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  1. Izzy Izzy says:

    As this hasn't got any reviews I'm going to just put down some of my thoughts on this At the time of purchase this ebook was free I really did not like this Not only was it pointless and rather boring but the writing wasn't that greatThis is a passage of the opening paragraph When the barbarians rode in they brought their destruction for no other reason than infatuation The barbarian leader you see had a fixation upon me My name is Faelwen I am a female knight in the service of The Teddy Bear ueen Please do not judge me to be conceited It is simply a fact that when the former king sent his scouts out to find the most beautiful girl in all the kingdom it was I who was chosenFirstly the character's voice is boring and too formal Let's be honest who talks like that? This opening is so awkward clichéd and it made me cringeSecondly Please do not judge me to be conceited Oh please You can't say that and then gush about how you're or that other people view you as the most beautiful girl in the kingdom If you were going down that route then you might as well have made her vain and proud of it In fact I think I would have liked her if that was the caseIt's like starting a conversation with I'm not racist but and then following it with some racist comment Preuels should give us important details that precede a novel To be honest even as I was reading this the events were not particularly interesting or important I don't see how it could be important to 'The Doll ueen' either view spoilerWhile there were a couple of things going on it was basically Evil barbarian came evil barbarian conuered evil barbarian was assassinated I just summed up 13 pages according to in one sentence hide spoiler

  2. J. J. says:

    Different and intelligent Well written with a good mix of action introspection and transitions The author has a definite sense of story that doesn't flag in the middle Nicely done and worth the read and no I don't know the author

  3. Mya Mya says:

    its was so cuteee

  4. Betsey Betsey says:

    Cute short story

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Butterfly Knight ❰Epub❯ ➞ Butterfly Knight Author Lotus Rose – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In this short story a female knight named Faelwen must flee when barbarians storm the castle Why do they bring about such bloodshed Because the barbarian leader seeks to kiss her smitten as he is with In this short story a female knight named Faelwen must flee when barbarians storm the castle Why do they bring about such bloodshed Because the barbarian leader seeks to kiss her smitten as he is with her beauty When she exits the escape tunnel she encounters an ard butterfly guarding a flower Will she be forced to fight the winged warrior This story is a preuel to The Doll ueen.

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  • Butterfly Knight
  • Lotus Rose
  • 08 May 2016

About the Author: Lotus Rose

Lotus Rose is like this generation’s twisted adult version of Roald Dahl And since Lotus wrote a continuation of Alice in Wonderland he’s also like the demented doppelganger of Lewis Carroll But he’s not like one of those doppelgangers who kills the original then takes their place because Lewis Carroll is already dead Really though Lotus is a sweetheart His style can best be described as “children’s stories for adults” He retains all the best of children’s literature—the imagination the playfulness the outright weirdness—then adds an additional layer of mature themes and subjects And often with a dark sense of humor So if you ever wanted to revisit your childhood to reexperience the wonder of children’s literature but without all the innocent naivety holding you back the Lotus Rose books are sure to deliver From The Poniworld Chronicles to The Malice in Wonderland Saga to The Twisted Holiday Specials you’ll love his twisted takes on sacred childhood institutions and are guaranteed to laugh throughoutHere's a short poem he wroteO shall I be like the lotusAnd bring you dark dreams and soft sighsOr shall I be like the rose isSweet scented and tempting your eyesFor the unending sleep can seduce youTo the world behind unseeing eyesAnd the beauty that beckons then cuts youIs also the cruelest of liesLotus currently lives in Austin Texas He likes Newcastle Brown Ale.