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The Father Christmas Letters ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Father Christmas Letters By J.R.R. Tolkien ✪ – Kokoelma hurmaavia ja humoristisia kirjeitä joita J R R Tolkien kirjoitti ja kuvitti lapsilleen Joulupukkina Tolkien laati ensimmäiset kirjeensä 1920 kun perheen esikoinen John oli kolmevuotias Puk Kokoelma hurmaavia ja humoristisia kirjeitä joita J R R Tolkien kirjoitti ja kuvitti lapsilleen The Father PDF/EPUB ² Joulupukkina Tolkien laati ensimmäiset kirjeensä kun perheen esikoinen John oli kolmevuotias Pukin kirjeet saapuivat jouluisin yli vuoden ajan myös Michaelin Christopherin ja Priscillan lapsuuteen Ne löytyivät aamuisin talosta lumisina ja Pohjoisnapa leimoin varustettuina Kirjeissä Joulupukki kertoo elämästään Pohjoisnavalla ja yrityksistään pysyä joulun aikataulussa apulaisensa Karhun kanssa Vuosien myötä Joulupukin talous laajenee Kirjeissä esiintyy muun muassa lumitonttuja luolakarhuja ja punamenninkäisiä sekä Karhun veljenpojat Paksu ja Valkotukka Välillä Pukki yrittää tonttujen avulla puolustaa taloaan hiisien hyökkäyksiltä Kirjoittajana on useimmiten Joulupukki itse mutta mukana on myös viestejä hänen sihteeriltään tonttu Ilberethiltä ja reunahuomautuksia lyhytsanaiselta Karhulta Kirjeitä Joulupukilta on ainutlaatuinen yksityinen perheaarre ja mielikuvitusleikki johon kirjan kautta pääsevät osallistumaan muutkin Kirjailijaprofessorin miniän Baillie Tolkienin toimittama kirjekokoelma ilmestyi alun perin postuumisti Englannissa Nyt teos julkaistaan ensimmäistä kertaa suomeksi ulkoasultaan uudistettuna laitoksena joka on huomattavasti aiempaa laajempi sisältäen runsaasti ennen näkemättömiä kirjeitä ja kuvia.

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  1. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    Tolkien must have been an excellent farther to his children To put so much thought and effort into the making of these letters speaks of nothing but devotion They’re so well crafted by a master of the pen The calligraphy alone is fantastic to look at It’s uite revealing too It’s like a little peek into the family life of the Tolkien’s one which shows the patriarch as a kindly gentleman that he no doubt was This is a great little book I do recommend this edition in particular because it shows the original print along with a text version This means it can be read easily because some of the originals are uite dense

  2. Angela M Angela M says:

    Even though Christmas has become so commercial and not many kids know the true meaning of Christmas I‘ve always loved the magic of believing in Santa Claus or St Nicholas or Father Christmas or the other names he’s known as throughout the world I got to wondering this year whether or not the young children in my life my two youngest grandchildren and four of my great nephews still believed Their mothers said they do I hope so for one year at least This is a lovely book of letters that Tolkien wrote his children over the years and they are loving and sweet and funny and they sometimes reflected the hard things that were happening around the world the depression the war They also reflected the changes in his children over the years as his boys grow up and the last letters are to his youngest daughter A father shares his love for his children and for the magic of Father Christmas with stories and drawings adventures of gnomes and goblins and the wonderfully funny antics of Polar Bear I wish he had included the letters that the children sent to Father Christmas A beautiful book nonetheless Off to read “Yes Virginia There Is A Santa Claus”

  3. Cecily Cecily says:

    A lovely collection of illustrated letters from Father Christmas to Tolkien's children The tone and content of the letters changes over time to reflect the children growing up and Tolkien Father Christmas doesn’t shy away from mentioning the horrors of the world including war and hunger The letters incorporate aspects of the children’s lives and things they'd written to him but there is some continuity in the stories of what FC and his elves etc get up to Lovely illustrations too There are similarities with Mervyn Peake's Letters from a Lost Uncle which I reviewed HEREA Bonding Book that Made a Tolkienite two actuallyI love this because it prompted Father Christmas to write similar letters to my own child over several years and because it kindled the flames of Tolkien fandom in my child and thus albeit to a lesser extent meWe went on to The Hobbit see my review HERE which I had disliked as a child sowing the seeds of overlapping but distinct reading tastes that continues to this day It also led my child to a world of like minded friends at school university and beyondThe letters my child received and wrote in reply incorporated some of the characters and plot from Tolkien the North Polar Bear for instance but added new characters especially Windley a naughty girl elf As with Tolkien's children the exchanges continued a little after the real author was known but it remained a wonderful imaginative stimulus and a shared semi secret world Lego was a great passion My child had pirate Lego Ancient Egyptian Lego and Star Wars Lego amongst others but really wanted Roman Lego For several years they wrote to Father Christmas asking for some Each year Father Christmas found it harder to come up with a new excuse especially once said child knew the truth of Father Christmas and presented ever challenging arguments as to why the elves could surely make it and that there would be many other enthusiastic recipients Eventually Father Christmas said that most Roman things were ruins now so they could just use regular Lego as ruinsWhen my child turned 18 I asked if they still wanted a stocking from Father Christmas but they said they'd rather just have regular presents That year the final gift from Father Christmas was a solitary Lego figure a Roman soldier Thank you internetThe Big uestionWhen just beginning to uestion the plausibility of Father Christmas my child asked How does Father Christmas make a profit? probably after listening to my father pontificating on matters of economics and personal finance I'd have uestioned the premise that he needs or wants to make a profit but my husband came up with an excellent answer branding licensing and franchisingThe Ethics of Lying about Father ChristmasWhen I was a new mother I wondered about the ethics of telling and acting out such an overt and detailed lie as Father Christmas delivering presents It seemed less obviously fiction than reading Peter Rabbit or recounting fairy stories which I was happy to do I didn't want to deprive my child of a core part of our culture but thought I might feel guilty for deceiving or that they might feel betrayed when the truth came out I need not have worried as soon as my child could talk their vivid imagination was apparent I was drawn into that world and we redrew it together If I hadn't invented Father Christmas and many other fantasies my child would have done so And I am gladOther Imaginary FriendsMy child's purest inventions were Sitty the cat for whom they tried to sneak real cat food into my shopping basket and Sitty's friend Ruffy the dog Distinct personalities evolved and we spent many hours creating retelling and reworking stories about themBut there was one time when I found my child aged about three sobbing uncontrollably Between the stifled hiccuping tears they told me Sitty had said she didn't want to be friends any What sort of imaginary friend says that? Fortunately she relented uite uickly there was no long term trauma and it's now a well loved family anecdoteA vivid imagination fed by good books is a powerful symbiotic mystical force Thank you Tolkien

  4. Matt Matt says:

    Join me in my final annual Christmas season reading Here is the perfect story for young and not so young alike Please find my original review hereFrom the annals of one of the 20th century’s greatest writers of fantasy comes this collection of letters perfect for the holiday season A collection of letters written by Nicholas Christmas to the Tolkien children this book is filled with the Christmas spirit and all the lovely stories that take place each year at the North Pole The letters penned in the 1920s and 30s introduce the children to North Polar Bear and his helpful role as Father Christmas’ assistant in the preparation for the great Christmas delivery Annual letters talk about wandering reindeer small polar cubs as well as the warm weather and fiscal belt tightening reuired which serve to entertain and educate the Tolkiens As the years progress the recipients change though Father Christmas is sure to remember those older Tolkiens who may choose no longer to write Making loose references to letters written and sent to him Father Christmas adds a secondary gift with most letters a hand drawn picture in ink depicting some of the key events mentioned in the text This wonderful set of letters is sure to make any lover of Christmas feel a little warmer during the holiday season Fans of Christmas will enjoy this short piece as well as those who love Tolkien’s uniue styleI was put onto this short piece by someone who shares my love of the holiday season as well as a well crafted piece of writing Tolkien surely lays the foundation for both and has made this very short buddy read worthwhile Using his wonderfully expansive mind Tolkien surely devised the idea to communicate with his children on an annual basis Without pulling the children into anything too time consuming Tolkien develops a set of characters who can be revisited on an annual basis as well as referencing the children’s letters and trying to explain how he came to choose the presents that appeared in their stockings From the slightly grumpy North Polar Bear to the always helpful red and green elves the letters are sure to capture the attention of the Tolkien children The hand drawn additions to the letters done by Tolkien himself add another layer of beauty to these letters warming the hearts of the children who were sure to find them in the post close to Christmas as well as the reader who might marvel in the detail offered While I listened to the audio I made sure to borrow the hard copy from the library to marvel at the drawings Any parent or adult with children close by will surely think this a superb idea to bring added excitement to Christmas I wonder if this idea might be one that I begin with Neo next year if he is willing to write a letter to the North Pole That said my drawing leaves much to be desired It’s the thought though right?Kudos Mr Tolkien for helping me spark the holiday season with this piece I will be adding this to my annual Christmas reading list and wish I had known about it years agoLovehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

  5. Joey Woolfardis Joey Woolfardis says:

    First read 28th November 2015Second read 10th December 2016 John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is best known for his high fantasy series The Lord of the Rings and the pre cursor The Hobbit as well as being one of the foremost respected professors on Anglo Saxon Britain but behind closed doors he was a wonderful father and a tremendous family man He had four children John Michael Christopher and Priscilla and with every passing year they would receive hand written and illustrated replies from Father Christmas detailing all of his escapades up in the North PoleThis book is a wonder to behold I am a pro consumerist anti capitalist far left wing socialist and I pretty much despise Christmas but this book holds within its pages every little thing that I can tolerate about the festive holidays This is what I wish Christmas were still about not spending £50 on cards or buying a PS4 and an XBOX One for your child because they want both of them but loving your family through thick and thin and war and using Father Christmas as a catalyst for teaching young children the importance of giving as well as receiving and the value of moneyEach letter was hand written by Tolkien in a shaky script to denote Father Christmas's advanced years but his drawings were utterly superb Every year Father Christmas would try and sort out all the world's presents but Polar Bear and his friends would upset everything whilst having an enormous amount of fun As the years went by and characters were added and a whole race of Goblins was brought in to wage war against the beautiful splendour of Father ChristmasThe thing that struck me the most about this book is the fact that I was surprised how surprised I was at Tolkien's imagination He also tried to deal with things like war in a way that a child can understand without shying away from how truly terrible it is It is a lesson in Being Bloody Nice and I truly loved this book It made me believe that one day I may end up liking Christmas perhaps maybe even loving itBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Shop | Etsy

  6. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    35 When I first started reading this I thought what a fantastic idea one I wish I has thought of when my children were young Soon though I was caught up in the letters waiting for the further adventures of polar bear and the cubs the goblins and the old Ancient bear as well as the happenings on the North Pole We can tell as the children age and uit believing in Santa as well as insights to what is happening in the rest of the world Loved the colored pictures tooClever clever Tolkien Lucky lucky children

  7. leynes leynes says:

    This the perfect Christmas read just saying get your hands on this book now and either read it yourself or give it to your loved onesI can't believe I'm saying this but I finished this book bawling last night I haven't cried so much upon finishing a book since oh well I forgot I read Crooked Kingdom at the beginning of March but you get me it's been a month ; This collection of Christmas letters touched me in a way I would've never anticipated They are a manifestation of show not tell – Tolkien's love for his kids and how much thought and care and love for detail he put into their upbringing shines through his letters to them It is so apparent how much love Tolkien had for his four children how much love he had for storytelling inventing languages and drawing pictures I feel weird writing this but I felt so close to him as a human being and all of his children as well We notice them growing up throughout the span of 23 years in which Tolkien wrote them these Father Christmas letters We notice how the eldest no longer believes in Father Christmas no longer puts up his stockings and no longer responds to FC's letters I noticed Tolkien's heartbreak over this as well Of course you want your kids to grow up and become their own people but it's natural for parents to not want to let go so uickly These moments of vulnerability touched me the mostWhen the last letter came around in 1943 the year Tolkien's youngest child Priscilla forgot to write to Father Christmas because she no longer believed in him I cried so so so much My dear PriscillaA very happy Christmas I suppose you will be hanging up your stocking just once I hope so for I have still a few things for you After this I shall have to say goodbye or less I mean I shall not forget you We always keep the old numbers of our old friends and their letters; and later on we hope to come back when they are grown up and have houses of their own and children It really reminded me of the interaction between Kat and her father in 10 Things I Hate About You You know fathers don't like to admit it when their daughters are capable of running their own lives It means we've become spectators Bianca still let's me play a few innings you've had me on the bench for years When you go to Sarah Lawrence I won't even be able to watch the gameOh boy I'm getting really really sappy over this but this collection is honestly my favorite work of Tolkien's I'm aware that I wouldn't have loved it so much hadn't I read so much of his fiction before and so on a rational level The Silmarillion will always be my fave but on an emotional level it's these damn letters They showed me how fucking much I vibe with Tolkien's sense of humor He was so funny and clever with his jokes I can't wrap my head around it At twelve or laterhe will arrive – and hopes once that he has chosen from his storethe things you want You're half past nine;Ilbereth interjecting She is not a clock I loved that he created these different personas Father Christmas the North Polar Bear Ilbereth etc because the interaction between them in the letters was fucking golden and remained authentic and true to their origin throughout the curse of 23 years eg the North Polar Bear always interjecting RUDE when the other characters were calling him out How is that even possible? Tolkien was such a dedicated hoe I am shooketh But he also didn't fail to address important issues of the time such as World War II and the environment I loved that he raised his kids to value humility and see things in perspectives; after all looking at the grand scheme of things these UK kids were very well offThese letters mean a heck of a lot to me and have solidified Tolkien as one of my absolute favorite authors And yes I'm reading Christmas books in April don't me

  8. BAM The Bibliomaniac BAM The Bibliomaniac says:

    uite charming collection of letters Tolkien wrote ummm I mean Nicholas Christmas wrote to Tolkien's children during the 1930s I think this would be best enjoyed with a cup of eggnog a fireside a hardback copy to look at the illustrations and the audio copy to follow along with the reader122518 annual audio reread #268

  9. m a r y l i z m a r y l i z says:

    Reread December 2019Honestly there's nothing I have to say here except1 the illustrations are precious2 tOLKIEN3 HE WROTE THIS4 and it's Christmas themed5 so like go read it?yes this is my fourth year in a row reading it I will never stop Reread December 2018This never fails to make me smile My favorite Christmas read Reread December 2017OKAY SO IT'S ADORABLE And it's written by TolkienThat's all you need to know ; I loved this so much hugs book It's definitely the best Christmas book I've read and it will for sure be something I reread again at Christmastime ^^ Honestly it reminds me so much of The Hobbit purely because of the fun characters and humor An instant Christmas favorite 3

  10. Trish Trish says:

    Cliff House Top of the World Near the North Pole insert dateI think the author needs no introduction But this little gem of a book proves that the man didn't just invent Middle Earth the place of epic fantasy No he was a man with a great imagination in general Apparently like so many children around the world his kids would write to Father Christmas Only in their case he wrote back Throughout his childrens' childhoods there would be a letter every December The letters the envelopes even the stamps were handmade by Tolkien see pictures below complete with scraggly handwriting so as not to be recognized The letters were written by Father Christmas himself or the North Polar Bear living with him or some of the elves detailing life at the North Pole the accidents and preparations for the highest of holidaysThe first letter is from 1920 the last one from 1943 that ones written during the war were especially touching All of them are charming and full of warmth and kindnessA wonderful collection that spreads the Christmas cheer and is a real eye catcher if you have the print edition The perfect read for anyone enjoying the holidays and delighting in tales of mischief and the right kind of spirit for this time of year

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