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Everything's Eventual 14 Dark Tales [Epub] ➜ Everything's Eventual 14 Dark Tales Author Stephen King – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The first collection of stories Stephen King has published since Nightmares Dreamscapes nine years ago Everything's Eventual includes one O Henry Prize winner two other award winners four stories publ The first collection of stories Stephen King has 14 Dark PDF ↠ published since Nightmares Everything's Eventual ePUB ´ Dreamscapes nine years ago Everything's Eventual includes one O Henry Prize winner Eventual 14 Dark Kindle Õ two other award winners four stories published by The New Yorker and Riding the Bullet King's original e book which attracted over half a million online readers and became the most famous short story of the decade Riding the Bullet published here on paper for the first time is the story of Alan Parker who's hitchhiking to see his dying mother but takes the wrong ride farther than he ever intended In Lunch at the Gotham Café a sparring couple's contentious lunch turns very very bloody when the maître d' gets out of sorts the audio story in print for the first time is about a successful writer whose specialty is Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Graveyards or Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Houses and though Room at the Dolphin Hotel doesn't kill him he won't be writing about ghosts any And in That Feeling You Can Only Say What It Is In French terror is déjà vu at feet Whether writing about encounters with the dead the near dead or about the mundane dreads of life from uitting smoking to yard sales Stephen King is at the top of his form in the fourteen dark tales assembled in Everything's Eventual Intense eerie and instantly compelling they announce the stunningly fertile imagination of perhaps the greatest storyteller of our time.

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  1. Kevin Kuhn Kevin Kuhn says:

    This is a reread for me I first read this collection sometime back in the mid 2000’s I just read “Elevation” by SK and it left me a little unsatisfied and wanting of King’s magic I wasn’t ready to take on a full novel so I grabbed this thinking I would just read a short story or two Well the next thing you know I’ve finished the whole thing “Everything’s Eventual” is a collection of 14 stories or as the title states 14 dark tales that I believe King wrote mostly in the 1990’s I always enjoy King’s explanatory notes included with his short stories that often reveal his inspiration or parts of his processThis collection certainly filled the void that reading Elevation left I think what really struck me about this group of stories is the honesty that King reveals The stories hit on marriage mother son relationships divorce and other relationships that King has clearly torn pieces from his past and laid bare for us to examine Of course they are all encapsulated in supernatural or horror stories In two of the stories “1408” and “The Road Virus Heads North” King uses main characters that are writers which is not unusual for him But continuing the theme of honesty I feel like he opens the kimono here concerning his insecurities as a writer In both stories the writers are horror authors and King uses phrases like “bottom feeders” or “projectile vomiting” to describe their genre and style I think King did experience some self doubt back in the ‘90s and it bleeds through here in his stories I really enjoyed the title story “Everything’s Eventual” The main character Dinky reminds me a bit of Arnie from “Christine” but the storyline harkens to “Hearts in Atlantis” and the Dark Tower series I love the way King sets up some very unusual plot points and then slowly reveals the fantastic weird backstory like a strip tease You also get a Roland of Gilead Dark Tower story that’s not crucial for the Dark Tower storyline but is essential if you’re a big fan of the series The winner of the O Henry short story competition “The Man in the Black Suit” is included and is an excellent creepy fireside story And “Riding the Bullet” was an early ebook that sold a half million and helped establish that format All in all a very strong assemblage of shadowy tales some clever some brilliantly horrific but all engaging and authentically told

  2. Hannah Greendale Hannah Greendale says:

    Everything’s Eventual offers a mixed bag of short stories fourteen tales that range from the horrifying to the mundane each of which includes commentary from the author “Autopsy Room Four” explores the frightful prospect of premature burial Comedic and tense this is arguably the best story in the entire collection In “The Man in the Black Suit” an old man recalls a chance encounter from his childhood that’s haunted him all his life King plays to his strengths in this one dabbling in the realm of shadowy figures and terrifying monsters “All That You Love Will Be Carried Away” is an inconclusive tale of a man with a penchant for collecting rest area bathroom graffiti who suffers from a waning interest in being alive King explains that he was encouraged by Bill Buford of The New Yorker to keep the ending ambiguous and both Buford and King believe that decision strengthened the story Whether or not that’s true is subjective Bullets fly in “The Death of Jack Hamilton” a story of Depression era outlaws going head to head with the cops that will likely appeal to fans of car chases westerns or John Dillinger “In the Deathroom” sees an American newspaper reporter interrogated in South America The reporter must find a way to turn the tides if he wants to get out of the room alive Labeled by King as “ Kafka esue” this story investigates an unorthodox “what if” scenario to satisfying effect The Little Sisters of Eluria is a fantasy novella about Roland Deschain of Gilead from the Dark Tower series in which Deschain crosses paths with some cunning women who are than the doting caretakers they appear to be at first glance King rightly states that “ you don’t need to have read the Dark Tower novels” to enjoy this novella The book’s namesake “Everything’s Eventual” reveals why nineteen year old Dink Earnshaw grinds paper in the garbage disposal and drops change down the storm drain every week Based on an image that randomly popped into King’s head this story demonstrates his ability to take an idea and use it to craft an intriguing story that gives meaning to an imaginary character’s odd behavior “LT’s Theory of Pets” introduces a disgruntled couple who gift each other a pet that bonds with the person who bought them rather than the person they were gifted to Intended to soften their discord the gifted pets instead exacerbate their owners’ troubled relationship King toys with his readers’ emotions in this one tugging on heartstrings before throwing in a shocking twist King once again romps through the realm of horror in “The Road Virus Heads North” a gruesome tale about an unwitting man who acuires an eerie painting that seems to continually change in subtle yet grim ways Amidst an argument over divorce papers lunch takes an unexpected violent turn in “Lunch at Gotham Café” Though this reads like classic King the plot twist feels clunky and forced King conveys his idea of Hell in “That Feeling You Can Only Say What It Is in French” – an intentionally repetitive story of déjà vu “1408” takes a stab at being a supernatural tale of a haunted hotel room and succeeds marvelously Coming in at a close second for best story in the collection this shudder inducing tale of a room on the thirteenth floor whose room number totals thirteen starts strong and continues to get better and better Riding the Bullet is a novella that was first published as an e book in 2000 to great acclaim but King uestions if the novella did well because of its content or because of the “ novelty of the electronic package” It’s reminiscent of an RL Stine book ie creepy in a kitschy way but underneath the surface it’s about the author grappling with the harsh reality that death eventually finds our loved ones In “Luckey uarter” a hotel cleaning woman finds a lone uarter in her tip jar along with a note that reads “ This is a luckey uarter It’s true Luckey you” If her premonition about the coin is correct she may indeed by a fortunate woman Given its absence of a running theme and the way the book deviates from a particular genre Everything’s Eventual is a meandering collection of stories Some satiate while others feel out of place making for a relatively engaging but ultimately inconseuential read

  3. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    I want to make you laugh or cry when you read a story or do both at the same time I want your heart in other words If you want to learn something go to school14 dark tales from the Master of Horror From a serious case of deja vu 16000 feet in the air to a moving picture that becomes deadly King delivers stories brimming with imagination and terrorOverall this collection was a winner for me However it does not surpass Night Shift that one is pretty hard to beat in my opinion I thought it would be easiest if I just gave a uick overview for my thoughts on each story as there was only 14 in this collection Nearly all of the stories got 4 or 5 stars from me only two failed to meet the markAutopsy Room 4 really great story that made me feel uite claustrophobic and panicked Loved the ending in particular Trust King to come up with that excuse the pun 45 starsThe Man in the Black Suit a lot of people had said how scary this one was but unfortunately I did not find it scary at all sad face however I still enjoyed the story and execution A memorable King short 4 starsAll That You Love Will Be Carried Away a surprisingly emotional one that made me feel my feelings one of those stories that really makes you think and will stay with you long after you put down the book 45 starsThe Death of Jack Hamilton when I started this one I really didn't think I'd like it but ended up enjoying it a lot than I anticipated A nice surprise 4 starsIn the Death Room probably my least favourite in the collection just fell a little flat for me No doubt I'll forget about this one pretty uickly 35 starsThe Little Sisters of Eluria well I was always going to love this one I can be honest when it comes to me being a bit biased It was AMAZING to be back with Roland in Mid World the little references to characters like Cort and Susan had me fangirling as did all the usual Mid World dialogue The story was very compelling as a standalone and I was left wanting 5 starsEverything's Eventual again a heavily linked Dark Tower story with the inclusion of Dinky Earnshaw and again really really enjoyable 5 starsLT's Theory of Pets this was one of my favourites in the collection I don't really laugh out loud that often when I read but King has a way of tickling my funny bone and this one had me chuckling along Then towards the end he starts toying with my emotions out of nowhere 5 starsThe Road Virus Heads North uite a creepy and unsettling story Would put me off buying anything from a yard sale Loved it 5 starsLunch at the Gotham Cafe this one was pretty crazy and made me feel pretty nervous Sometimes if I imagine these things happening in real life it just sets me on edge Situations like this are my worst nightmare to be trapped somewhere with a complete psycho shivers 4 starsThat Feeling You Can Only Say What It Is in French King is right hell is some form of repetition This story was terrifying in its own way 4 stars1408 one of my most anticipated stories in this collection as the movie is uite popular I haven't watched it yet but now I can To be honest I felt a little disappointed by it? It started out uite well and the premise was intriguing but really didn't go down the route I expected and just wasn't scary like I hoped it would be Still a good story but I just wanted 4 starsRiding the Bullet another one of my favourites in the collection It was surprisingly emotional for me I don't know it was just pushing a lot of my triggers I guess King's introduction about how it was related to his mother's death just made me view it in a different way Loved this one 5 starsLuckey uarter again not the best story pretty forgettable but it wasn't terrible either 35 starsSo that's my King for the month I might actually end up reading two King's in May since we have the release of The Outsider to look forward to at the end of the month How exciting Overall I'd give Everything's Eventual 45 stars out of 5 A really solid collection I was impressed

  4. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    The wife had me watch 1408 a while back I remembered it was in this collection but the only stories I even vaguely remember are the titular one and Little Sisters of Eluria I figured 2017 was as good a time as any for a rereadEven though I've been a Constant Reader for twenty years now I always forget just how good Stephen King is at what he does until I start reading The man knows his way around a story though he gets a little wordy at timesLike all short story collections the stories vary in uality I was surprised at how much I'd forgotten since I originally read this in 2002 Little Sisters of Eluria was better than I remembered though Roland's story is missing something without the rest of the ka tet Everything's Eventual was great but since I came to it with experienced eyes it somewhat reminded me of Time Out of Joint Autopsy Room was another great one I liked The Road Virus Heads North but I feel like I read something similar a long time agoSome of the stories seemed a little out of place I wasn't enad with LT's Theory of Pets The Death Room or The Death of Jack Hamilton As for 1408 the story that prompted me to pick the book back up I actually preferred the movie It was an okay story about a hotel room haunted by something but the movie really fleshed things out Also the Mike Enslin in the book is couple notches higher on the douche scale than the one John Cusack plays in the movieAs with all short story collections this one is a little hard to rate Do Everything's Eventual Little Sisters of Eluria and Autopsy Room overcome the drag factor of the stories I didn't care that much for? At the end of the day I'm slapping the traditional safety rating on this one Three out of five stars

  5. Melki Melki says:

    Yet for me there are few pleasures so excellent as sitting in my favorite chair on a cold night with a hot cup of tea listening to the wind outside and reading a good story which I can complete in a single sittingStephen King from his introduction I genuinely looked forward to reading one of these tales each day and that's the highest praise I can give a collection of short stories

  6. Edward Lorn Edward Lorn says:

    As with all of Stephen King’s collections I’m giving each story a one sentence review Before we begin I would like to say a few things that have little to do with this book’s contents If you do not care for personal stories in reviews you should take this chance to move along or you may scroll past the next few paragraphs But I hope you’ll join me Maybe my story will help someone who doesn’t know they need helpWhile listening to this one I chose the audiobook for this reread I tried to remember what was going on in my life when this book came out The year was 2002 the month was March and six months prior I had met the woman who would become my wife I was working as a CNA for a local hospital and had been clean for about five months My drug of choice was heroin My wife is the reason I decided on recovery Not because it was love at first site or any of that nonsense but because I finally found something I cared for than the drugs To this day she doesn’t knows how bad I was She might have an idea that I was on something but I don’t think she knew the extent of my addictionAny junkie will tell you “Once a junkie always a junkie” As far as I see it there are three stages of being a Junkie Active junkie relapsed junkie and recovering junkie There is no former junkie If you’ve ever enjoyed hard drugs you will always have a taste for it The fits and seizures and sweats and vomiting everything you eat lasts about two weeks If you’re lucky you can sleep through the first few days If you’re unlucky like I was you ride that motherfucker until sparks spit from the undercarriage It’s a perpetual feeling of being dragged through a field of insulation You can’t scratch deep enough and motor control is a concept lost on you All this to kick something that makes you feel like you’re soaking in a warm cloud of perpetual orgasm whenever you take it Is it any wonder junkies relapse? What most junkies don’t tell you is how badly you need a smoke a shot a snort a drink or whatever for as long as one year later That need eventually turns into a lesser want after the first year and you just have to ignore it if you’re going to make it But that first year man It is fucking awful Everything seems like it would be so much better if you relapsed if you just gave in and took that smoke that shot that snort that drink But it won’t be Sure that first hour is gonna be magic kid but everything after is gonna feel like prematurely ejaculating inside the girl of your dreams or having the man of your dreams suirt off after two pumps You’ll want to go again But you shouldn’t Because getting better starts with changing your attitude and finding something greater than the addiction But anyway My recovery was why I hated this book when it first came out I was in a bad place with a great person And what I once considered one of King’s worst books turned out to be not so bad after all I really enjoyed myself this time around However I still believe this is his weakest collection Even if there are two amazing stories herein the rest are just so so Here’s why“Autopsy Room Four” – There’s a fine line between tribute and thievery and King walks it in this homage to an old Twilight Zone episode “The Man in the Black Hat” – King won an O Henry award for this short but other than the description of the titular devil it falls a little flat for me “All That You Love Will Be Carried Away” This literary tale is I think what sets King apart from every other writer in the business he can play at any genre and succeed because he’s a jack of all trade of the wordsmith variety “The Death of Jack Hamilton” – Loved the disgusting bits but this one goes on way too long “In The Deathroom” – I feel the same way about this one as I did with the last one “The Little Sister of Eluria” – Whether it be a day trip or a long vacation Mid World is one of my favorite destinations “Everything’s Eventual” – A little tale of psychic persuasion with ambiguous morals “LT’s Theory of Pets” – Just fucking funny “The Road Virus Heads North” Can’t be bothered to give a fuck for this one but the television adaptation wasn’t bad “Lunch at the Gotham Café” – So much gory fun “That Feeling You Can Only Say What It Is in French” – Repetitive to the point of inducing sleep and unfortunately that’s the point “1408” – Probably one of the coolest ideas King’s approached “Riding the Bullet” – A fun little ride but not much else “Lucky uarter” – Sad In summation Everything’s Eventual is King’s most inconsistent collection You can almost hear King singing “Somma dis shit somma dat shit a whole lotta uddah shit” over and over as he threw these stories together For my money I would have loved to have seen him hold onto these and pair them with the tales in Just After Sunset and given us another massive collection like Nightmares Dreamscapes Oh well You know what they say “Want in one hand and shit in the other”Final Judgment Some of everything is eventually put on display

  7. Erin Erin says:

    The title of this story collection is deceiving Everything's Eventual 14 Dark Tales Except I don't think all 14 tales were dark in fact I think this collection had happy endings then most Stephen King stories As with all story collections there are winners and not winners with one loserI'm looking at you The Little Sisters Of Eluria My favorites 11408 is my undisputed favorite story in this collection It lives up to all the hype its received 2 The Autopsy Room explores one of my biggest fears The fear of being pronounced dead prematurely 3 That Feeling You Can Only Say What It Is In French I truly believe that may be what hell is 4 The Road Virus Heads North sent chills down my spine Now the Not Favorites1 The Man In Black was exactly what you would think it would be Spoiler Alert He's the DevilYawn2 In The Deathroom Yawn3 LT's Theory Of Pets I reread it and I still missed the point4 Lunch at the Gotham Cafe Meh The Worst The Little Sisters of Eluria it made me never want to read The Dark Tower series and it was long for no reason and pointless The rest of the stories were great and probably some of them deserved to be on my favorites list Overall I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend it to Stephen King lovers and newbies alikeAround The Year In 52 Books An award winning short story or short story collectionHooked On Books Read A Thon

  8. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Including the eerie story 1408 this anthology of short thriller stories is one of King's best It took me a while to appreciate 1408 I believe I gave it 2 stars on a separate review but each of these stories has their charms and each one has a deep message behind the horror

  9. Kandice Kandice says:

    I'm always amazed at how varied his subjects can be He is certainly not just a horror writer052015Introduction 5 stars I love King and when he is brutally honest when is he not? I love him all the Autopsy Room 4 4 stars I've actually seen the AHP episode that inspired this and Cotton was amazing I love that only King could mention Michael Bolton and then bring up the fact that Percy is probably rolling in his grave at Bolton's rendition of When a Man Loves a Woman This story is scary becausewell who knows? It could be us any day any wayThe Man in Black 5 stars I can't say what it is about this story that I love I guess that's why it won awards Who but King can say he skun his knee and we not only accept it but realize how true that is? People spoke that way He uses words to paint a world and mood and he is a masterAll the You Love will be Carried Away 5 stars I know King likes to drive so I can only imagine he has actually seen all the graffiti described in the pages of this little tale I really feel for Alfie by the end but I think he is just the excuse King needs to get these little weird gems on the pageThe Death of Jack Hamilton 4 stars Dillinger has always been a fascinating guy He had charisma and that will get you so much farther in life than almost any other trait Many say charisma was Kennedy's ace in the hole This read to me like King testing the waters for the eventual 112263 Rabbits was an endearing character and King's ability to create numerous characters we can connect to in such a limited number of pages is one of the things I love about himIn the Deathroom 4 stars This is such a novel way to end this sort of story It reads like a scene from Scarface and yethe gets away There's no way to be sure it's Fletcher buying smokes at the end but I choose to believe it is himThe Little Sisters of Eluria 5 stars Like many of King's fans I love Roland and his world This story was lovely The phrases King uses when he is in Dark Tower mode have a certain magic to them Like he is a different writer when he is telling DT tales Two uotes from this that I highlighted are Good liars were common Honesty on the other hand was dear and as Roland ran his hands through Jenna's hair he thinks it felt like rain rain with weight Both beautiful beautiful examples of the language the Dark Tower tales insist upon It gives me a little thrill to read the different accentsversions of the High Speech as well Sai and thee They make you feel a part of that world not just an observerEverything's Eventual 5 stars More if I could I am so glad this is the title tale of the collection This story has always reminded me a bit of The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet Dinky's shapes are a bit like fornits I am always thrilled when an author can just pull stuff out of their ass and make me not only accept but genuinely believe in it King does that here I truly believe as I read that people can do what Dinky does that other people can see the Dinkys of the world and that there could be an organization Shop anyone? that would finance and set it all up Even setting Dinky up in this mild almost cashless existence makes sense I want another story about a Tranny from a privileged life to see how they would deal with that LT's Theory of Pets 3 stars While I find King's musings about marriage and how it works incredibly true in this story it always leaves me unsatisfied There is no real ending Usually I can accept that but for some reason I just can't in this case Why do we need to know about LT breaking down but have no clue what happens to Lulu? Why do we need to know Holly took a shine to him but not if it will lead anywhere? It does contain a great uote though “It might be that the biggest division in the world isn't men and women but folks who like cats and folks who like dogs The Road Virus Heads North 3 stars I think it's fascinating that King really owns this picture but that doesn't make the story any better for me I think it's a bit sillyLunch at the Gotham Cafe 4 stars I don't think the story rates the stars but the way in which it is told does None of what happens makes any sense and we are given no reasons which I am ok with I do really want to know what made Diane so unhappy though That's one uestion I really really want an answer toThat Feeling The One You Can Only Say What it is in French 2 stars King says in his note that he believes Hell may be repetition I could not agree I really dislike stories that show the same scene over and over like this one It's just so frustrating to read or watch on film It feels like a colossal waste of time1408 5 stars This a great story and has a The Yellow Wallpaper feel to it I like that King makes it very clear this is not a haunted hotel room because haunting is done by something that was once alive but is instead justwrong I also applaud his choice to allow Mike to live through the ordeal To have him die would have felt almost cliche I have yet to see the movie because I am afraid it won't be a fair adaptation but I did imagine Cusak as Mike as I read this time Perfect castingRiding the Bullet 5 stars I've always felt this one and The Woman in the Room were about King's mother's death and he confirms that in his author's note I love when a story is told in such a way that you can believe in the supernatural parts or not as you choose King gives us that choice with this little tale Luckey uarter 5 stars King writes in the voice of women so well and the voice of single mothers best of all This poor woman is doing all she can and getting jack crap for it Such is life and this story rings so incredibly true because of it I like to think it ends just the way her fantasy ended and King lets me think that because he doesn't say How sweet

  10. Ron Ron says:

    Is this collection scares nostalgia and downright straight up story telling underappreciated among King’s other works? Lesser known maybe? Well I’m here to give this one a big sloppy ghost hug of appreciation technically I don’t think that’s even possible but I’m going with itThis would be my second read through of Everything’s Eventual sort of I used to hunt and peck through Stephen King short story collections Read some of the stories Skip some No real rhyme or reason to it unless someone had suggested a favorite That’s what I did the first time around Now I’m being thorough and that is a good thing especially considering the uality here I liked so many of them Have you read them? Well following is a little something about each story that I hope will entice you or perhaps refresh your memory Get ready for hugsAutopsy Room Four Here’s a nightmare I most certainly blocked from memory the first time around You know the scenario state of catatonia everyone thinks you’re dead So off to autopsy we go – with eyes open And here’s another thing I never thought about before Post mortem shears Maybe I’ll just block it out until the next go aroundThe Man in the Black Suit From romp in the previous story to introspection as Gary tells us about a day that has remained with him forever A single day 81 years in the past could be called scary as hell The horror at the center of this one balanced by the tender memories of a young boy make this story than worthy of the O Henry Award receivedAll that You Love Will Be Carried Away Beautiful title for a short story The subject here is actually serious Very much so You don’t realize that until the matter comes up Kind of hit me like a right crossThe Death of Jack Hamilton I know John Dillinger of course but figured Jack Hamilton and narrator Homer to be characters of fiction There I was wrong King says in the afterward that his dying is also a fact Everything around it is made up Good without excitement No need for it In the Death Room The ending is the best part of this interrogation because as said in the afterward it is happier than the typicalThe Little Sisters of Eluria A Dark Tower story any fan will enjoy because it can be read as a stand alone or at any point in your personal Dark Tower uest It feels almost as if our hero Roland and Mid World have crossed paths with Night Shift here There was a bonus for me in reading this after just completing Black House because at one point the two books are linked by the tiniest of threads Good thing for Jack Sawyer that the Little Sisters have moved on but in this one Roland has his work cut out for himEverything’s Eventual The namesake to this collection is one of the best I had no idea of its direction because no point is given until necessary Then it’s a kind of a doosy I don’t know how the whole idea came from picturing a man pouring change into a sewer but that makes it even coolerLT’s Theory of Pets SK considers this his favorite of the bunch but I don’t think the ending fits with the whole The fun of story the often true uirkiness of pets and their owners suddenly goes dark I just don’t know whyThe Road Virus Heads North In Rose Madder a painting also transforms on its own That would be the only likeness to Road Virus where the pace is much uicker and sinister to the eye that beholds it Rose Madder meets Christine? Not really but that’s what I thought ofLunch at the Gotham Cafe I thought this would be about divorce then I thought it was about uitting smoking ala uitters Inc Turns out it’s attempted murder The characters and story are great – provided you subtract the maître d’That Feeling You Can Only Say What it is in French “Déjà vu” is what that title is saying Carol has that feeling again and again during the drive to her and Bill’s second honeymoon certain she knows what’s coming around the next bend None come true – until they begin to – along with flashbacks of a past regret1408 Half the story has passed before you enter room 1408 with Mike That time is spent not in building the tension but a belief that something actually does reside in that haunted room So when the reader finally gets there he’s all in It’s a different take on a ghost tale because there is no ghost to see But something is there Oh yeahRiding the Bullet “Things have to be just right for you to see a ghost” Tonight they were for Alan Hitchhiking his way down state to see his mother in the hospital Full moon Dark roads Just trying to get there What makes this than a ghost story is the nostalgia and real meaning behind it which is about losing someone you love and what you’d do for them in that moment Would you ride the bullet?Luckey uarter I would have liked this to end with Riding the Bullet but in a way this smallest story of the bunch left me with a good feeling

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