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  • Abbie Jaye
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  • 04 April 2014
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  1. Teri Teri says:

    I discovered Chef AJ on YouTube where she has many cooking demos and vegan recipes free for the taking I had been enjoying her recipes so I was delighted to find out she has a book too The first half contains her life story and struggle with food; it also has some dietary information The second half contains her recipes I've lost 17 pounds in 7 weeks since I found her and began following her unprocessed principles And it hasn't been difficult at all this has been without exercise The dietary information in this book isn't new most vegan books are based on T Colin Campbell's The China Study that motherlode of vegetarian dietary information regarding the reversal of health problems using plant based food instead of medssurgery But sometimes hearing that one tidbit of information from a fresh perspective can make all the difference between success and setbacks I was touched by Chef AJ's life story she too had multiple miscarriages and a host of health problems before going unprocessed; and I was impressed that she had managed to lose over 50 pounds during her menopausal years which is where I'm at by eating unprocessed plant based whole foods That gave me the incentive to try Well that and the fact that I was diagnosed with GERD a year ago where my doctor gave me a list of foods I couldn't eat that list pretty much put me on the path of veganism whether I wanted to or not I was lacto ovo vegetarian before this I don't know if I would have ever crossed over to the vegan side of the force on my own if not for that specific health problem But it turns out GERD was a blessing in disguise My recommendation is to not wait to hit rock bottom with some terrible health diagnosis before changing to a healthier dietChef AJ recommends starting off your day with one pound of non starchy veggies and ending your day with another pound of non starchy veggies and in between eating the starchy veggies legumes grains and fruit The idea is to fill up on the lower calorie greens first then turn to the starches until satisfied this is the tidbit that helped me the most I used to go straight for the starches and barely got around to the non starchy veggies She uses no oil salt or sugar the evil trinity she calls them There's no counting calories or fat grams or measuring of portion sizes with this way of eating so this makes it simple to follow She uotes from Dr McDougall's famous words The fat you eat is the fat you wear So the only fat you get in some of her recipes is derived from whole nuts and seeds or avocado or grains hemp and chia seeds were a new experience for me To sweeten her recipes she purees whole dates into her sauces salad dressings and desserts That way you're getting fiber and nutrients instead of something refined and broken Nearly all of the recipes are uick to make under a half hour with a minimal list of ingredients some of the ingredients you won't be able to find in a regular grocery store but Whole Foods usually comes through and you can get most anything on these days Her recipes often lean towards the tangy in her videos she mentions how the tastebuds for salt and sour are next to each other so you can sort of trick your palette into thinking it's getting a pseudo salty meal by giving it something tangy or sour instead At first I wasn't sure if I'd like this I've always gravitated to the sweet and never cared for sourtangy But my palette adjusted faster than I ever thought it could It does reuire a paradigm shift folks coming off of meat and dairy may have a bigger leap than I did I was lacto ovo vegetarian before this Now that actual chefs are getting on board with an unprocessed diet and better recipes are cropping up all over the place so it's easier than ever before to eat this way I am the first to admit that if it doesn't taste good it ain't gonna work for anybody But it is possible to re train your palette and to learn to appreciate the real taste of natural foods I'm thereEven better than the weight loss since starting this unprocessed way of eating my compulsion for sugary junk food has disappeared there has never been a time in my life when I did not crave pop chocolate ice cream etc at least not until now There is junk food in the house because the rest of my family is not eating this way but it does not tempt me in the least It's as if a dark spell over my life has finally been broken My migraines have all but disappeared they are mild and infreuent now And though not yet completely cured of GERD my stomach is a happier place than before For once I can't wait to have my cholesterol checked Why would I want to go back to processed junk? I feel too good to go back Chef AJ recommends trying an unprocessed whole foods way of eating for 30 days don't be surprised if you feel lousy for the first few days withdrawal headaches are pretty common in the very beginning especially if you're hooked on caffeine but it does get better I promise For motivation watch Forks Over Knives and Fat Sick Nearly Dead and Super Size Me on Netflix Look for Chef AJ on YouTube too She's funny and has a wealth of information and good recipes to shareUpdate 22415 I've now lost 50 pounds in 7 months This really works

  2. Jared Jared says:

    I though I just ordered a cookbook But It was such a pleasant surprise when the beginning of the book had her personal journey of health To eat meat or not to eat meat is and very old debate I found the same uestion answered by the apostle Paul in Romans Chapter 14 verse 1 through 6 He doesn't answer the uestion of which is better but addresses the far greater spiritual whirlwind of judging each other In my mind in verse 2 I substitute the word weakness for disease and herbs for vegetables to understand greater I felt her grief when she describes her personal pain of choosing to terminate her pregnancy She loved her baby and I was so sad the journey she felt she had to take and all the people who sent her on the path I am glad she has felt some freedom in her pain by learning to eat healthy I find as I get older there really isn't another path other than to eat healthy if you want a better uality of life But how strict you have to be totally is determined by genetics I loved the indian doctor who believed her

  3. Stacey Stacey says:

    Everything that I've researched while earning my degree as a Health Educator is in this book Besides her personal struggle I couldn't have written it better myself I've been meaning to buckle down and become a plant based eater for uite some time now but I figured I'd wait till the new year Well it's the new year and I've been animal dairy and processed free for 10 days now I don't feel wonderful yet but I'm determined to become one of the minority Thanks for writing this book Chef AJ

  4. Natalie Natalie says:

    This woman went through a lot of health issues and ended up realizing that the way to go was to eat unprocessed foods among other restrictions on her part though I won't follow a diet 100% I hope to learn from her story to avoid problems It is written from the heart

  5. Karen Karen says:

    I wasn't aware of Chef AJ until she spoke at my local Vegfest a few months ago apparently she's very popular Her program documented here is a mash up of several of the big names in vegan health Dr John McDougall Dr T Colin Campbell Dr Esselstyn etc I came across this book while looking for another with a similar name at my local library and gave it a shot Most of the slim volume is comprised of recipes though she does begin the book with her own story I agree that food can be our best resource for preventing and treating disease and also with her advice on page 21 just do something Just because you can't do everything doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything Any changes we can make and sustain can help us I think many try to make all the changes at once and fail giving up on all the changes because they couldn't sustain such massive change all at once There are a few recipes I may try though being familiar with the work of the doctors listed above there wasn't really anything new here other than her personal story Yes most of us should be eating less sugar less salt and whole foods

  6. David David says:

    I've been a fan of Chef AJ short for Abbie Jaye since I first heard her interview on the No Meat Athlete podcast Shortly after listening to that episode I listened to Chef AJ speak at our local Triangle VegFest event I was really motivated by her presentation and the information that she presented and have been following her career ever sinceSo it seemed like it was time for me to give her book Unprocessed How to achieve vibrant health and your ideal weight a chance It was available at our local library and so both my girlfriend and I gave it a readAlthough she spent the beginning of her life eating the Standard American Diet Chef AJ has followed a plant based diet for over 30 years and primarily works as a veganraw pastry chef in Los Angeles and is a keynote speaker and culinary instructor all across the United StatesThe first half of the book begins with telling Chef AJ's story and then follows up with a ton of nutritional information and advice The second half of the book features whole food plant based recipes that Chef AJ created or modifiedI was interested in the first half of the book—mostly because I have plenty of recipe books already but also because I wanted to learn about Chef AJ's life story Since I was already so familiar with much of her nutritional advice this book was mostly a review for me It wasn't written as well as many of the other books I've read on the topic and the content didn't stand out very much so I probably wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it over another book in this genre However it still advocates a whole food plant based diet which I am in full support of

  7. Hanako Hanako says:

    Have only tried one recipe so far and it was fabulous but many look not just tasty but easy which is key for me right now Really uick read and I like that she kind of takes from Fuhrman Esselstyn and Ornish among others but those are the ones I've already read and highlights their similarities and plans her menus around that rather than specifying the differences and pushing one over another

  8. Carrie-kevin Clark Carrie-kevin Clark says:

    I am totally on board with not eating any processed foods but my laziness still wins out Chef AJ is very generous with her time and recipes you can also find her on YouTube It was interesting to read about her life the first 50 or so pages and I look forward to cooking the recipes from the book

  9. Nikki Nikki says:

    I loved this book It confirmed my convictions to eat a whole food plant based diet In summary it will save your health The Hail to the Kale Salad is the one of the best salads I have ever had and every drop is so good for you

  10. Tina Blakley Tina Blakley says:

    May be the answer to my PrayersLoved it Made so much sense to me I do not have will power but if healthy can taste good and reverse my diabetes I am willing to try

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Unprocessed❴Ebook❵ ➩ Unprocessed Author Abbie Jaye – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Chef AJ has a uniue ability to create healthy foods that taste great Whether you want to lower your cholesterol prevent or reverse many common lifestyle diseases lose weight or just look and feel grea Chef AJ has a uniue ability to create healthy foods that taste great Whether you want to lower your cholesterol prevent or reverse many common lifestyle diseases lose weight or just look and feel great Chef AJ can show you how to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet in ways that are easy delicious and funForeword by Dr Hans Diehl and endorsed by several giants in the field of plant based nutrition including Dr T Colin Campbell The China Study Rip Esselstyn The Engine Diet Dr Joel Fuhrman Eat To Live Dr Matthew Lederman Dr Alona Pulde Keep It Simple Keep It Whole Your Guide To Optimum Health Dr John McDougall The McDougall Program Dr Pam Popper Executive Director of the Wellness Forum Chef AJ knows her way around a kitchen She's been doing this for thirty years and it shows All her recipes are incredibly easy to make really healthy but totally tasty in every way She's a gifted chef Rory Freedman Best selling coauthor of Skinny BitchChef AJ knows how to make tasty food and how to make it healthy It's very special Try it and you'll like it T Colin Campbell PhD author of The China StudyChef AJ's book Unprocessed deserves a special spot on the bookshelf of all people serious about their health and personal appearance Mary and John McDougall MD authors and founders of the McDougall ProgramChef AJ is one of the few chefs in the world who can design dishes that not only meet my dietary guidelines but are delicious too She represents the best of everything; she's entertaining and engaging and makes healthy food totally acceptable for everyone This book is a must have for the person who wants to not only eat well but enjoy eating well too Dr Pam Popper Executive Director of the Wellness ForumChef AJ is unmatched in her ability to take nothing but whole foods and make them taste so delicious Couple that with her generosity and passion and she herself is a recipe for success It's about time the world got to taste these treats Alona Pulde MD Matthew Lederman MD authors of Keep It Simple Keep It Whole Your Guide To Optimum Health Half confessional memoir half delectable recipes Unprocessed is a percent inspirational educational and gastronomical fodder from Abbie Jaye aka Chef AJ A junk food vegetarian since forever AJ turned to a whole foods diet to cure her ailments and now preaches to anyone and everyone through her culinary classes and laugh a minute lectures The recipes are all sugar salt and oil free and all delicious How can you not like a book that starts with desserts VegNews Magazine Unprocessed will show you how you can achieve optimum health vibrant energy and your ideal weight simply by eating real whole foods and avoiding processed foodThis book features Appetizers Beverages and Smoothies Enticing Entrees Salads and Dressings Savory Soups Sensational Sides Decadent Desserts Truffles All recipes are vegan gluten free oil free salt free and refined sugar freeChef AJ shares her personal story detailing the dangerous health conseuences of an unhealthy diet and the body's miraculous ability to recover and thrive when fed healthy whole foods An inspirational fun read.