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Many Waters [Reading] ➾ Many Waters Author Madeleine LEngle – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Sandy and Dennys have always been the normal run of the mill ones in the extraodinary Murry family They garden make an occasional A in school and play baseball Nothing especially interesting has happe Sandy and Dennys have always been the normal run of the mill ones in the extraodinary Murry family They garden make an occasional A in school and play baseball Nothing especially interesting has happened to the twins until they accidentally interrupt their father's experimentThen the two boys are thrown across time and space They find themselves alone in the desert where if they believe in unicorns they can find unicorns and whether they believe or not mammoths and manticores will find themThe twins are rescued by Japheth a man from the nearby oasis but before he can bring them to safety Dennys gets lost Each boy is uickly embroiled in the conflicts of this time and place whose populations includes winged seraphim a few stray mythic beasts perilous and beautiful nephilim and small long lived humans who consider Sandy and Dennys giants The boys find they have to do in the oasis than simply getting themselves home they have to reunite an estranged father and son but it won't be easy especially when the son is named Noah and he's about to start building a boat in the desert.

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  1. Andrew Leon Andrew Leon says:

    Yes there will be spoilers but seriously it doesn't matter because you don't want to read this bookAll right So this book deals with Sandy and Dennys who have been little better than side characters in the other books They are Meg and Charles Wallace's normal brothers Twins It also takes place prior to A Swiftly Tilting Planet while the twins are sports stars in high school The impression I got is that they are probably juniors and about 17 years old Basically the boys walk into their mother's lab and when they walk out of it rather than going back into the kitchen of the house they end up in the days of Noah Yes that Noah The one that built the big boat Hence the title of the bookThere's never any firm conclusion as to how they got transported back in time It may or may not have had to do with an experiment that was going on in the lab though the type of experiment is never explained or it may have had to do with them messing with their dad's weird computer or maybe it was just GodThey end up in the desert Of course they're wearing winter clothing which they soon discard all the way down to their skin Because that's always a smart thing to do in the desert Get nearly naked that is The end result of that is that about 13 of the book deals with them being nursed back to health by Noah's family who mistake the twins for giants because no one in Noah's day was even near to being 5' tall A lot of this section of the book also has the repeated conversation with well every freaking character they meet We're not giants And it's not that I don't think they wouldn't have had to have had that conversation but does L'Engle really need to repeat it 10 or so timesThis book also follows the pattern of all of the books in the series The characters really don't ever do anything Sandy and Dennys talk a lot about how they will get home um no wait They ask that uestion a lot Every few pages it seems How will we get home? I don't know What should we do? Let's go garden Seriously that's their solution every time the uestion comes up to work in Noah's father's garden Basically they end up being observers to the action going on around them and that's pretty much it And what that comes down to is that the rising action in this book is about like a road in West Texas with a speed bump on it when Sandy gets kidnappedAside from the lack of any real story or character development the book is full of all kind of ridiculousness1 There are mammoths Yes in the desert But these are not the mammoths you're thinking of You know the big hairy elephants No these are tiny mammoths Terrier sized mammoths In fact they pretty much are small dogs that look like mammoths The mammoths can scent things and follow trails like a bloodhound but they are also used as dowsing rods to find water Which explains why the desert people keep them as pets I suppose but how did they get tiny? Well evidently they evolved to be that way? The explanation is something along the lines of them having grown smaller and smaller over a great time2 However the Earth in this book is a brand new Earth A very young planet still going through its growing pains so the whole thing with the mammoths doesn't really make any sense L'Engle seems to want to have the Earth both be billions of years old and only 5000 or so years old as in the strict Creationist viewpoint3 There are manticores and griffons Or a manticore and a griffon It's never clear on whether there are than one of each The manticore is bad and just shows up rather like a cartoon character to shout hungry and try to eat the little doggy mammoths and have to be shooed away The griffon shows up to chase bad girls away from Sandy and Dennys4 L'Engle seems to have a thing with unicorns because there are unicorns in this book Virtual unicorns as the twins call them They don't always exist only when you decide you believe in them and of course they can only be approached by virgins The annoying thing with the unicorns is that even after the boys have experiences with the unicorns they go on and on about how they can't believe in them because they don't exist so they can only believe in the unicorns when the unicorns are actually standing right in front of them I have to suppose that they ceased to believe in their family too when their family uit being right in front of them The issue with all of this is that L'Engle from what I can tell wants us to accept this book as being set in reality our reality and yet she undermines reality by introducing all of this mythological stuff into what we're supposed to believe is the actual pre flood setting It's suspension of disbelief than I could handle and I haven't even gotten to the Angels5 Oh yes the Angels The pseudo conflict in the book is between the seraphim the good Angels and the nephilim the bad Angels In fact the whole conflict revolves around a girl Yalith who everyone is in love with so it becomes a matter of whom she will choose one of the twins or both or Eblis the nephilim It's an empty conflict through which L'Engle seems to deliver her message of bad things don't happen to good people a message which makes me wonder what reality L'Engle lived in because it's the same kind of message all of her books have Love will always win and ultimately nothing bad happens to people who believe in loveSpeaking of Yalith and malefemale relationships in general in this book This may have been the most difficult part of the book for me to deal with Yalith is the youngest child of Noah; she's nearly 100 years old because people in Noah's time lived much longer Noah is 700ish but she's basically a teenager Because you know living longer means slower growth? Which makes me wonder how long would remain a baby in this time 20 years? Because man if I was a mom I'd be pissed Having to care for an infant for 20 years I can't even imagine it especially since pregnancy still only last nine months because there was a birth during the book You could end up with well a lot of babies Actually what I think she wants us to believe is that everyone ages normally until they hit puberty when they for whatever reason uit developing Still that means around 90 years as a teenager That would be the worstOh back to the twins and malefemale relationshipsSo Sandy meets Yalith; Yalith is basically naked because the people in Noah's time only wear loincloths In the desert Because we have examples of people today who live in the desert but only wear loincloths? At any rate Yalith is all but naked and Sandy is a teenage boy confronted with a naked girl and his response is to get a funny feeling Um what? A funny feeling? What does that even mean? And that's how all of the interactions between the twins and girls go They get funny feelings I'm sorry; these boys are supposed to be 16 or 17 years old and L'Engle is treating them as if they're at best 10 It's ridiculousThe twins do end up back at home after spending at least a year in the desert with Noah One of the Angels removes the boys' tans and I suppose the year or they had aged although that's not actually mentioned So they end up back at home right at the point they'd left and nothing has changed There was no character growth for the twins and nothing of conseuence affected in the past The flood still happens and all of that It's a book where the goal is to return to the status uo but without even the benefit of the characters learning anything from the journey In fact the boys pick up talking about getting their driver's licenses as if nothing had even happened

  2. Kitty Kitty says:

    It always amuses me when people say coming of age story when what they really mean is sexual awakening And don't be confused there is a difference Take for instance Hayao Miyazaki's 2001 film Spirited Away this is a great example of a coming of age film Yes the protagonist Chihiro does meet a certain dragonboy she may like than a friend but this is not what pushes the character development what pushes her to grow up are the lessons she learns about hard work sacrifice and caring about others Sandys and Dennys on the other hand don't change much throughout Many Waters they exit our story much as they enter it self sufficient hard working and caring What changes in their story is the capacity of sexual and emotional desire they become aware of Reading this I got a very different vibe from the rest of the Time books While this one is no exception to the publisher's rule where it's cover has the words a companion to a Wrinkle in Time written across the front unlike all the other books in the series I felt that this was the only one that was self sufficient enough to stand on its own Almost to the point where I wonder if Le'Engle after having written these books several decades apart didn't write this as of an adult novel knowing like many authors who undertake long IR series such as Harry Potter that the original demographic would have grown up by then After all there's uite a few things that make this book a uestionable choice for the younger set that AWiT was aimed at Sandy tied and bound in a tent hears his captors voice and calls her name When she expresses delight at him recognizing her she thinks it's by her voice and yet we see him say to himself uite clearly I recognized you by your scent you slut And earlier on Dennys tells of his afternoon walk through the oasis bazaar and his difficulty in looking at all the faces around him for he knows they're to be drowned Again not exactly elementary school stuffHowever that being said you'd think a children's book by a Christian author set in biblical times where the village seductress is called a slut would be pretty stuffy when it came to messages on sex and women but surprisingly it's not Le'Engle makes a pretty radical move by having some of her characters call the Noah story chauvinistic from the get go addressing some of the tension head on And while the story does not drastically alter from that in the bible Le'Engle surprised me by angling the story from a pretty feminine perspective Yes two young adolescent boys are the main narrators and yet most of the story revolves around activities like watering animals and plants gardening cooking caring for the elderly birthing and marriage all the things our society typically considers to be feminine The first place Dennys is taken to that is considered safe and whole in the story is the tent the women use for menstruation and while there are an eual number of men and women in Noah's tent less time is given to the sons than the daughters It would have been easy to center this story around the building of the arc hunting and other masculine activities and yet we spend time in the women's tent and out on rocks under star lit skies where sisters talk about husbands and childrenAnd the sex Ah the sex This isn't your grandma's bible story that's for sure Or maybe not but somehow the constant sexual tension of a might have been threesome never made it's way into any of MY Baby's First Bible The message here is not so much one of abstinence as other's have suggested as it is understanding that who you have sex with the first time matters just as much as who you have sex with once you are settled down The message here isn't don't do it it's don't do it carelessly So in the end did I like it than AWiT? Yes and no It's a horse of a different color to be sure I think as a piece of children's literature I loved and always will love AWiT the best But as a grown up's book Many Waters is a finely crafted and startling re imagination of Biblical times that belongs right up their with The Red Tent Highly recommended

  3. Matt Matt says:

    Just barely edged out as my favorite book in the series right behind A swiftly Tilting Planet Tells a story less concerned with love and justice and all about the hard choices that people and deities make in a flawed worldAn out and out retelling of the Biblical Deluge from the point of view of two modern teenagers Uniue in that it makes no apology for all the fantastical stuff the Bible referred to in antediluvian times Angels getting it own with the village girls men who live for centuries strange voices in the forest Surprisingly this was one of the most original fantasy lands a novel had taken me to up till that point

  4. Alaina Alaina says:

    Many Waters is the fourth book in A Wrinkle in Time series and it's probably my least favorite It was just a really boring book to breeze through I mean they are only like 12 chapters each book but man was I bored with this oneSandy and Denny messed with their dad's new computer and traveled to a different time They end up within Noah and the Ark storyline which seemed pretty cool but was just really boring and disappointing For some reason it just didn't work for me and kind of rubbed me the wrong way No amount of coffee wine or puppy snuggles could get me to like this book I'm just happy that I'm almost done with this series The one thing I didn't like and trust me there was a lot of things I didn't like was the sex talk Or sexual references ANYTHING to do with sex in this book I didn't like I think the reason I didn't like it was because this series isn't supposed to be that type of young adult like middle school young adult with no sex EVER Overall this book was a hot mess in my eyes I just didn't like I hope the last book is way better

  5. Els Els says:

    HOOW DID THAT HAPPEN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN How did the pure beauty and truth and utter heartbreaking melody of A Wrinkle in Time turn in to this monstrous sensualized romantic Bible FanfictionDid I just read thatDid my eyes behold those pagesI really hope that was some nasty Echtroi induced dreamUnfortunately

  6. ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪SomeBunny Reads (Phoenix)•*¨*•♫♪ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪SomeBunny Reads (Phoenix)•*¨*•♫♪ says:

    “There’s no such thing as an unbreakable scientific rule because sooner or later they all seem to get broken Or to change” I never read anything uite like this series and the first book A Wrinkle in Time has become my favourite book of all time I rated all the other books five stars and this is the only one I had doubts on Don't get me wrong I would never rate it less than four stars and I still adore Madeline L'Engle's writing style and I still flew through these pages without being able to put it down but I guess I liked this book just a tiny bit less than the rest I can think of three reasons why this book still being a masterpiece like the others was a little less enjoyable for me number one it centers around the twins who are my least favourite characters; number two it is one whole adventure with less timespace travel and overall less fantasy; number three the unicorn ex machina was a little underwhelming in some moments But overall another amazing read I want and I don't want to pick up the last book now This series had been one A M A Z I N G read

  7. Madeline O& Madeline O& says:

    Many Waters I saw someone describe this novel as bible fanfiction and that really is the perfect description for it Bad bible fanfictionInitially I was excited for Many Waters I was keen to follow Dennys and Sandy for the first time However I was less keen to follow them to pre Flood times You know the one with Noah and the ark? That flood At the very least L'Engle starts by acknowledging that way back then people were a heck shorter than now In fact she mentions multiple times that these people were less than four foot tall Comparatively Dennys and Sandy were 20th century fifteen year olds who towered over them to the point of being called giants So tell me why I had to suffer through the constant descriptions of the female characters' breasts and Dennys and Sandy's sexual desires from the moment the twins met these tiny humans It was excruciating The whole book is excruciatingI mean it's not the religious nature of the book that bothers me The story is just so dumb And it's a shame because L'Engle is not a bad writer The actual mechanics of her writing aren't bad It's the content that is just so ludicrous Dennys and Sandy spend so much of the book doing nothing Like so much of the book is just them recovering from their sun exposure And the moment they learn one fella is named Noah? There's this immediate realisation by both that they must be in pre Flood times like there has never been another person named Noah And the weird fucking 'romantic' subplots One girl is 'in love' with both boys and 'loved' by both and another is painted as the Classic Seductress to the point that she's referred to as a slut I literally replayed that part of the audiobook to make sure I'd heard it right The novel just constantly felt like it was written with such a hyper religious agenda that L'Engle let actual craftsmanship fall to the waysideIf you need a good fucking laugh go full steam ahead and read this If not please don't ever pick this book up It is not worth it It really is that bad awful horrific abysmal and I could never seriously recommend Many Waters to another person

  8. Mayra Mayra says:

    No one seems to acknowledge these books as much as A Wrinkle in Time but this one was by far my favorite And maybe this is an overreaction but I thought this one story was really beautiful I really liked the Biblical time that the twins Sandy and Dennys went back to and how in that time angels were on the earth with humans It was interesting that they could take the form of an animal and it was clear that the Seraphim were good and the Nephilim evil There were so many characters in this story that it was a little hard to keep them straight but I love when there are a lot of characters I was surprised at some of the content as this book is supposed to be for kids I mean I first read it when I was a kid and I didn't really understand the whole concept of unicorns unable to be touched by anyone who isn't a virgin I didn't get what the word slut meant This one has a surprising take on the idea that women are never named or included in the Biblical stories It's always so and so and his wife such and such and his daughter So though the main characters are two boys Many Waters had a sort of feminist take on it What amuses me about the Time books mostly the third and the fourth is that the summaries make them seem like a science fictiony adventure but really they deal a lot with religion and the nature of good and evil I love Many Waters because I always wanted to hear about the twins and what was going on with them I did find it slightly creepy that they were thought of as one person and near the end Yalith was all I love you both and kissed them It seems like something odd to be taken lightly But then again this book was crazy and if you haven't read it yet you should Or maybe not since I probably spoiled a lot of it

  9. Jenny Clark Jenny Clark says:

    I enjoy L'Engle's books for the most part This one was no exception but my favorites will always be A Wrinkle in Time and A Wind In The Door since they don't have the main problem this and A Swiftly Tilting Planet do mainly the fact that the twins in this one and Charles Wallace in Planet don't really DO anything Sure they go to a different time and place but then what? They just wait to go back home That's not to say that the book was written poorly it just feels like there was not much point to Sandy and Den being there They just went about their daily life as much as they could and helped Noah and Grandfather with basic chores Even at the end when the arc was being built they just helped build it; they did not really have anything to overcome Sure the nephil were there and halfway worked against them but the only times either of the twins were in danger it did not feel like there was any doubt at all that they would be saved or able to get themselves out of it and it did not feel like the nephil would have actually hurt themOverall it was a well written story and does add some depth to Sandy and Den It is also and interesting way to read the story of Noah and the flood

  10. Teresa Teresa says:

    As I said of A Wind in the Door and A Swiftly Tilting Planet I didn’t know of these seuels to A Wrinkle in Time until I was an adult and read them when my son was reading the uartet I now own this beautiful edition and have reread the books along with their respective endnotes but reviewed them separatelyFrom what I gather fans of the Time uartet have two main issues with this book first that it is the Murry twins having an adventure; and second that this adventure is set in the time of Noah I don’t have an issue with the latter I get the first point though in that this adventure is out of character for the twins They are the static ‘normal’ characters in the books; they are there for contrast to the 'eccentric' members of their family as well as for some comic relief But I have no problem thinking of this book as alternative parallel ‘history’I imagine there’s a third disconcerting issue for some of the fans unlike the rest of the series this book is about sex mostly lust though love is promoted For the teenaged twins previously concerned only with sports and their upcoming drivers’ licenses this is the story of their sexual awakening It’s also a possible primer for their lives together going forward 1 y’all are likely to fall in love with the same good girl who will also be in love with both of you and that will be complicated; 2 beware of the older seductive bad girl with the “perfect” L’Engle’s word body Unicorns are also a part of the story and we all know the implications of that Having a brilliant scientist mother has certainly influenced their views though they have no issue with thinking and calling the Biblical story they are a part of “chauvinistic”My main issue with the book is that it seemed to go on too long perhaps because my adolescent days are long past and scenes like the ones of the boys being taken care of after sunstroke started to feel repetitive and a bit boring what kept me reading is L'Engle's storytelling skills

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