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By Grace Possessed [Read] ➪ By Grace Possessed By Jennifer Blake – She is one of the accursed Three Graces of Graydon—if she marries not for love her betrothed will soon meet his endThe Tudor king issues Lady Catherine Milton a most unusual command seduce Scottish She is one of the accursed Three Graces of Graydon—if she marries not for love her betrothed will soon meet his endThe Tudor king issues Lady Catherine Milton a most unusual command seduce Scottish loyalist Ross Dunbar The son of an ornery borderland laird Dunbar would make an advantageous match but King Henry cannot force him to wed So Cate must ensnare himA rush of courtly parties and passionate nights in Dunbar's embrace leaves Cate breathlessand confused She desires a proposal for the sake of propriety and politics but she longs to be truly loved Tortured loyalties By Grace MOBI :º are not hers alone—though Dunbar is enchanted by Cate he cannot bind himself to England and abandon his peopleBut when a pretender to the throne ignites a rebellion the choice is made for them to solidify northern alliances Dunbar and Cate must wed Suddenly Dunbar's death appears certain—either by his bride's curse or by a war he did not choose.

About the Author: Jennifer Blake

A pseudonym used by Patricia MaxwellJennifer Blake has been called a “pioneer of the romance genre” and an “icon of the romance industry” A New York Times and international best selling author since she is a charter member of Romance Writers of America member of the RWA Hall of Fame and recipient of the RWA Lifetime Achievement Rita She holds numerous other honors including two “Maggi.

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    25 3

  2. Laura Laura says:

    Lady Catherine Milton middle sister of the three Graces of Graydon has no desire whatsoever to marry Plagued by the effects of the curse that haunts her and her sisters she wants nothing to do with love and would never risk falling in love with someone only to lose them Cate’s view about marriage and love do not keep her out of the favor of the Tudor court in fact she is often found travelling with King Henry and his entourage During one of her travelling excursions Cate loses the trail and finds herself lost in the forest Just as Cate prepares to defend herself to the death if necessary a fearless Scot Ross Dunbar comes to her aideRoss is loyal to his country and comes to England in hopes of achieving an alliance with Henry He has no desire to do anything that will tie him to a country that is not his homeAfter it’s discovered that Ross not only rescued Lady Catherine but also spent a night alone with her in the forest it becomes mandatory for the two of them to marry Cate fears the inevitable curse that will surely kill a man that does not truly love her She finds herself rather drawn to Ross in a physical way that she’s never experienced before Ross does not desire marriage but he cannot deny that he is uite taken with Lady CatherineWhen acts of treason are discovered Cate and Ross find themselves thrown into a battle that they never expected In the end when all is said and done could they truly find love within each other?This was an excellent story The first book in this series was good but this was GREAT It took me a few days to read it because life got in the way but in the moments that I did have to read I gobbled it upCatherine Milton is a heroine to admire In the 1400’s a woman’s sole purpose is to wed and bear children for her husband Her opinions are of no concern much less her wants or needs In an act of sheer brazenness Cate takes what she wants from Ross and soon discovers what she needsRoss Dunbar is my first Scot crush He oozed off the pages with delicious sex appeal in his plaid’s baring a muscular physiue The author did a spectacular job of bringing him to life At times I could almost hear him speaking with his oh so sexy Scottish accent YumThis book has it all Great plot believable characters hot steamy love scenes and a truly touching romance Very good read and I would highly recommend this to any fan of historical romance Four stars

  3. Maria Maria says:

    A book set in Henry VII England Rivalry among kings and high lords Females used for what they bring to a marriage and nothing elseThis was a book in between a dry history book and a romance And since I wanted to read a romance all the historical facts through me of a bitI think a well researched author is a good author but they should also know what genre they write forMs Blake lost the romance in all descriptions of clothing food and traditions

  4. ~Leslie~ ~Leslie~ says:

    Loved this second installment in the Three Graces trilogy Very well done historical romance set during the 1400's at Henry VII's court

  5. Hana Hana says:

    The middle sister of the Three Graces of Graydon Cate wholeheartedly believes in the curse While she is aware her older sister invented it after three betrothals that ended in the bridegrooms' deaths Cate believes that her sister had merely put into words what is true And so when her horse is spooked by a boar during a royal hunt leading to a rescue from brigands Cate demands that Ross Dunbar swear he will never marry herRoss swears but court politics lead Henry VII to propose a marriage should it be agreeable to Ross' father his laird and the Scottish king Informally betrothed Cate waits with baited breath for the curse to fell this man who is most pleasing to her eye Ross survives several attempts on his life most notably from his clan's enemy Lord Trilborn Cate helps her maid nurse him back to health after the shallow stomach wound gets infected But after that he is attacked with Lady Cate's daggerCate forms a half baked plan to become a nun to avoid Ross' death Before she executes it she sneaks into Ross' room and they spend a passionate night together a betrothal being as binding as marriage she figures God would be okay with that She then decides to go through with the marriage and the couple are immediately ordered to go north to Lady Cate's sister and brother in law to alert them about a possible invasion from sea A pretender has arisen against Henry VII and war is imminent Ross leaves Cate to inspect his new English holdings his father disowned him if he went through with marrying a Sassenach but Cate makes a plan to go to him when her sister unexpectedly has her babyWar comes from the opposite direction and Ross leaves to attend to Henry VII Cate and her sisters reluctantly welcome Lord Trilborn to the manse and he spills the plan to assassinate the king Cate rides pell mell to alert them but is put out to apparently not be believedThis book is less concerned with Henry VII's court politics which were overwhelming in the last book so that was a plus for me I did like Cate and Ross and how stubborn they were and I liked that Ross was ready to forsake his clan and country to have and keep Cate Trilborn was completely over the top however eclipsing Lord Graydon a hundred times over in villainy It was a bit much

  6. CaliNativeBalboa CaliNativeBalboa says:

    In my continued uest to explore the romance genre I chose a straight up historical title in an attempt to warm up to these novels I probably would have enjoyed By Grace Possessed a bit had I begun with the first in the series but the author did a decent job bringing the reader up to speed Scotsmen seem to be the trend in romance no matter which title selected My Scotsman selection was set in the American Civil War now this historical title features a Scotsman as the romantic lead While not fine literature Grace is a page turning pool or beach side piece of fluff set during the end of the War of the Roses an interesting time period in any author's hands Plucky heroine Lady Catherine Cate Milton is one of a trio of sisters named the Three Graces haunted by a curse that will result in the demise of their husbands After becoming separated on a royal hunt Cate is forced the spend the night under the protection of a dashing Scotsman Ross Dunbar held hostage by King Henry VII to ensure the cooperation of his northern familyAlthough Ross behaved honorably propriety forces the pair into an engagementTensions rise as the attraction builds and the potential for harm to Ross increases Maybe I'm a fuddy duddy but I found the sexromance scenes a bit boring and repetitive after the first skirmish and detracted from an okay plot line Ultimately I've still looking to unlock the secret to the widespread appeal of this genre but this title was definitely readable

  7. Tracy Tracy says:

    More Balanced than His Majesty'sCompromising position or not King Henry VII's ward or not Lady Catherine Milton has accepted the word of Ross Dunbar himself the son of a Scottish laird and current enforced guestof a sortto the Tudor king He swears his loyalty is to his own king and his obligation to his own people He swears he has no wish to be commanded to take a Sassenach bride He swears he shall tell King Henry VII that very thing when the inevitable summons comes He did after all spend the night with Lady Catherine Not for any impure purpose of course He had in fact saved her from capture by outlaws The result of that rescue however was the loss of their horses and a night stuck in wintry woods during a storm nothing but a a hastily made shelter and a bonfire standing between them and a tragic frozen endIn other words positive ruination of her good reputation unless he wed herLady Catherine has no desire to be wed to Dunbar than Dunbar does to have her as wife In truth even less Second sister of the notorious Three Graces and as such protected from an unsuitable match by the curse that befalls anyone who is given her hand in marriage without the benefit of love Lady Catherine is uite adamant in making sure her hand is not given to Dunbar He's a rather fetching man for sure but he rescued her and shouldn't have to die for the deedKing Henry VII gives no credence to curses and he is a wily monarch intent on securing his tenuous reign against a new threat that has cropped up Though it has been mere months since the last attempt to dethrone him another uprising is brewing and a detente between Scotland's King James and himself would do nothing but serve Henry VII commands their betrothal Dunbar and Lady Catherine can do no than grimly accept their understanding of their roles as pawns uite clear to them bothIt is in part because Dunbar so appeals to her that Lady Catherine is so vexed She doesn't wish him to fall victim to the curse Yet when an unhappily spurned suitor and enemy to her betrothed turns his frustrations against crown and county as well as Catherine's own well being it becomes clear that the curse may only be one of very many potential thorns in the rose bed of Ross Dunbar's continued existenceAfter the complex medieval history lesson that was By His Majesty's Grace the first book in Blake's The Three Graces trilogy I debated continuing the series I was and still am very impressed with the research that went into that book and the authenticity it lent to the series but felt the balance between history and fiction was too skewed towards the nonfictional elements for me to really embrace it Obviously I finally decided to try the second book hoping the fiction elements had been improved while maintaining the authenticity and legitimacy of the historical setting in the story of the second Grace sister Lady CatherineI was uite happy to see that they had and the book had a romantic plot arc that was far satisfying to me than the one in the previous novel For that reason I found By Grace Possessed to be a entertaining romantic readWhat I realized though is historically accurate medieval romances may not be my cuppa I find the rigid constraints and grim reality for the position of women as well as the lack of control the noble women had in their own futures and lives to be counterproductive to romance Is it realistic that both Lady Catherine's wishes and Ross Dunbar's loyalties would be utterly ignored in favor of a new king's political machinations? Absolutely It just isn't an atmosphere that breeds or sustains romantic notions for me and not even Blake's adept writing could uite convince me that love was a powerful motivator in the bookI was thrilled that Dunbar and Cate weren't as personally close to or as deeply involved with Henry VII as Isabel and Rand and enjoyed the character of Cate than I did Isabel though I liked Dunbar just as much as I enjoyed Rand The threat of Lord Trilborn seemed a bit close in theme and events to the conflict generated by Isabel's stepbrother in the first book but I think the whole of the external conflict was better developed and incorporated in the storyline of this book so the similarities were noted not begrudgedUnfortunately I uickly became fed up with the repeated referrals to the dreaded curse and the way such a silly superstition affected Lady Catherine's thoughts and feelings I had hoped that she'd be sensible I had also seriously hoped that Blake would ease off on repetitious mentioning of it I was disappointed on both counts I'm tired of the curse which in the previous book readers learned was concocted by Lady Isabel to protect herself and her younger sisters from being made pawns to men's ambitions I do not understand why the sisters have now glommed onto the curse as if the coincidences of its intended purposes are truly proof of its existence And I don't like that they haveThat being said I did have moments of pure pleasure as I enjoyed Lady Catherine and her Scottish laird to be Ross Duncan They were strong characters and Catherine had a bit fire to her blood than even Isabel did That along with my deep respect and appreciation for the work Blake put into nailing the historical accuracy and tone of the series was why I found this one as entertaining as I did Disclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by Mira Books publisher Harleuin via NetGalley This rating review and all included thoughts and comments are my ownReviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Cate knows damned well that the curse was made up by Isabel revealed in the first book so why all the angst in this one? Also sidesaddles again And kilts and a distinctive clan plaid too early for all Silly error where she states that Edward IV and Richard III are descended from Edward III's eldest son Nope The Black Prince had Richard II who had no issue York's claim was from a later son Lancaster's from John of Gaunt third son

  9. Stef Stef says:

    Loved reading this series I'm trying to read all of Jennifer Blakes books right now And I have really enjoyed reading all of them so far I read this series books 1 3 in a week And wow just awesome kept me right there wanting Suspense love romance horse and buggy days and castles oh my Is there a curse??? read and find out

  10. Cindy Woods Cindy Woods says:

    Pretty goodI enjoyed reading this story Blake is very good at writing a story with lots of factual historic background and giving you a different perspective This is an easy read and the romance is done well

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