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焼きたて!!ジャぱん 26 ❰PDF❯ ✩ 焼きたて!!ジャぱん 26 Author Takashi Hashiguchi – Are you ready for the Iron Chef of bread Manga shall not live by bread aloneEngland France Germany What common thread binds these three nations together Answer each is famous for producing uniue disti Are you ready for the Iron Chef of bread Manga shall not live by bread aloneEngland France Germany What common thread binds these three nations together Answer each is famous for producing uniue distinctive delicious bread But what about Japan home to rice and delicacies of the sea Is there not a doughy gastronomic delight they can claim as their own The answer is nountil now Kazuma Azuma a year old boy blessed with otherworldly baking powers has taken it upon himself to create Ja pan the national bread of the land of the rising sunIn this astonishing series conclusion Azuma and team Pantasia face off against a longtime enemy deep in the forests of Mount Fuji Azuma's bread making acumen Kanmuri's uick thinking and Kawachi's unexpected martial arts abilities may not be enough to counter their cosmically crusty foe Moreover global warming caused by all that baking threatens to make toast out of Azuma's dream of creating the perfect Ja pan Can bread really save the world Find out in the final volume of Yakitate Japan.

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • 焼きたて!!ジャぱん 26
  • Takashi Hashiguchi
  • English
  • 14 October 2015
  • 9781421529080

About the Author: Takashi Hashiguchi

橋口 たかし is a Japanese manga artist He is best known for his manga series Yakitate Japan for which he won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen in Hashiguchi won a newcomer's award in published in a magazine and Combat Teacher debuted the following year in the same magazineA prevailing theme seen throughout his manga is the realization of childhood dreams such as making bread in Yakitate Japan or becoming a yo yo master in Super Yo Yo Chousoku Spinner Hashiguchi mainly focuses on unusual occupations or sportsHe enjoys comedy as well and took a brief interlude from drawing to try his luck as a comedianSource Wikipedia.

9 thoughts on “焼きたて!!ジャぱん 26

  1. Earl Earl says:

    Reviewing the whole manga series hereMy love and fascination for manga started with the anime adaptations and with that I decided to read the rest of Yakitate Japan the manga as the anime kind of left everything hanging With the plot alone I enjoyed it It is true that in the last few volumes things were a bit corny and out of this world because of that Hu Pan invasion and the Maldives fiasco; however it was able to still carry its humor around And looking back I think the real series actually ended with the last Yakitate 25 Match and everything else was an epilogue save for the mission of saving Kirisaki Yuuichi Oh and if you happen to take a real interest in this manga please check out ALL the omake that come with the end of every volume

  2. Andrea Andrea says:

    Read May 27 2016Why didn't this manga end after the final battle with Hu Pan I'm still disturbed by its weirdness? The Maldives and global warming mini arc was totally unnecessary It was obviously there to just get enough chapters to justify publishing a volume If it wasn't for that strange tangent I'd say that the author managed to bounce back to Yakitate's former glory It was nice to see Pierrot and Suwabara make appearances in the end This was a fun silly series and I finally finished reading it almost 10 years later

  3. William William says:

    Final wrap up to the series with all the usual silliness I probably would have bumped the score were it not for the global warming propaganda there at the end

  4. Maud Maud says:

    I have no idea why the author decided to do this uick 'save the world' story but it totally flopped for me It was unnecessary it didn't add anything Overall I would give Yakitate as a series 3 stars I liked everything up until the end of the Monaco arc After that it became very formulaic and boring to me

  5. Evyta Ar Evyta Ar says:

    akhirnya selesai juga seruuuu lucuuuu bikin ketawa Dtapi mulai dari volume 22 sampe 26 ceritanya udah makin ga masuk akal aja fantasinya terlalu jomplang kalo dibandingin sama volume2 sebelumnya masa manusia bisa jadi roti trus masa gara2 roti bisa nyelamatin dunia kwkwkwkw reaksi makan rotinya aneh betul perubahannya terasa sekali jomplang terlalu ekstrem di volume2 akhir tapi yah selain itu secara keseluruhan bukunya memang baguskekurangannya cuma satu lagi saya ga suka karakter komiknya diselipin sama cerita2 tambahan yang pake baju seksi atau kadang2 diselipin juga tokoh2 perempuannya sesekali pake baju renang aduhbikin sakit mata rencananya nanti yang kayak gitu mau disensor tempel tapi dibuat yang rapi biar ga keliatan ditempel D kapan2 coba bikin roti pake rice cooker kayak di komik ini ah hihireview lengkap nyusul

  6. Gabriel Fequiere Gabriel Fequiere says:

    Overall the series was exactly what I expected to be It was funny over the top self referential and just plain goofy As someone who discovered this title from the anime I like how the final arc concluded on paper The problem I have is that it ends in the first third of the book and they have this one last story in the final 23 that is less jumping the shark and jumping the whale it was totally unnecessary and frankly felt horned in sideways This was never about having a message and to try and sueeze one in at the end was deluded at best

  7. Indah Threez Lestari Indah Threez Lestari says:

    Pertama baca volume satu seri ini ceritanya masih masuk akal deh Lama lama tambah ngaco karena reaksi setelah makan roti sudah tak bisa ditampung logika Setelah makan Japan Toast nya Azuma Kawachi jadi Chopin Hoost tampang Chopin bodi Ernesto Hoost juara dunia kickboxer lantas mengalahkan raja iblis yang lahir dari perasaan negatif Kirisaki Endingnya? Super parah XD

  8. Laurianne Uy Laurianne Uy says:

    Passable way to end the series Still enjoyed reading most of it

  9. Megga Nurma W Megga Nurma W says:

    euh makin lebay

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