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  • 22 October 2016
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10 thoughts on “Remember Me

  1. Paula Paula says:

    At best the book was okay I had a difficult time keeping the characters straight which husband? which daughter ?which job? whose ex boyfriend? The overall theme of friendship family life and forgiveness normally makes for interesting read but it really isn’t a book I would recommend to a friend

  2. Lana Lana says:

    Another amazing book from Cheryl Robinson Tells you how true a frindship can last over many years of being lost from your best friend Couldnt put it down

  3. Danielle Danielle says:

    Two women with a past that haunts their friendship are suddenly thrown together after a tragic accident Both Mia and Danielle found each other as teenagers living in a racially charged environment back in the mid seventies When Danielle stands by Mia one of a few black students they uickly form a friendship that lasts into their college years Only after a series of events and some poor choices on both their parts are they torn apart After years apart successes in both of their lives and each with a daughter of her own they find each other again after an accident that leads them both to the same hospital Traveling down memory lane though may be harder than it seems but with forgiveness and love they may be able to rekindle a friendship once lostRemember Me though Cheryl Robinson has numerous novels happens to be my first experience reading her books What I thoroughly enjoyed about her writing style was how incredibly easy the words flow off the page The story is told from the viewpoints of both Danielle and Mia at varying times in their lives and provides the perfect perspective on many of the situations they both experienced If I had any problems with that aspect of the story it would be that I sometimes got a bit lost trying to figure out who was speaking and what time period it was Otherwise I really enjoyed the varying outlooks and the way in which the story was toldAt it’s core Remember Me is about forgiveness reconciliation and courage Both Mia and Danielle’s lives left them at a place they never expected at the age of fifty Failing marriages children growing up career difficulties and lead them both on a path of reflection that causes a desire to let go of old hurt This aspect for me was nice and enjoyable to read but in many ways I was a little frustrated with both characters for not handling things maturely Yes in the heat of a situation especially one concerning a cheating spouse or backstabbing family member you may not be your finest but I found myself hoping to have either or both take charge of their situations a little uickly with a bit resolution It was once they found each other that these things fell into place again and the story really picked upWith it’s theme of forgiveness and friendship Remember Me will uickly become a story many readers will enjoy and in some ways relate to Cheryl Robinson has shared a story that Chick Lit readers everywhere will be able to pick up for a lazy afternoon of reading Though at times I struggled with the main characters resolution I still felt an incredible fondness toward both Mia and Danielle in this story that covers so many subjects including racism betrayal adultery lying and Sit back and relax with Remember Me and its cast of characters that you’ll enjoy hope the best forOriginally reviewed and copyrighted at Chick Lit Reviews

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I was very excited to read this as the story takes place in Michigan and Cheryl Robinson is originally from Detroit Michigan I didn't even pay attention to the number of pages when I signed up to read this book This ARC copy is actually 508 pages I thought it would take uite a while to read I was surprised when I started reading it and it just flew by I've seen mixed reviews on this book so I just wasn't sure how it would beThe story starts off in the year 1976 Danielle stands up for Mia at school Mia's teacher is prejudiced against her because she is black and Danielle is going to vouch for her They became best friends From there the story goes back and forth from their schoolcollege years to present dayMia was used to getting what she wanted She got a big surprise when she went to Saks And that old cheap cell phone for business that her husband had Come on he is really stupid if he thinks she is dumb enough to believe that one Her husband Frank really has the nerve to tell their daughter Alexa that she could have a boy stay at their house just because he was a star player for U of M At least Mia stood up for what she thinks is right and made them stay in the guest bedroom Yes she is away at college and can do whatever she wants there but she is staying at her parent's house I know some people don't like Mia but at least she went out and is trying to make a life for herself again As for Frank and his drinking that is a tough situation to handle Living with someone who is a drunk is not easy You don't really know until you are in that situationCheryl Robinson made this story really relevant There are mentions of Facebook She also deals with important issues like texting while driving cancer friendship and forgivenessI loved this uote from MiaShe snatched the door back open and shouted And if you didn't have money none of these women would want you with your old Humpty Dumpty looking ass She slammed the door again and this time she felt much better p113All I thought when I read this was yes you go MiaThere were a few confusing things to me The fact that there was a Chris in the past and one in the future that was the boyfriend of Mia's daughter was confusing It all made sense in the end though It was kind of hard switching back and forth from past to present and keeping track of what was whatI do uite a few author interviews I found a great new interview uestion out of this book from page 397 Tell me what your book is about in one sentenceI would recommend this book for sure Cheryl Robinson really moved me with this book I was literally brought almost to tears towards the end It's a wonderful book about friendship separation and just learning through life how to forgive

  5. Staci Staci says:

    First thoughts when I finished the last page Hmmmthat was just okayWhen I was approached by TLC to read Remember Me for the tour I gladly said yes for a couple of reasonsI love reading new to me authorsThe author is from MichiganThe book takes place in MichiganI think that I had very high expectations for this one and I'm sad to say that it just didn't make it with me overall I liked the story for the most part I'm fond of books that concern women who are friends and may have lost contact with each other and then are reunited under amazing circumstances What I need though is to like at least one of the women At times I caught myself feeling a little for the two women but for the most part I couldn't make myself like who they had become Because of that I just didn't enjoy this book as much as I'm sure someone else may I also felt that the framework for the story was there but it was missing a key ingredient fleshed out dimensional characters I just felt there was something lacking that hindered these two women to really become their own person and speak to me from the pages Recommend? I think it would be perfect for those that enjoy Danielle Steel in fact I was reminded of Steele's style often while reading this one and Nicholas Sparks Someone else may not respond the way that I did to Mia and Danielle I also honestly feel that Robinson has something to offer I would be willing to try another one of her books because I think that my enjoyment was hindered by my intense dislike of the two main characters Cheryl Robinson has written five other books I'm pretty sure my chances of finding a likable protagonist is high

  6. momruncraft momruncraft says:

    Mia Marks an independent black girl from inner city Detroit hides her insecurities and sadness behind a tough exterior Danielle King a shy suburban white girl hides her insecurities and sadness behind an aloof artsy exterior Thrown together at an introductory retreat for an all girls Catholic high school the beginnings of what would become a priceless friendship are formed Until one indiscretion years later shatters that bondTogether through high school college deaths in the family good boyfriends bad boyfriends no boyfriends the two girls learn to rely on each other in a way that they never could their family or parents Both girls have hard times at home that shape their ability to trust others; ultimately their inability to trust one another completely tears them apartYears later their daughters are both involved in a tragic car accident Not having spoke to each other in twenty plus years neither woman knows that the other is involved until they see each other in the waiting room of the hospital In a surprising not really twist of fate their daughters ended up being college room mates and both girls were in the same car that had been hit by a young woman texting Old indiscretions are brought up memories reignited and two woman are forced to face the situation they walked away from twenty years earlier A tale of friendship lost friendship found and the full circle that many paths take

  7. Holly (2 Kids and Tired) Holly (2 Kids and Tired) says:

    A story that alternates perspectives between Danielle and Mia in the present day as well as in flashbacks to their past After having been best friends for most of their high school and college years a falling out sends them on their separate ways Twenty years later each married and raising a college age daughter Danielle and Mia are reunited under tragic difficult circumstances Being thrust together as they are forces the women to take stock of themselves and answer the uestion as to whether their friendship can be rekindledWhile I liked Mia I can't say I really ever liked Danielle all that much although she does eventually redeem herself Both women have their own issues many of which stem from their respective upbringings Each is successful in her career and struggles in her marriage However as they reflect on their past experiences together they rediscover strengths in each other and in themselves There is some unnecessary profanity There were some editing issues but my copy is an unedited ARC and I'd like to read the finished version Remember Me is an enthralling story about the depths and strength of friendship It's a book I enjoyed and one that I can easily recommend

  8. Laura Laura says:

    This book is about the relationship of an African American woman and a white woman between the 70s and todayI found the writing pedestrian although admittedly it suffered from being the book I picked up right after The Great Gatsby the two main characters freuently selfish and mean and the plot device of switching back and forth apparently drives me battyBut I found the plot gripping I read the last 75 pages all in a rush unable to put it down until I had finished For that it deserves three starsAs a side note in my book forgiveness does not mean that you recite to the person all things that you are upset at them for and then say I forgive you It means truly letting it go and accepting the person

  9. T.A. Beasley T.A. Beasley says:

    Remember Me by Cheryl Robinson hit home for me The friendship of two women of different color being strained over one mistake that happened in their past Remember Me tells of how holding onto a grudge can affect your life after twenty years laterBoth women are grown with families Mia was a school teacher and Danielle a well known novelist When a tragedy brings the two old friends face to face again they will have to deal with past issues and learn to let go of past hurtThis is definitely a book I would recommend to others This has turned out to be my favorite book by this author

  10. Laura Laura says:

    Overall Remember Me is a wonderful story of friendship throughout life It is also a story of racism betrayal and other weighty topics This book has the two women examine their current lives and determine what really matters I think we could all stand back and do this to our own livesFor my in depth and complete review please check out my blog at

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Remember Me✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Remember Me By Cheryl Robinson ✸ – Two best friends test the limits of loyalty in a stirring new novel of friendship betrayal and forgiveness Erica and Claire had vowed to stay best friends for life until one indiscretion destroyed tha Two best friends test the limits of loyalty in a stirring new novel of friendship betrayal and forgiveness Erica and Claire had vowed to stay best friends for life until one indiscretion destroyed that bond forever Twenty years later tragedy reunites them in an unexpected way Now they must confront the past discover its untold truths and rebuild a friendship destined to endure.

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