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A Fathers Love ❰Ebook❯ ➠ A Fathers Love Author David Goldman – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The inspiring heart rending story of a father's unwavering love for his son David Goldman and his Brazilian wife Bruna Bianchi led what appeared to be a happy life in New Jersey But in June 2004 Bianc The inspiring heart rending story of a father's unwavering love for his son David Goldman and his Brazilian wife Bruna Bianchi led what appeared to be a happy life in New Jersey But in June Bianchi took their four year old son Sean to Brazil for what she said would be a two week vacation Once there she informed Goldman that she was staying in Brazil and keeping Sean setting in motion an international controversy that would eventually reach the highest levels of the US A Fathers PDF/EPUB ² and Brazilian governments It would be almost five years before David saw Sean again What kept David Goldman going when everything looked so hopeless In A Father's Love Goldman recounts his extraordinary battle despite overwhelming odds to bring his abducted son back home It is a riveting story full of peculiar ironies unfathomable elements threats and legal twists and turns Goldman describes in detail the wrenching emotions he went through and how he relentlessly rallied support behind the scenes from both high level US government officials and national media organizations Father and son were finally reunited in December and Goldman writes about the challenges he is now facing as he works to rebuild his relationship with his son and the advocacy work he is doing on behalf of other children in similar circumstances Goldman's unusual story movingly celebrates an ordinary man's incredible love for and loyalty to his son and his ability to overcome the unimaginable to keep them together It is a testament to how connected any father and son can be.

  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • A Fathers Love
  • David Goldman
  • English
  • 03 April 2015
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10 thoughts on “A Fathers Love

  1. Diane Diane says:

    A Father's Love tells the sometimes painful story of David Goldman's five year ordeal in bringing his son back to his home in New Jersey from BrazilIn 1997 when David was working in Italy he met a Brazilian woman named Bruna Bianchi Soon the couple fell in love The two married and made their home in a New Jersey seaside community where David resided and two years later in 2000 their son Sean was bornSince Bruna's family was from Brazil the couple would often travel there a few times a year In 2004 Bruna and Sean flew to Brazil for a two week vacation David was to meet them there the following week but four days into her visit she called her husband David to say that she wanted a divorce as well as full custody of their son Sean Shocked and in a state of disbelief for over three years David struggled to find someone to help him to get his abducted son back He made several trips to Brazil to see his son but was repeatedly denied access to the boy except for occasional and brief telephone calls Gifts and cards which were sent to Sean by his father were sometimes returnedDespite international court battles and judgments his wife refused to give up their son She divorced her husband David and she married a prominent Brazilian attorney named Juno Paulo Lins e Silva In August of 2008 the unimaginable occurred when Bruna died giving birth to her new husband's baby Bruna's new husband seemed even determined to see that David remained out of his son Sean's life and he petitioned the court in Brazil to have Goldman's name removed from his birth certificate after Bruna passed awayDavid Goldman however had no intentions of giving up on ever seeing his son again More determined than ever and assisted by New Jersey State Rep Chris Smith Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama David was finally successful in returning Sean to his home in New Jersey several days before Christmas in 2009 Even though Goldman was successful in bringing his son home the Brazilan family continued to bring court actions against Goldman believing that Sean should be raised by Bruna's motherEach day since Sean returned home with his natural father the two have grown closer and closer establishing routines and trust and respect for each other Even hough not every day has been perfect Sean is thriving in school and at home since being returned to his birthplace and the home where his life beganWell told A Father's Love is a poignant look at just how far a parent will go to do what is right on behalf of their child I enjoyed this book and feel that it not only tells the Goldman's story but opens the communication to expose the fact that this is not an isolated case International child abduction by parents is a very real problem that needs exposure and harsher penalties for offenders

  2. Justine Justine says:

    I could have done without the name dropping in the beginning of the book seriously did I need to know he was in shoots with Claudia Schiffer or swimming in Michael Bay's pool? but after that was a very compelling almost maddening story of David Goldman's fight for the return of his son I didn't hear of this particular story beforehand but I was just amazed at the challenges this man faced in getting a country to stand by the law

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    The ordeal was heart breaking But the book itself was too detailed and lasted to long I was often confused because the transitions between past events present events were not well written read Once I was about 34 of the way through I started skimming until the last couple of chapters because I got the point that the situation sucked and the dad was being jerked around constantly I just wanted to know how they were doing since he got his son back I guess I was concerned interested in finding out if his son adjusted well and how things were going now I wanted to know that everything was ok now and his son was irrevocably traumatized for the rest of his life

  4. Rachael Rachael says:

    I really enjoyed this book I've followed this story for several years and was worried that there would not be any new information in the book but I was uite shocked about how much went on that the media did notcould not cover

  5. Terry Terry says:

    It is unbelievable what this man had to go through to get his son back It is a testament to the power of love for our children Very powerful reading

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    This is an extraordinary story about a man whose relentlessness and hope was able to bring his abducted son back to the United States from Brazil after five long emotional years

  7. Shana Shana says:

    This interesting book about David Goldman's experience trying to bring his son home from Brazil is a fast read The story begins when Goldman's Brazilian born wife Bruna goes to Brazil with their son Sean to visit her family Several days later she calls Goldman to inform him that she is never coming back and is keeping Sean in Brazil with her Thus begins his 5 year odyssey of trying to get his son back I had seen coverage of this story on Dateline and the Today Show so I knew the basic story I think I really wanted to read this book because I thought there might be information in the book about Goldman's former wife and why she would do something like this It's hard to conceive of a mother being so incredibly selfish as to take her son away from everything he knows and not allow him to have contact with his father or his father's entire family all people who he had a very close relationship with So what on earth was wrong with her that she would do something like this? Surely I thought he must have known she was crazy when he married her Why do men marry crazy women and then complain when things like this happen? But according to Goldman's side of the story he never had any inkling that she was unhappy in their relationship or was capable of such a thing And as I thought about it I realized that it is perfectly conceivable that one person can think everything is going great in a relationship and have no idea the other person is miserably unhappy or that someone who moved to America just to be married to you would want to return to their home country if the marriage ended and take their child with them Clearly Bruna knew that Goldman would never have allowed his son to live in Brazil full time and she obviously planned this out to get her son out of the country so they could both live in Brazil which was where she really wanted to be And I do think it's conceivable that you can never really know what another person is capable of doing even if that person is your spouse As I once told a friend who was in the midst of a break up and lamenting how she could not have known what was in the other person's head People are married to serial killers for years and they don't know In any case this is a cautionary tale If you are an American national and marry someone from another country the situation can turn into a big giant mess if you have kids and end up getting divorced And apparently the US government actually isn't very effective in getting kids back in these situations Even in our own country kids don't have rights they have interests and the selfish actions and wishes of adults often trump their rights How wonderful it would be if this were not the case Sean fortunately seems to be a very resilient kid Good for him for overcoming the crazy circumstances he has lived through thanks to some of the selfish adults in his life Unfortunately as he gets older he is going to have a better understanding of the very selfish actions of his mother and grandparents who cared about themselves than they cared about himThe ones who really suffer from these situations are the children who are kept from having contact with their left behind parents and that parents entire side of the family during their formative years Sadly there are many cases like this and most don't end happily Although there aren't a lot of ways to prevent this at the very least I don't think anyone should allow their child to travel to the other parent's home country without them In any case this book is a fast read that raises awareness of a troubling issue

  8. Eileen Eileen says:

    I was a little taken aback at the beginning of this book and how David Goldman felt it necessary to first talk about his popularity as a male model and did some name dropping I'm not sure what this added to his heart wrenching story David's Brazilian wife Bruna took their four year old son Sean on a two week vacation to Brazil and the day after they arrived she let David know that they were there to stay and he was to sign away all custody rights as Sean's Father This started David's six year long fight to regain custody of his son The audacity smugness ruthlessness corruptness I can easily go on of Sean's abductors is so appalling there were times it almost took my breath away To this day the litigation is ongoing one of the reasons being that the kidnappers lost and they're sore losers Once this book started telling the story of Sean's abduction it was very compelling with David Goldman doing a thorough job of navigating the reader through everything from the Brazilian and American familys involved to the political and media madness that at times almost drove David crazy but never drove him to give up on getting his son back You could practically feel David's highest highs and lowest lows

  9. Chris Chris says:

    Excellent and absorbing true story of a man's struggle to get his abducted son back from another country The author goes into a lot of detail in this story which some other reviewers didn't like but I think it was important to set the stage and was his way of showing that he is not like many of the allegations made against himBecause I am the father of four small children and am married to a Brazilian I could really feel the emotions and turmoil described by the author as I pictured what it would be like to be in his shoes It's saddening and incredible that the abductors would be so cruel and relentless The backwardness of the legal proceedings which constantly worked against him was almost Kafkaesue It amazes me that he was able to stay strong and maintain his integrity dignity and reserve against such daunting odds and difficultiesI won't spoil the conclusion Suffice it to say that I finished the book feeling inspired and thinking of my own little children and how much I love them and how important it is to protect their innocence and do everything I can to make sure their childhood is a happy one filled with love Any book that reinforces those values and feelings is worthy of praise This book did

  10. Geeta Geeta says:

    An interesting read David Goldman's strength is commendable His unconditional love for his son his courage and sense of judgement to reach out political higher ups and media to stir a sensation that would be right enough to get him his son back is amazing to read about What doesn't make sense is how such a prudent man could not sense a difference between him and his wife during courtship and during marriage He did not sense his wife was not happy enough that she could walk away from marriage and end up marrying someone she did meet or known during her marriage to David Either that she was a good liar or that David was head over heels about her during all those years that he stayed married to her Either way the child lost many years of his childhood going through things that he shouldn't have to live with in the first place to begin with Precious years of his childhood which he will never get back and which are said to be foundation years of a child's life Hope this experience does not leave life long scars in the child's memory where he grows up opinionated or feared about cultures or marriages in general Hopes and wishes for better world

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