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The Rosy Crucifixion Book One Sexus ➾ The Rosy Crucifixion Book One Sexus Free ➵ Author Henry Miller – Terá sido numa uinta feira à noite Ele a caminho dos trinta e três anos funcionário numa empresa telegráfica e friamente casado conheceu a no salão de baile De um momento para o outro estava arr Terá sido numa uinta feira à Crucifixion Book PDF/EPUB ç noite Ele a caminho dos trinta e três anos funcionário numa empresa telegráfica e friamente casado conheceu a no salão de baile De um momento para o outro estava arrebatado de paixão e com a certeza de ue uma nova vida se abria à sua The Rosy Kindle - frente bastava ue tivesse coragem para arriscar tudoSexus é com efeito uma história de risco de provocação uma prosa vibrante plena de carne e espírito um relato de aventuras sexuais e literárias ue se estenderão de Brooklyn até à boémia Paris dos anos de Primeiro volume da trilogia Rosa Crucificação autobiografia ficcionada Rosy Crucifixion Book PDF/EPUB » cuja escrita Henry Miller manteve ao longo de mais de uma década este título foi publicado em França em e durante anos circulou clandestinamente por grande parte do mundo onde foi proibido por imoralidade.

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  1. Matt Matt says:

    I'm an artist blah blah blah blah blah I have promiscuous sex blah blah blah blah blah my wife is a lesbian blah blah blah blah blah I just got some genital warts blah blah blah blah blah banged my wife's lesbian lover blah blah blah blah blah I'm a poet blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  2. MJ Nicholls MJ Nicholls says:

    As a no holds barred relic of the sleazy 1920s this is an audacious text marred by passages of sublime arrogance outrageously boring prose soup and inane porn scenes Miller’s status as a provocateur is well earned his style a frenetic mash up of Dostoevsky Lawrence and Selby Sexus is incoherent meandering and shameless but compelling and unavoidably stimulating

  3. Andrew Andrew says:

    This is such a difficult book to write about because it's so expansive and so forthright in its world view This is my first foray into Henry Miller and lets just say that it has truly altered my perceptions and affected my world view Miller is a nutjob and often times you can't help but loathe his actions and are revolted by his way of thinking but this is where he succeeds and makes his strongest victories Miller's writing is the most confessional personal essay one can imagine He never shies away from telling us of his devious visions in order to create a likeable personality for himself He strips himself bare and includes his most bizarre sexual and primal impulses Obviously there is a strong emphasis on the book's sexual proclivities as it was a pivotal moment in the deconstruction of our country's censorship laws but Miller I believe is not trying to be overtly graphic in his sex writing merely to shock people so he can sell books In my opinion he includes the sex scenes in all their detailed glory because he wants to give them as much space in his writing as they exist in his world Sex is a huge part of most people's lives be it actually having sex or merely thinking about it Miller was an especially amorous person so a book about his life is going to contain a lot of sexual writing Is this a sensational way to write a book? Damn right But the beauty of Miller is that he couldn't give two shits He is driven and unrepentant of any of his beliefs He wasn't trying to start a revolution here he was just writing the only way he could And controversial subject matter aside it's just worth reading for the poetic style of his prose which contains some of the most aesthetically beautiful sentences forget content that I have ever read There are times I would read paragraphs out loud to myself just to hear the way they sounded coming off my tongue So yeah I like Henry Miller He has won me over as a convert and I'm very excited to delve deeper into his other writings

  4. Vit Babenco Vit Babenco says:

    I believe that the trilogy title The Rosy Crucifixion is a free interpretation of the mystical term Rosicrucianism – the Order of the Rosy Cross Thus Henry Miller is a Rosicrucian and alchemist of passion and the name of the novel Sexus wholly expresses the contents of the bookThe best thing about writing is not the actual labor of putting word against word brick upon brick but the preliminaries the spade work which is done in silence under any circumstances in dream as well as in the waking state In short the period of gestationAnd for the artist of Henry Miller’s calibre this period of gestation and the spade work is an ecstasy of loveHis mouth would wreath itself in a veritable mandibular ecstasy; he would work himself up until the very soul of him came forth in a spongy ectoplasmic substance It was a horrible state of affection terrifying because it knew no bounds It was a depersonalized glut or slop a hangover from some archaic condition of ecstasy – the residual memory of crabs and snakes of their prolonged copulations in the protoplasmic slime of ages long forgottenAnd Henry Miller’s love confessions are a boiling geyser of martyr’s lustEven being crucified if one is crucified by love may be an excruciating delight

  5. Ana Ana says:

    Henry Miller is nothing short of a favorite writer of mine after just one book I feel like I discovered a whole new universe between his pages I feel like I’ve been let in a secret club of people who can feel so deeply that their hearts beat in the spine of the book who can be filled with so much of anything that their blood oozes in the spaces between letters To say that I like his writing is an understatement – I fell in love with it This semi autobiographical work is in itself very good fiction I’m sure it’s embellished in true style of every over achieving author but it’s not embellished to the point where you don’t believe it any The characters are real they’re human through their flaws through their denial and acceptance of life’s moments they are a bunch of “characters” in the real sense of the word people whom you find hard to believe you would see on the street in your neighborhood because such individuals could only gravitate around someone like Miller He is the center piece of this trilogy and by all means he has to be His portrayal of himself is pathetic he’s a man of a thousand vices of which just the first are women and alcohol he is weak in his will to do anything except for laying around and having fun he is defined ultimately by his cowardice and laziness How can you ask is he then the great man that I advertise him to be? Well he’s a genius the way he writes beggars belief I could not have expected out of his work and I feel sad that I haven’t read him earlier There might be people out there who find his style shallow and empty as his life was all about himself sex himself literature himself sex alcohol sex you get the point But I beg to differ – even in his most dirty episodes those that give feminists heart attacks he never shames women never debases them They are to him part of the few things beautiful in this world part of what is to be worshipped be it that his prayers come in the form of sex did I say he had a lot of sex? In order to understand his take on women better I advise anyone interested to read his correspondence with his wife Anais Nin They are exuisitely beautiful declarations of love and you can recognize his penmanship in there as well To “Plexus” I say

  6. Rose Rose says:

    Henry Miller always writes with a surge of life being pushed through his pen His stories countless stories always with another point of view at one moment as an all knowing superior man and the next as a good for nothing useless piece of garbage that's floating about the air He's all too ready to express his truth even when it doesn't serve him favorably Who can't relate?Sex is part of life The view that Henry Miller is attempting to show himself off as some kind of Casanova has never come through to me He writes objectively as if to say 'Yeah it happened This is what it was' and before you know it he's gallanting into some other room all together unconcerned with the scene he was just inextricably a part ofWho hasn't received something from reading some Henry Miller? You can learn to live from his books if even a small compartment of your life

  7. وائل المنعم وائل المنعم says:

    I intended to give it 3 stars but because of the last 2 chapters almost 50 pages i decided that it deserve the 4 starsThe big difference between Sexus and his first two gems Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn is that here there's a lot of sex without any aesthetic or artistic purposes Also many times i feel he constrained the events and encounters with other characters his ordinary nonsense about life and women reach another high limitHe still got the great talent of a bohemian artist still use the most remarkable language among American novelists You can keep reading for many successive hours without felling boring except for the unnecessary porn scenesThe most remarkable parts in Sexus are When he tried to get rid of Maude by convincing her ex lover to save her from him The party he arranged for his friends when he got the bonus His definition of creation and creativity How Melanie got into the book His dream of Una Kent Hamson's letter Finally the most beautiful parts i've ever read by Miller until now is the last 50 pages which starts with Cleo at Minsky brothers then the two deaths of Osmanli the Turk and the end with Miller the dog and his woof woof

  8. Roman Clodia Roman Clodia says:

    To be able to give oneself wholly and completely is the greatest luxury that life affords Real love only begins at this point of dissolution I've giving this 4 stars for the wild energy of Miller's vision and writing and the iconoclastic way in which he challenged the 'rules' of fiction but this comes with massive caveats about the casual racism 'now a Chink was different Chinks were white slavers But a Jap you could trust' implicit homophobia 'he was a bit ueer wasn't he? Didn't you tell me he was in love with a bus driver? Or was he a N lover?' though women having sex together is totally ok preferably with a male watching or participating and complete macho obsession with the potency of the penis 'she had several orgasms in succession and almost fainted in the process' Incidentally this isn't just one woman but all 'good' women in Miller world are multi orgasmic at the sight of a erect penis while you know a 'bad' women because she's frigid Oh until she catches a glimpse of said Miller's always erect penis of course Still at least sex and pleasure are not the prerogative of men even if the fantasies that underpin the sexual scenarios and the writing of sex are very different from say that of Anais NinWhile this has been cited as literate pornography I'm not convinced that that's true as I'm not sure this is written to titillate in actual fact the sex scenes are pretty samey I soon started skimming them and are about a rejection of bourgeois values though I was immensely amused that during this book Miller is working a 9 5 corporate job than anything else Sex is a counter cultural marker as is the writing of it in explicit detailI came to this book on the back on Anais Nin's writings especially her diary that details her ménage with Miller and his wife June here known as Mara and then Mona in Paris The frenetic energy might all belong to Miller but the intriguing character is Mara MonaJune and the role she plays in Miller's own inner narrative 'but if they are able to throw themselves at one another recklessly concealing nothing surrendering all if they admit to one another their interdependence do they not enjoy a great and unsuspected freedom?' It's this goal of liberation that really drives the book and Miller's simultaneous power over and enthrallment to an endlessly elusive woman 'then it came to me only if she were dead could I love her the way I imagined I loved her' is one that reverberates through male writing in a western cultural tradition from Catullus' Lesbia poems via Dante's Vita Nuova and Petrarch's sonnets to Laura in the Canzoniere all the way through to Swann's obsession with Odette in Proust These women are all subject to the overwhelming literary spiritual and physical desires of their male lovers and creators which is why it's especially seductive and a bit subversive that in Miller's case we have in Anais Nin a female voice from within this nexus of desiresSo I enjoyed this for its crazy whirl of youthful adventures in New York it's only at the end that Miller and Mona start to talk of travelling to Europe its philosophising 'the truth that the goal of life is the living of it' and the full on rejection of limiting conventions whether in writing or living It's easy to see how influential this was and it's difficult to imagine an On the Road without Miller though Kerouac's vision is very different Just be ready for an awful lot of hardily erect penises and gushing ejaculations

  9. Praj Praj says:

    Henry Miller uotes Whatever I do is done out of sheer joy; I drop my fruits like a ripe tree What the general reader or the critic makes of them is not my concern Maintaining Henry’s charm; let the perversity surge Ladies and gentlemen I am Henry Miller and I’m in a gratifying allegiance with my penis I LOVE TO FUCK Screw every pussy in town YooHoo My ex wife is a lesbian Yay I fucked my wife’s lesbian lover; for years Whoa Aren’t I an uncouth sordid dirty little bastard? Things you ought to discern about my book Sexus1 Sexus is the first volume of the Rosy Crucifixion trilogy The series is based on my factual life experiences amid my metamorphosis of being a novelist Predominantly it is my sexual navigation of an exotic creature – Mara; not before circumnavigating Irene Sylvia and numerous dripping lassies Irene that horny cunt can make a man bleed No wonder her husband is paralytic She must have twisted his cock off Poor Ulrich couldn’t keep up with the all night orgy Sylvia on the other hand is dull as ditch water Mara that bitch can get me barmy giving me a hard on even when I’m looking at the bitter hag my wife I am so hung up on her blowjobs and taxi uickies I overlook that she is an impetuous liar2 Maude my present wife is such a wrench Fucking her makes me feel like a necrophiliac Although it is not a nuisance as I can bang any crap with a hole yet her customary snide of me being a promiscuous prick not caring about the family or my child smacks the shit out of me 3 My cronies Dr Kronski Ulrich my sidekick in sexual burlesue Stanley etc are a bunch of sympathetic drunks with suicidal or fatal aspirations except get them some twirling willowy legs and they can hump like rabbits4 Sex is one of the nine reasons of reincarnation So each time I get a stiff bulge in my pants I come across ways to attain salvation5 If the freuent usage of racially provocative or prejudiced language astounds the proverbial reader chew a nickel and get on with it I can’t help if I’m the cruelest sexist asshole6 At times when my penis does not take a call I do manage to pen down sensible libretto arguing the significance of being a writer and life as we call it However me being a narcissistic prick eventually the narration embellishes all night orgy sessions with couple of lou lous and Ulrich7 Several readers consider me to be a pervert dickhead while some contemplate about my genius collaboration of imaginative intelligentsia Yes My common sense does take a hike at times but that’s who I am – a raunchy egoistical mastermind of sexual emancipationHush Miller We get it You are as horny as a three balled tomcat with a swamped gutter mouthIn conclusion as to sum it all up Sexus is a freakishly fascinating reserve

  10. Meika Meika says:

    I bought this book as a souvenir for a trip to New York it seemed relevant and memorable than picking up one of those 5 I heart NY t shirts peddled at every tourist stop and street stand in the city I knew what i was getting myself into having read portions of the diary of Anais Nin and Mr Miller did not disappoint I'm still reeling from everything that's in the book most of which i feel was lost on me But if you read with a certain amount of surrender not unlike that reuired to listen to a crazy person in a bar you'll catch moments of startling lucidity Of course it's some of the raciest erotica i've read but it's much relevant to human experience than some smutty porn that calls itself literary

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