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  1. Lisa M. Lisa M. says:

    I purchased this book from my local Pagan shop it was really overpriced at 20 This is especially true considering the fact that it is a very aged andor b used I have wanted to learn about herbs and their uses from a practical standpoint for a long time I am interested in learning about how we can use plants to heal ourselves and incorporating this into my paganism When I go to the pagan store or any bookstore and look in the New Age section at the books I'm not satisfied with the green magick offerings Each book is basically a magickal encyclopedia of herbs and these books tend to be expensive and all of the information is easily accessible on the internet rendering these types of books sort of antiuatedunnecessary or a gardening guide They weren't the type of book I was looking for A few weeks ago I went searching to find a green book that worked for me an Imbolc gift of sorts This book stood out I like how this book is organized If you don't know a lot about herbs or even plants the book is broken down into chapters about the parts of the plants seeds leaves flowers roots and essential oils Each chapter includes a basic explanation of how each part of the plant works and how you can tend to those parts of the plant I found these parts of the book to be the most rewarding and I'm really happy I purchased the book if only for these sections There are some instructions for basic processing of herbs infusion decoction maceration and basic uses facial steams herbal baths making wreathsgarlands potpourri essential oils etc I also really enjoyed these parts of the book just basic explanations of herbal uses This is what I really wanted to learn I also really really enjoyed the sections on ginseng and the following information about Traditional Chinese Medicine I didn't know a lot about it and it was eye opening definitely a topic I want to learn about Each chapter also includes some cosmetic householdcooking and medicinal uses of each part of the herb These parts of the book felt sort of random The author chooses some random herbs inserts them into cosmetichouseholdcooking use and present three to five sentences to describe the purpose Some of these inclusions were definitely interesting andor useful but I would have liked to know why they were selected Some of these entries included some background but I would have loved to know about their development What I would have preferred were basic categories about herbsworking with herbs as detailed in the last paragraph This was the true information I was after but in a way these random listings of uses really showed me that herbs can do a lot in our livesThe book also felt a little disjointed Although each chapter contains similar content and all of the content made at least a little sense if it wasn't a little random the chapters were organized really poorly the topics jumped and had no flow Each chapter did not share a similar structure It emphasized the randomness of some of the facts I had trouble believing the author's accuracy on this topic Some of the facts in the introduction seemed a little too convenient to the author's purpose Although the book flap says this book explores the folklore of herbs be warned this book is mostly practical uses and I would say that description is a bit misleading This disappointed me I didn't want a magickal book but information would not have hurt The random facts also made this seem like a cheap new agey book at times the author did a uick bit of research scrambled and put the facts together One could easily interpret the book this way But I think the author seemed genuinely passionate about the topic at times and I think her lack of organization and lack of any sources not even a further reading source really hurt her authenticity

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World of Herbs ❰Ebook❯ ➥ World of Herbs Author Lesley Bremness – A practical guide to using herbs in cooking cosmetics health and home decoration Explores each plant presents oils recipes appetizers to desserts; potions and remedies tips on gardening and aromatic u A practical guide to using herbs in cooking cosmetics health and home decoration Explores each plant presents oils recipes appetizers to desserts; potions and remedies tips on gardening and aromatic uses history and folklore Scattered line drawings.

  • Hardcover
  • 175 pages
  • World of Herbs
  • Lesley Bremness
  • English
  • 15 June 2016
  • 9780517123461