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  1. Denise Denise says:

    As the only non magical person among her family and friends Lani Goldspell often feels left out in her own community and has decided to embark on a normal career that doesn't reuure any magical talent Her first week as an associate in a law firm however somehow ends up involving a whole lot magical shenanigans than expectedCutesy uirky and often very very silly which is fine if you're entertained by very silly things but my patience with the silly stuff ran out after a few chapters and by the end pretty much all of the characters were just getting on my nerves

  2. Sara Beaman Sara Beaman says:

    In spite of the fact that I rarely read romance and generally prefer my novels bleak and soul sucking I thoroughly enjoyed this bookIllegal Magic like its protagonist is endearing and freuently hilarious While its tone is lighthearted and often zany Illegal Magic nevertheless has an interesting plot with mystery elements and twists that careful readers will really enjoy The premise is interesting a girl from a wizarding family with no magical powers of her own trying to navigate the mundane working world and the novel builds well on it creating an engaging dynamic setting with just enough weirdness to be interesting and just enough normalcy to still be accessible Illegal Magic is easy to read in the best sense of the words you can sit back and enjoy the book without ever stumbling or having to reread a section Anyone who enjoys fun lighthearted romance should enjoy this book even if they don't normally read paranormal romance The reverse is true anyone who enjoys fantasy especially in the vein of Harry Potter would enjoy this book even if they don't usually enjoy romance The book isn't weighed down by the tropes of either genre A uick fun thoroughly amusing read

  3. Ann aka Iftcan Ann aka Iftcan says:

    First book and possibly first novel in a new UF lite series This book features Alann aka Lani Goldspell the only non magical person in her family a family famous for its powerful magic So Lani decides to just make the best of her life and go with a non magic job lawyer In the first week she meets a hot guy who can't remember her name has her first client a truly geeky vampire gets involved with a slum lord who might possibly have an evil artifact and be sacrificing the residents of his apartment building to gain power is given a talking plant and oh yes her para legal is a pixie Some of the humour was a little forced but for a first novel and first in a series this was surprisingly well done

  4. Cheryl M-M Cheryl M-M says:

    It is uite flighty and often it seems as if the author has thoughts on a page than a bunny can shake its tail but that I think was also the charm of it With a little depth and character development this could be a great little seriesThe paradox of the main character being of course the fact that she has no magic and never will have any but all things magical and supernatural seem to be drawn to herThe chapter that explained the Council and the various job descriptions of said council members was too drawn out over complicated and in danger of being boringThe foundation of a good concept has been poured and I hope this author can build a stronger story the next time round

  5. Vicki Scullion Vicki Scullion says:

    A law office and magic are an unusual combination that works well in this novel The characters are interesting although the main character is a bit whiny at times Overall I enjoyed reading this book

  6. Phee Phee says:

    Very funny I loved the idea of a refugee from the witchy world trying to make it in corporate legal America

  7. Gail Gail says:

    Fun and uirky Nice enjoyable light read with a twist of a magical person trying to pass as non magical Cute

  8. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    Enthralling story could use a little polish but definitely worth the read

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    Urban fantasy funI really liked this book I just finished reading a series and was looking for something fun and this was definetly it The characters are warm and sassy and charming The story is solid and a uick read

  10. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    Illegal Magic starts with a magical bash Lani's family pulls out the works for a no holds bared party to celebrate her success at becoming a lawyer Spells mythical creatures and lost inhibitions abound It was like Harry Potter on crack There was a serious moment in which I paused and thought oh this is gonna be BAD Lucky after the first chapter or so it settled down though it still reminded me of a grown up Happy Potter Lani's parents could easily have been Molly and Arthur Weasly Ron was a baker named Kalvin Hermine was actually some odd amalgamation of Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom a pretty spacey gardener named Dana and good 'ol Harry was still brave in the face of danger even if he did have breasts and no magicThis is not a book that takes itself seriously nor should it be taken too seriously by any reader Look too deeply and you start to wonder how exactly the magic users could live practically among the rest of humanity and not know what a car is or that grocery stores exist Plus a number of the plots elements are bare substructures with no substance Why exactly is Fellion following Lani around incessantly for example? I spent 95% of the book thinking that he didn't even remember her But if you are willing to suspend your critical thinking for the duration of the story it is extremely funny Poor Lani's perpetual frustration sharp tongue and insane surrounding are pure joyI also really appreciated that Blakely view spoilerdidn't suddenly allow Lani to develop magic out of the blue That is such a common occurrence in fantasy novels The main character is lacking in some fashion only to then suddenly become the strongest of them all It reeks of over simplicity Lani hadn't had magic from birth and unless someone or something gives it to her I don't see why it should suddenly appear even if that allows a problem to wrap up nicely Blakely maintains Lani's non magic status thereby refusing to give her an easy out and forcing her to develop as a character hide spoiler

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Illegal Magic ✫ [PDF] ✑ Illegal Magic By Arlene Blakely ✸ – What do you get when you mix magic lawyers More than you bargained forLani's family has magic Her friends have magic Even the plants in her community are magicalBut Lani's powers never manifest and sh What do you get when you mix magic lawyers More than you bargained forLani's family has magic Her friends have magic Even the plants in her community are magicalBut Lani's powers never manifest and she's tired of feeling like the odd one out So she goes to law school and does her best to fit in with the non magical worldToo bad her first client is a geeky vampire And her second client is an evil sorcerer And her smoking hot one night stand doesn't remember her nameIf Lani survives her first week of work she's gonna seriously consider a career change.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 252 pages
  • Illegal Magic
  • Arlene Blakely
  • English
  • 10 October 2014