelle's daughter an archeologist sometimes seen on Nat Geo You'll need to have read the first two books to know the significance of the characters in this one A fringe world near the coal sac is up for membership in the galactic government either as an independent entity or as a subservient colony The locals have a complex political structure with several competing factions but unknown to the one's in real power the people on the outskirts are in contact with a group of Moties The Empire of Man sends representatives to scout out the planet before official contact and stumble across the political intrigue and the Moties and have to decide what to do before the Empire shows up and reduces the planetary surface to glassThere's a slow hundred pages of world building before anything much happens then it's politics and backstabbing until the final solution is reached A great deal of time is spent exploring Motie physiology and the government of Space Mormons Good book that could have been shorter but Asach uinn is a very interesting character

  7. Duane Duane says:

    This series declines in uality from book to book;but the first one was of such very high uality that the floor is four or five levels up Not uite satisfying as the end of the series but it probably should be unless some real inspiration comes along Well worth the read but a little bit laundry list a little formulaicThe characters are still well drawn but it's hard for me to get involved with royal families and all of that the importance of the people lessens the import of the events of the narrativeI'd recommend it but with some reservations Not really for anyone who wasn't captivated by the Moties in the first place

  8. Doug Clark Doug Clark says:

    Well I was so jazzed to find a new book set in the universe of The Mote in God's Eye that I bought it immediately It starts slow but picks up and gives us a great story set in a fascinating universe

  9. Carol T. Carol T. says:

    Mediocre at bestNot near same level as first two Motie books Too many characters jumps from one place to another too often confusing and hard to follow all the plots and subplots Way too complicated Had to force myself through to the end

  10. Jon Latham Jon Latham says:

    No This book is not about belly buttonsIn 1974 Jerry Pournelle published a book titled The Mote in God's Eye with an assist from Larry Niven Then in 1993 the two combined on a seuel titled The Gripping Hand These were both hard science fiction novels about first contact with a species from the 'Mote' They were referred to as Moties During both novels there was a third group These were planets outside the Empire of Man OutiesAlthough there wasn't a lot of story line in the two novels about this third group JR Jennifer Pournelle picked up where her father left off with this 2011 print regarding life on one of those worlds A world that hasn't even drawn the interest of the EmpireAlthough in this version there are no space battles the author does paint an exciting world full of mystery and suspense including murder kidnapping and political battles as the world makes an attempt at being accepted into the Empire The blockade enacted to keep the prolifically reproducing Moties out of Empire space is working Or is it?

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