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1919 [Download] ➼ 1919 By Dorothy Dierks Hourihan – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In Dorothy Dierks Hourihan's 1919 A Kansas Tale the reader is presented with a convincing picture of life in a small town in Kansas in the years following World War I  The main character Nan Heath st In Dorothy Dierks Hourihan's A Kansas Tale the reader is presented with a convincing picture of life in a small town in Kansas in the years following World War I  The main character Nan Heath starts the story by watching the bodies of her parents and sister being removed from their burnt out home  Nan's progress from these bitter depths is the main current of the book  Her relationship with Ned and their eventual marriage is a classic love story full of awakening and triumphs .

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  1. Katie Katie says:

    This was a classic case of don't judge a book by its cover I picked this up off the shelf at the library expecting a cute Americana historical fiction type of book I was in for a disappointment The writing style was stiff awkward and disjointed I kept thinking that maybe the style would improve as the book went on but if anything it got worse Plus it kept jumping around between the stories of three generations seemingly at random Even when it did stick to the story of one generation it jumped around so much throughout that person's lifetime that it was difficult to figure out if the stories were occurring in the present or the past It was confusing at best and there were several parts that I had to reread 3 or 4 times before I figured out what the author was actually trying to convey Mixed in with the erratically flowing stories of these three generations were big blocks of text that seemed to just be relaying cut and dry facts about the time period It just seems that this is not how historical fiction was meant to be written; so many historical fiction books incorporate the facts and information seamlessly into the story and it just seemed like with this book the story would be put on pause to give you a history lessonAdd to that a couple of unnecessary and random sex scenes written in that same awkward and stilted language It was pretty horrible I've read a couple romance novels along the way and some other stories that happened to have some rather amorous parts but this one takes the cake for awkwardly written love scenes Also the author obviously has a great love of art that she attempted to incorporate into the book but unless you were also interested in art you wouldn't have any idea what half the terms she used were It really just seemed like the author was throwing out as much complicated art terminology as she could to sound intelligent I don't think she considered her audience Even being interested in art myself and familiar with the terminology it seemed like most of the complicated references were unnecessary I really didn't like this book very much but I gave it an extra star for the neat use of color in the author's initial description of the fire that burned the main character's house down the only part of the book I really cared for and the few neat sketches scattered throughout the book It also had uite a bit of historical info that was interesting even if the way it was presented was sub par Those few things combined earned it an extra star

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