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    Brooks Walter RChildren's FictionFreddy the pig lives in a pigpen and is a homely sort of animal but that doesn't mean he isn't something special Time and again Freddy proves his worth in the many adventures he has From running the Bean Farm bank to publishing its weekly newspaper to solving crimes around the farm Freddy's done it all So it's no wonder that people come to him when they find themselves in difficulties Deep in the heart of one of the coldest winters the Bean animals can remember Freddy receives an unexpected visitor a rhinoceros Jerry one of the animals from the Boomschmidt circus has made his way up from the deep South to ask Freddy to apply his brains to solving a big problem WIth the ongoing war and the country's dire financial straits Mr Boomschmidt has been forced to disband the circus and ask the animals to go their separate ways and fend for themselves Unwilling to give up on the man who has cared for them so long Jerry and Leo the lion determined to get Freddy's assistance Somewhere along the way Leo disappeared but Jerry finally made it through the deep fallen snow to the Bean farm Freddy's fond memories of the circus and the kindness of its owner are enough to motivate him to help Jerry find Leo and then give Mr Boomschmidt as much help as he possibly can But first he must come up with a solution to a problem that's closer to home The residents of Centerboro are being driven out of their homes by unruly mice Unwilling to stand by when the townspeople so desperately need him Freddy applies his smarts to curing the town of its troublesome inhabitants Will Freddy and the other Bean farm animals succeed as usual in this new adventure? Or is Mr Boomschmidt's circus closed for the last time?For a pig Freddy certainly is something special and for children's literature Walter R Brooks' series is something extraordinary Whimsical and fun each book is an absolute treasure and it's so sad that they are not popular today Full of clean humor homespun wisdom and delightful characters the books are everything that a good children's book should be What's even better however is that they are entertaining for adult readers too I love reading them and can't recommend them highly enough Please introduce the children in your life to this remarkable pig and his friends And take the time to meet him yourself too

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    A Dispersed Circus and a Concentration of Mice? Call a Pig It's deep in a long cold snowy winter on the Bean farm in NY State when Jerry the rhinoceros of Mr Boomschmidt's Colossal and Unparalleled Circus appears there having traveled from Virginia to seek the advice of Freddy poet editor banker detective and pig of many disguises and interests The problem is that the harsh wartime economy drove Mr Boomschmidt to retreat his circus to Virginia to wait out the hard times but he ran out of money for animal food so he had to disperse the animals and workers across America to join zoos or to live off the land Freddy really wants to help Mr Boomschmidt because the circus has often helped the pig in the past At the same time the nearby town of Centerboro is experiencing mouse trouble with houses and even the bank being infested Will Freddy be able to solve both problems? The title of the book Freddy the Pied Piper 1946 hints at his plan But how will the four mouse cousins who live with him on the Bean farm Eek uik Eeny and Cousin Augustus take it when he recruits a gang of abandoned cats and starts charging 500 per house to drive the Centerboro mice including the aunt of the four farm mice out into the snow? And will Mr Boomschmidt who has his pride accept Freddy's nearly 2000 of resulting mouse money to put the circus back in business? And even if he does how will all the scattered circus animals be found? The novel answers those uestions in author Walter R Brooks' usual entertaining and unpredictable ways In addition to Jerry Freddy is helped in his plans and adventures by Jinx the cat Old Whibley the owl Leo the lion Willy the boa constrictor Phil the vulture Mrs Church a wealthy and eccentric and generous woman and Mr Weezer the money loving but reasonable Centerboro bank president He is hindered by some unpleasant people including Gwetholinda Guffin an exploitive pet shop owner who sells fake canaries and Mr Bleech a greedy man who rides a lean and fast cow Brooks imagines a world in which all animals including birds insects and reptiles can speak with each other and with humans though the creatures tend to avoid startling humans with speech He also creates a moral system whereby anyone who abuses animals or looks down on them is in store for some narrative punishment while anyone who likes animals and tries to help them or communicate with them is in store for some reward even if it's only having their lives enriched by widening their vision and circle of friends The uncaged animals of Mr Boomschmidt's circus help run the showThere is much humor in the book Jinx trying to paint himself while he's sleeping; Freddy posing like a lion so Jinx can paint one to show migrating birds; Freddy's four mice friends giving him the silent treatment after his mousing business does too well; a feckless duck courting duck sisters Emma and Alice at the expense of their pompous Uncle Wesley; a camel cow goat and rhino running a 200 race; Madame Delphine telling dodgy fortunes with coffee grounds; a cookie loving buzzard receiving a special circus job; and In the novel Brooks really enjoys animal behavior and human foibles sometimes at the same time and provides fresh perspectives on them with a good natured wisdom underpinning everything Here are four examples What I don't understand Freddy said is why we're always superstitious about things that bring bad luck Why can't we be superstitious about good luck? I mean instead of thinking it's bad luck when you spill the salt why not think it's good luck when you spill the pepper? I don't know why people always have to bring pigs into it when they want to say something mean about somebody Jinx had decided to come along He had got so interested in painting that he hated to leave his studio but as he said he had the rest of his life to paint in while a chance to have all sorts of adventures in good company didn't come very often 'Well Leo don't just stand there Tell me what money is''It's the root of all evil chief' said the lion 'And boy how you dig for it'The black and white illustrations by Kurt Wiese are as usual just right realistic funny beautiful and blessedly un cuteFrom 1927 till 1958 Brooks wrote 26 stand alone books featuring the pig They may be read in any order though the first few books depict animals who can talk with each other but not to people whereas the later ones show animals and people talking together and the early books introduce characters who recur in later ones Apart from some repetition as when Brooks has Freddy comically disguise himself as a little old lady in multiple books throughout the Freddy books he is remarkably good at writing different plots themes and wise and witty lines about animals people and life As I continue reading or re reading them 45 years after I originally enjoyed some of them in the 1960s their humor and wisdom continue to impress me And the whole series has been brought back into print by Overlook Press and are being made into audiobooks perfectly read by John McDonough

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    The whole Freddy the Pig series of stories were much reuested for my sisters and I's bedtime read as very young children We enjoyed hearing about the adventures Freddy found himself and the stories were well told and didn't read as baby or little kid stories Freddy the Pig definitely deserves to be in every child's library of books

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    I liked it They have the trouble of mice in Centerboro So Freddy rents out a barn for them while he's demousing Centerboro and he earns lots of money and the point of earning is to get Mr Boomschmidts circus back on the road and he does it

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    I liked it It's about Freddy trying to put the circus back into the road

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Freddy the Pied Piper Brooks Walter R Freddy the Pig Series [EPUB] ✶ Freddy the Pied Piper Brooks Walter R Freddy the Pig Series By Walter R. Brooks – Freddy's friends knew that they could always rely on him to help them out of a jam and when Mr Boomschmidt and his traveling circus run into trouble Jerry the rhinoceros turns to upstanding Freddy for Pied Piper Kindle Ñ Freddy's friends knew that they could always rely on him to help them out of a jam and when Mr Boomschmidt and his traveling circus run into trouble Jerry the rhinoceros turns to upstanding Freddy for some practical advice In an instant the ever resourceful Freddy swings the Pied Piper Brooks Walter PDF or into action and uick as you know plans are made funds raised and scattered circus animals found Freddy does it again in one of his most memorable and enjoyable adventures.

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