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Nine tomorrows ➽ Nine tomorrows Free ➳ Author Isaac Asimov – Nine stories Profession; The Feeling of Power; The Dying Night; I'm in Marsport without Hilda; The Gentle Vultures; All the Troubles of the World; Spell my Name with an S; The Last uestion one of Asim Nine stories Profession; The Feeling of Power; The Dying Night; I'm in Marsport without Hilda; The Gentle Vultures; All the Troubles of the World; Spell my Name with an S; The Last uestion one of Asimov's most often reuested stories; and The Ugly Little Boy Asimov's own personal favorite.

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  1. Holly (The Grimdragon) Holly (The Grimdragon) says:

    I devoured this little but mighty short story collection It amazes me at how much Asimov can pack into such a small amount of space He continues to blow me away with his thoughtful critical complex science fiction I wanted than just the nine tomorrows Favorites The Gentle Vultures The Ugly Little Boy The Last uestion which I have previously read loved

  2. Sandy Sandy says:

    Isaac Asimov may very well be the most prolific author in modern history With over 500 books to his credit 506 to be exactgo to asimovonlinecom for the full list if you don't believe me covering just about every subject in the Dewey Decimal System except philosophy I believe the man was a real marvel One of these 500 volumes Nine Tomorrows is a collection of short stories that Doc Ike first had published in various magazines during the period July '56 to November '58 As the title suggests all nine tales deal with possible futures that may face mankind and all feature the wit erudition and clarity that are the hallmarks of every Asimov storynovel that I've ever read The collection kicks off with the longest tale Profession in which Asimov presents a 65th century when one's vocation is determined by a kind of computerized psychological profile and in which youngsters compete in Olympics style games for plum jobs on other planets But what happens if it is deemed that you're cut out for nothing at all? That's what happens to young George Platen in this consistently interesting tale Asimov does make one rare goof in this story George should be 20 not 19 by the story's end Has anyone else noticed this? In The Feeling of Power Asimov tells us of a scientist who is actually capable of doing simple math problems on paper gasp without the aid of a computer and how the military minds of that distant century make use of these newfound skills But the old ways of doing things lead to nothing but trouble in this brilliantly cynical tale Asimov has been called the Agatha Christie of Science Fiction and in The Dying Night a murder mystery of sorts we see an early example of how he earned that title A scientist lies dead his papers on mass transference stolen and three of his old school chums are suspect This somewhat contrived story nonetheless leads to a satisfactory conclusion that most readers will never foresee The 1965 observations of Mercury by the way have dated the science in the tale but this is certainly nothing that Asimov could have foreseen in July '56 What is certainly the most humorous tale in the bunch comes next I'm in Marsport Without Hilda Written in Heinlein like tough guy prose this tale concerns a Galactic Service agent who must determine which of three men is attempting to smuggle a powerful drug out of the eponymous port This one really had me chuckling out loud and winds up very amusingly indeed A most entertaining tale In The Gentle Vultures the author tells us that an alien race has been living on the Moon's far side for several decades waiting for Earth's Cold War to blow up so that they might come to our aidfor a fee of course Asimov would have us believe that these folks are the source of the 1940s' and '50s' UFO's and who knowsmaybe he's right Anyway the interaction between the chimplike aliens and their kidnapped Earthling is very well done in this uniue tale In All the Troubles of the World a computer is responsible for not only caring for everyone on Earth but also for predicting and preventing crimes Is it possible that this 1958 story was inspired in part by PK Dick's Minority Report published two years before? Who knows? The story is very clever though and has a most touching ending Spell My Name With an S shows how the smallest alteration in one's life can occasionally lead to great worldwide changes A way out surprise ending caps off another very clever Asimov short story And then there's The Last uestion in which Asimov theorizes on nothing less than the end of the universe 10 trillion years in the futureand what might happen after that This is a truly mind expanding short story that offers much food for thought in its 12 pages The collection wraps up with perhaps my favorite story of the bunch The Ugly Little Boy Here a nurse is hired to take care of a 4 year old Neanderthal tyke who has been plucked from the past by a scientific institute The tale should be instructive to all those critics who have accused Asimov of being unable to depict convincing female characters Nurse Fellowes is VERY well drawn I think with some psychological complexity and surprising maternal tendencies The ending of this tale is nicely sentimental and lingers long in the memory Thus ends a really fine collection of stories from one of sci fi's true masters Trust me you'll wish there were 20 tomorrows here instead of just nine

  3. William Macgoodwin William Macgoodwin says:

    Read this when I was a lot younger I liked it as I like almost all of Asimov's works I liked the fact that he did not show the world as having this perfectly rose colored future Maybe it was due to his Russian heritage Maybe it was due to the cold war Whatever the reason it reflected the times in which I lived and life sure as heck was not perfect There were great things like computers electronics and landings on the moon There were terrible thing like horrible poverty war and racism That was life for all of history He and Larry Niven wrote that probably was not going to change just because science and technology progressed This book contained stories about people in the future yes but nevertheless stories about what might happen with new and improbable technology in the hands of unchanging man

  4. Dani Dani says:

    Didn't put a lot of stock into this book simply because they were short stories but I have never been wrong These are by far my favorite writings by Asimov Could NOT Put The Book Down Asimov god of scifi managed to remain thought provoking in a limited amount of space and really raised a ton of valid uestions about out actions today Since he wrote this around the Cold War time it is a little out of date with current events but the main idea about mathematical theory still holds true 'The Last uestion' story was reread about three times by me If you're too nervous to begin the Foundation series start small with this book or at least read 'The Ugly Boy' short story All in all it was a lovely read

  5. Scott Kinkade Scott Kinkade says:

    These stories prove the greatness of Isaac Asimov He successfully predicted supercomputers downloading scanners and And even if you don't acknowledge his foresight you can't deny these are excellent stories In particular the last two tales tug at your heart strings and blow your mind not necessarily in that order Asimov deserves his place in history as one of science fiction's great prophets and storytellers

  6. Anna Anna says:

    Two nights ago I really wanted to read a book before bed but it was late and I knew that I would end up reading until all hours of the morning and regret it the next day So I scoured the mass market Mt TBR and found a thin book which also happened to be a collection of short stories Yay Last night I finished reading this book and as can be expected it was an engaging read with each short story providing a different insight into how in some cases minor and insignificant actions and events of now might evolve into the future Some of the characters in the stories were charged with solving mysteries but mostly it was left to the reader to figure out what was going on and how humanity got to that point The book is a product of its time The copyright is 1959 and the stories themselves were originally published in magazines in that decade Understandably the Cold War and nuclear research play roles in several of the stories Asimov also explores his apparent favorite social science theme of societies where the actions of individuals or the whole can be predicted through mathematical theory If you are looking for some bite sized Asimov I recommend picking up a copy of this book if you can find one

  7. Manuel Alfonseca Manuel Alfonseca says:

    ENGLISH Nine short storiesnovellas by Asimov The best new for me was the first in the collection Profession I had read three of the stories before Among the new ones I liked were The feeling of power Spell my name with an S and The ugly little boy The worst one of the worst I have ever read by Asimov is I'm in Marsport without Hilda one of those I had read before This time I skipped itESPAÑOL Nueve cuentos y novelas cortas de Asimov El mejor nuevo para mí fue el primero de la colección Profesión Había leído antes tres de los cuentos Entre los nuevos ue me han gustado están La sensación de poder Mi nombre se escribe con S y El niño feo El peor uno de los más malos de Asimov ue he leído es Estoy en Puertomarte sin Hilda una de las ue ya había leído antes Esta vez me lo he saltado

  8. Amiranus Romanus Amiranus Romanus says:

    Profession 1956 55A really fun and clever story about the possible future of education just what I needed with my work related anxiety D DThe Feeling of Power 1958 355Hope humanity doesn't come to that The Dying Night 1956 45Clever take on a 'closed room mystery' genreI'm in Marsport without Hilda 1957 35Meh DThe Gentle Vultures 1957 455Fun look at humanity from alien perspective D view spoilerWas expecting the captured human to say that the nuclear war was avoided thanks to the appearance of alien spaceships seen as 'common enemy' or something along those lines D hide spoiler

  9. Michael Perkins Michael Perkins says:

    This volume contains one of my all time favorite stories Profession It is not action packed although it has drama A very smart friend of mine put me on to this some years ago I really enjoyed re reading it But I realized this time whether Asimov intended it or not the story itself is a kind of test When I finished it this time I flashed back to lending this book to an engineer friend When he returned it to me his comment made it clear that he missed the entire point I did not attempt to explain I should add that this story is a big tribute to reading and books as explicitly valuable in a way that technology cannot replaceI found it online with a couple of typos Let's see what you make of ithttpemployeesoneontaedublechmjb

  10. Karin Karin says:

    This collection of short stories was first published in 1959 and contains one of Asimov's most well known sci fi short stories The Feeling of Power which I first read in a school reader and at that time it made a powerful effect on me This truly fits the actual hard core definition of scifi because science is at the heart of most of it I am not longer a fan of Asimov's writings but you can see where so many of today's scifi tales started with authors like this Unlike Jules Verne Asimov wasn't as good at predicting future technology people were using teaching tapes 4 millenia from now for example and I do stumble over that but not why I don't care much for his writingSo no summary after all it's short stories but they are all set in the future from his time and have the feel of classic scifi

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