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A Great and Terrible Beauty [PDF / Epub] ★ A Great and Terrible Beauty By Libba Bray – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Gemma Doyle não é igual às outras raparigas de postura irrepreensível ue só falam uando interpeladas ue conservam a postura ue permanecem deitadas e ue pensam na Inglaterra uando lhes é pedido N Gemma Doyle não é igual às outras raparigas and Terrible Epub µ de postura irrepreensível ue só falam uando interpeladas ue conservam a postura ue permanecem deitadas e ue pensam na Inglaterra uando lhes é pedido Não Gemma é uma ilha Aos dezasseis anos é enviada para a Academia Spence em Londres após uma tragédia ue assombrou a sua família na Índia Sozinha carregando o peso da culpa e propensa a visões do futuro ue têm o mau hábito de se concretizar Gemma é alvo de uma A Great PDF/EPUB or recepção gelada Mas Gemma não está só ela foi seguida por um jovem misterioso ue uer ue a sua mente se feche às visões Em Spencer os poderes de Gemma ganham força Ela vê se enredada com as raparigas mais influentes da escola e descobre a ligação da sua mãe a um grupo obscuro conhecido por a Ordem E será aí ue o seu destino a espera se Gemma acreditar nele“Uma Grandiosa e Terrível Beleza” é o tipo de livro ue não conseguimos largar Great and Terrible eBook ´ É uma vasta tapeçaria de saias rodadas de sombras dançantes e de coisas ue se escondem na escuridão É um retrato vivo da época vitoriana altura em ue as raparigas eram educadas para serem esposas de homens ricos E é a história de uma rapariga ue viu um caminho diferente.

About the Author: Libba Bray

What is it about writing an author bio and Terrible Epub µ that gives me that deer in headlights feeling It's not exactly like I'm going to say I was born in Alabama and somebody's going to jump up and snarl Oh yeah Prove it At least I hope notI think what gets me feeling itchy is all that emphasis on the facts of a life while all the juicy relevant human oddity stuff gets left on the cutting room floor.

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  1. honestly mem honestly mem says:

    A Great and Terrible Beauty is neither great nor beautiful though it is indeed wait for it terribleThe characters are simple and one dimensional their actions both petty and selfish I find it difficult to believe any one of the four girls at the heart of the story cared for one another much less anyone else The story meanders often digressing into lengthy passages that do little if anything to advance the characters or the story As the story progresses drawing to its predictable and dissatisfying conclusion it becomes clear that Ms Bray has mistaken style for subtance and that her prose is not stylish enough to support this beliefMost offensive however is the racial and sexual content within the book The male lead a young man from India is sexualized and fetishized for his exotic appearance and culture; other Indian characters are shown as either submissive or violent The Romani people wandering the schoolgrounds suffer from even greater stereotyping the men are portrayed as slovenly ignorant and sexually aggressive towards the white schoolgirls; the women are docile and suitably mystical Her treatment of the female characters is also uestionable Though these Victorian girls wander about with decidedly un Victorian sensibilities and though Ms Bray makes a weak attempt to decry the injustices of a society so uick to condemn the expression of feminine sexuality the story itself does not support this modern take on the Victorian era The girls submit to their male counterparts or pine helplessly from a distance Sexual and romantic relationships between men and women often contain obvious and disturbing power imbalances or violent undertones The relationship between the four girls is emotionally shallow and deeply petty motivated by mutual dislike and composed of backstabbing and bullying tactics And though Ms Bray is uick to condemn the indignities and horrors of an arranged marriage she is also uick to condemn her protagonists when they dare to act instead of react It's a confusing mix of self righteous pulpit pounding and misogyny with the end result being I wanted to put my fist through the admittedly lovely and eyecatching coverMy one relief is that I had the sense to borrow this from the library instead of buying it outright I do not recommend it

  2. Jennie Jennie says:

    This book is what it is a young adult novelThat said it's a very good one You can read the summary on the book's page so I won't go into that hereI loved the juxtaposition of Victorian England colonial India and the fairy world The protagonist doesn't belong in any of them and she recognizes that which sets up the whole story the outsider tries to find her nicheI didn't care for any of the other main characters mostly because I felt that the protagonist Gemma was treading on thin ice by being friends with them I liked Gemma I've read reviews that said she was selfish angry and petty and she can be but what sixteen year old isn't? The friendship between Gemma and the other three girls is based on a desire for freedom as well as the tenuous sharing of secrets I don't think the girls were ever meant to appear as the best of friends even on a good day so the reviews that criticize the friendship being shallow puzzle me I meanwell yeah right?I thought the story flowed really well and had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing it's also a really uick read and I was sorry when it ended as soon as it did The visits to the fairy realm were really a delight to read pure escapism for the characters as well as the reader And not without a dark edgeFinally it was a little racy which I thought was pretty awesome for a YA novel It's hard to write a teenage sexual awakening while so much other stuff is going on especially without being sordid cheesy or flowery Bray does this really well and the male love interest is your typical aloof charming vaguely dangerous devastatingly hot man of few words character I can hear the swoons of teenage girls everywhere Hell even I sighed once or twiceI'm definitely looking forward to reading the next two books in this series

  3. Emily May Emily May says:

    I don't know why for so long I just assumed I wouldn't like historical fiction it's not as if I don't love history I picked it for one of my A levels in college But I guess it's just one of those genres that sounds tedious and you imagine it to be all oppressed sexuality and prim and properness Diana Gabaldon forever changed my mind with her oversexed and aggressive depiction of history and it was only a matter of time before I looked towards other works of historical fictionThis book is both everything I expected and also everything I didn't expect It's set for the most part in a boarding school for educating girls in the art of being 'ladies' or in other words wives The girls were expected to be reserved polite and most importantly beautiful This I was prepared for I was also prepared for the customs superstitions and blatant sexism of the times However it never occurred to me that this novel would be simply a 19th century take on a modern school There's gossiping bitchiness and bullying of those who are different in this case from a lower classIt's a good dose of chick lit as well as a historical book And that's before we've even gotten to the whole magicfantasy aspect This novel completely transcends genres and does it well I didn't see the whole other realm mysticality thing coming but I loved it The gypsies are awesome as well we have crazy gypsies fake fortune telling I speak with dead people gypsies sexy gypsies don't believe the rumours 19th century girls didn't just lie back and think of England And that's another thing I liked the exploration of the girls' sexualities behind closed doors It may not be the most reliable source the book was written in modern times but it's easy to imagine that beneath the surface of Victorian society's repressed sexuality girls probably did talk about 'having' thousands of men Earls Dukes Barons Princes Anyway lost myself on a smutty tangent I was saying that I liked the idea of weaving fantasy into history I'm all for spicing up times gone byI didn't give it 5 stars because it wasn't uite up there with my other 5 star rated books I liked it I loved the many different elements that made the novel hard to categorise and I liked the characters I always like it when things aren't just as simple as she's a bitch and she's a freak in any kind of genre I liked how even though Gemma lost her mother at the beginning the relationship was still built up throughout I liked that the protagonist wasn't a pushover even so because the novel setting was in a very sexist society And I love anything with dreams andor visions

  4. Rick Riordan Rick Riordan says:

    Okay so I was a little slow discovering this but since Rebel Angels just came out I figured I would read the first in the series first The novel can best be described as Gothic fantasy Lots of Victorian atmosphere and ruminations about the claustrophobic restrictions on women in that time period combined with a good portion of magic and mystery I loved Bray's sense of humor It saved the novel from becoming top heavy or melodramatic The ending didn't uite work as well for me as the rest of the book but perhaps I was simply reading too fast by that point I would recommend it to teen girls say 13 Be aware there was a definite erotic edge to the book No so than Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but it's worth mentioning

  5. Melanie Melanie says:

    Buddy Read with some amazing ladies and a traveling book hosted by Julie over at Pages and Pens ❤ A Great and Terrible Beauty is exactly why I am scared to read earlier decades published novels that I remember were super hyped and popular This also reads just like an early 2000s novel with all the problematic content being there The basic premise of this book is a young girl named Gemma Doyle is whisked away to a London boarding school after the death of her mother Before her mother’s death she is given a necklace and she is forced to realize that she is way important and special than she ever thought She’s the hero that can heal the realms and save the world Then at the boarding school that is meant to turn these girls into desirable young ladies to be married off Gemma falls into a group with three other girls Basically the four girls start out like the cast of Mean Girls Gemma Cady Felicity Regina Pippa Gretchen Ann Karen and events uickly escalate to them becoming the cast of The Craft Gemma Sarah Felicity Nancy Pippa Rochelle Ann Bonnie Also let the record state that I absolutely love Mean Girls and The Craft and this book is lesser in every single aspect but the parallels are there This book is extremely racist and homophobic but it’s painted in a way that says “This is just how it was back in 1895” and it feels extremely bad to read And even though this is supposed to be a book about four friends coming together and forming a secret order I feel like the term friends should be used very loosely There is so much catty girl hate in this book that I truly believe my younger self would have hated this just as much in 2005 if I read itAnd the fat shaming is constant It actually grosses me out to think about how many people read this book read all these terrible and hurtful passages vilifying girls because they aren’t stick thin and thought this book was okay And how this book handles self harm is always disgusting Also to touch upon the racism the male love interest is from India and is constantly fetishized for being not white His exoticness is constantly brought up and Gemma is shamed by herself and her peers for liking him Also the word Gpsy is used constantly and the Romani people in general are one big stereotype that is painful to read There are also a ton of misogynistic comments but the book tries to battle those a bit I’ve had many people tell me that Libba Bray is a feminist writer but this is the perfect example of what white feminism looks like Like this was a fucking mess And a late 1800s setting doesn’t excuse it Trigger warnings for self harm suicide murder animal cruelty substance abuse and everything offensive under the sun As for positive things I can say I will say that this was an extremely fast read Even with this being 400 pages I read this uickly within two days And each chapter does end in a way that makes you want to read I also really enjoyed the atmosphere of this book especially during the Halloween season It’s a super old and creepy boarding school with mysteries and magic surrounding it constantly I mean the setting was eerie and amazing And even though nothing much happens until the last 100 pages this book still feels spookyThis is just my personal opinion and I hope you all will respect that Also if this is one of your favorite books then I am happy you found enjoyment from it Overall for me I was super disappointed to read this Especially because this was my first time participating in a traveling book club But it is what it is and I will never support a book with this much problematic and offensive content regardless the year it was published This book should just be renamed to A Terrible Gemma Doyle Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch

  6. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    Boarding school stories are f a s c i n a t i n gA pitiful review but two exams tomorrow so I can't give you dear reader O

  7. Joyzi Joyzi says:

    Shall I tell you a story? A new and terrible one? A ghost story?Are you ready?Shall I begin? Once upon a time there were four girls One was prettyOne was cleverOne charming and oneOne was mysterious But they were all damaged you see Something not right about the lot of them Bad blood Big dreams Oh I left that part out Sorry that should have come before They were all dreamers these girlsOne by one night after nightthe girls came together And they sinned Do you know what that sin was? Their sin was that they believed Believed they could be different Special They believed they could change what they were—damaged unlovedCast off things They would be alive adoredneeded Necessary But it wasn't true This is a ghost story remember? A tragedyThey were misled Betrayed by their own stupid hopes Things couldn't be different for them because they weren't special after all So life took them led them and they went along you see?They faded before their own eyes till they were nothing than living ghosts haunting each other with what could be What can't beThere now Isn't that the scariest story you've ever heard?

  8. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    45Libba Bray never seems to disappoint and this was no exception I really loved this one I love the time period and all the witchiness and the characters were awesome it was great

  9. Bonnie Shores Bonnie Shores says:

    According to the author this is a story about an English girl named Gemma who sees things A girl with a dead mother a lot of guilt strange friends and a mysterious destiny To me it was a story about a strong willed teen who felt alone in the world I specifically used the word teen to denote a person whose life inexperience causes her to make impulsive decisions—not all bad mind you—but implusive nonethelessThe story is set in Victorian era England a period in time where a girl's greatest hope was supposed to be to marry well read money Well born girls were trained to smile and be proper no matter what and eventually lie back and think of England They were mislead Betrayed by their own stupid hopes Things couldn't be different for them because they weren't special after all So life took them led them and they went along you see They faded before their own eyes till they were nothing than living ghosts haunting each other with what could be what can't beSo while this is a story that is centered around Gemma finding a diary that reveals the secrets of the mystical Order I found it to be character driven And I mean that in the best way I loved getting to know Gemma Felicity Pippa and Ann and seeing their friendship change and grow when through a magical realm they were able to experience the desires of their heartsUOTES I LOVE ❣️ They see her differently now As somebody And isn't that what everyone wants? To be seen? What if I am damaged? We're all damaged somehow You can never really know someone completely That's why it's the most terrifying thing in the world really taking someone on faith hoping they'll take you on faith too It's such a precarious balance It's a wonder we do it at all And yet I've heard it said that God is in the details It's the same with the truth Leave out the details the crucial heart and you can damn someone with the bare bones of it But forgiveness I'll hold on to that fragile slice of hope and keep it close remembering that in each of us there lies good and bad light and dark art and pain choice and regret cruelty and sacrifice We're each of us our own chiaroscuro our own bit of illusion fighting to emerge into something solid something real We've got to forgive ourselves that In every end there is also a beginningAnd with that I look forward to reading Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thing Thank you Libba Bray

  10. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    375 starsI went into this book knowing nothing about it except that it possibly had something to do with witches which in the end was incorrect I love that this is both historical and has magical elements especially set at a boarding school because the aesthetic and the setting of the book was really neat I also love that despite the time Gemma is a feminist and has a lot of confidence However I had problems with this book than I have praise I felt like Gemma was very gullible and foolish in her decision making something that made me shake my head the entire book Additionally I was having a hard time getting into this because for some reason I kept getting bored and picking up other things I loved Libba Bray's writing style though so I can't wait to pick up her other books and maybe one day continue on with this series but at this point I'm not suresorry to all my really good friends that love this book c

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