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  1. Greg Greg says:

    For years before reading this book I hated it I hated it so much I think at least half of my zines have somewhere the line Fuck you Coupland at least once in some rant My hatred of him was immense seriously For example if I had been driving my car and I had seen him I would have run him over Of course like any good hatred I only had superficial reasons for hating him I had never read his work I only saw the catchy looking books and saw them as a disgusting marketing device And of course there is the name of this book and the fact that I hated the whole Generation X thing that in the 90's seemed to be thrown about all the time But then I read the book and I found I actually really really liked the book and that I didn't hate Douglas Coupland and that I had been wrong in my irrational hatred Oh well I guess I'm sorry for all the times I told you to go fuck yourself in my zine

  2. Fabian Fabian says:

    Does the term overload make or break the novel? Lets just say that in its o so 80's rampantly materialistic take on self imposed post mid twenty crisis survivors the book may want to break itself This is the euivalent of what Reality Bites was to film zeitgeisty important conspicuousIt is a fun lexicon like novel that reads like The Decameron or the Canterbury Tales in modern day The protagonists don't know it but actually live in an age where nothing is happening and so the stories they tell themselves atop their middleclass hill both alienate them from the events of the country and transforms them into monolithic figures Okay they bitch these X ers like any new generation that becomes conscious of its own incongruities but lounging by the pool? Clearly they had it better than us we may have it better than our yikes children In my generation well let's just say I am super glad to pay a kings ransom for my Cap Hill Lladro priced matchbox apt The stories all come from spiritual castaways in their bourgeois splendor they try hard to break from including obviously the too cool author That they all bear the same register of tone the same intelligent tone gives the work a realistic splendor that's richly inventive playfully evocative

  3. Fergus Fergus says:

    Last night I had to ease myself down from an OCD treadmill after a day spent fending off incessant reminders from the authorities that the world was no longer a safe or a healthy place and we all had to do our best straight ‘n narrow bit to stay ahead of the game Sound familiar?Like you I was trying to stay normalSo after the dishes were safely tucked away into their cradles in the dishwasher and that cantankerously noisy household device had been duly started drowning out the news I rigidly sat back in a kitchen chair to find out where exactly in this self isolated day I had gone wrongAnd I was once catapulted back to the nineties a tumultuous time of leaner smarter and better Gen Xers in an endless blindingly fast lane That was where it started The Me Gen’ers were now calling the shotsI remembered how Douglas Coupland when I bought the first hardcover edition of this book back in ‘94 had reminded me that we were all suddenly behaving as if the very life and our very identity had been sucked outta our arteriesAnd that’s still us or so now at the beginning of the 20´s the start of the Age of the uaranteens AKA burnt out viral Gen XersCoupland is right Our personalities have now been leeched away But here on Goodreads have you noticed? there are uite a lotta reviewers and bloggers who are attempting to INJECT THAT LIFEBLOOD BACK INTO OUR SYSTEMSBooks are where we start Books are where we begin our re invention of our livesCoupland said our brains trust reconditioning resulted in a situation back in the 1990’s where we found we had lost our stories to tell Well here right here on GR that’s all changing We’re reading and ordering vast MOUNTAINS of books ALL chock fulla great stories that are REMAKING OUR LIVES into Real Things And things of BeautyCoupland may have thought we were all becoming robots We’re not nowWe’ve got our literacyAND we are RE IMAGINING Helen Reddy’s power anthem of the eightiesWE ARE READERS HEAR US ROARWatch out you Forces of ImpersonalityCause WE have our books

  4. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    I think I read this right when it came out I identified for the most part with the generation he describes but actually was probably about 5 years too young to completely fit It is interesting to note that the preoccupations we had back then are not all that different then those of the current millennials but that back then we did not have social media or iPhones and so the dissemination of our discontent our angst and our disillusionment was not as accessible as it is today via Facebook Instagram Snapchat etc It would be interesting to see how Coupland would compare the current 20 somethings to this description of 20 somethings the same year that Pearl Jam's Ten Nirvana's Nevermind U2's Aching Baby and Blood Sugar Sex Magic by the Red Hot Chili Peppers came out Without sounding like too much of an old fart I am not sure that 25 years later we have had as epic a musical output as we did back in '91 when GenX was published Please feel free to disagree in your comments

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    This is the story of a handful of Generation X ers defined as people born between 1960 and 1980 In the book three late twenty someones Andy Claire and Dag separately give up their upwardly mobile jobs and move to Palm Springs California There they take up residence in modest digs take low paying service jobs and attempt to live or less minimalist lives They entertain themselves by telling stories made up or real drinking snacking having picnics and for the most part eschewing serious relationships Their purpose apparently is to reject traditional society which they find oppressive Though the characters reject the values of their nuclear families which are not perfect but whose family is? they do maintain contact via phone calls visits and so onso their isolation is not complete Though the hippie ish lifestyle of Andy and his friendsacuaintances is amusing to read about it strikes the reader at least this reader as unrealistic and unsustainable Though a small segment of society can decide to 'do nothing' with their lives and suffer few conseuences if everyone took up this lifestyle the country's economy would soon collapse And even for those who are determined to stick it out this kind of freewheeling behavior becomes unattractive when people are no longer young that is approach their mid thirties and older The main characters try to be committed to their 'no strings' lifestyle but life does impinge Claire develops a huge crush on Tobias an exceptionally handsome man and follows him to New York where their lives don't mesh Dag is attracted to Claire's friend Elvissa and tries to develop a relationship with her until Elvissa skips town for an even minimal lifestyle Dag is also an obsessive vandal damaging other people's cars and even destroying one by setting it on fire I would have liked to see Dag punished for this though he would undoubtedly bitterly resent the finesjail imposed by outside societyRegardless of my opinion of the characters whom I didn't admire the book is well written and the characters are believable It's interesting to get a peek into the thought processes of some Gen X ers I think the best part of the book is in the margins where Douglas Coupland defines some of the original and entertaining Gen X expressionsvocabulary If you're curious about Gen X this is a good book for you Examples of Generation X Vocabulary go postal get very angrydip leavecrib homephat coolgrindage food grody disgustingcheddar moneyall that and a bag of chips the best of the best The book is phat but it's not all that and a bag of chips 😁You can follow my reviews at

  6. Damien Damien says:

    Young white privilege all dressed up and no where to go

  7. Leftbanker Leftbanker says:

    I give this book five stars even though it really isn't much of a novel it's mainly just three kids telling stories about how they view the creepy world of consumerism and status I read this shortly after returning to the States after living a fairly idyllic and isolated life on the Mediterranean for three blissful years I didn’t really get America when I got back not at all This was the first novel that I read that explained why I wasn’t entirely crazy for not being crazy for the American dreamSo I had just moved from Greece probably the best place I have ever lived and I’ve lived in some great places; I’ve lived in Spain for the last 12 years and I moved to suburban Washington DC the worst fucking place I have ever lived I just hated the traffic and endless sprawl I didn’t even have the word “sprawl” in my vocabulary at that time; I just knew that I hated itMy brother turned me on to this book after he had also been recently reintroduced to American culture A lot of things in this book just hit home with me Granted I thought the male characters were way too soft for me and one of them I felt should have been screwing Claire but the sexless nature of the males wasn’t a big problem What drew me to the book than anything was simply the tone and the tone was “Is this really what it’s all about? Filling an SUV with a wife and family and taking two weeks a year on the beach somewhere?” I knew that wasn’t for me He had a lot of great insights in this book which is than you can say for a lot of novels by the leading writers in America I defy anyone to uote a decent insight of our culture from John Irving Joyce Carrol Oates Saul Bellow or most of the pantheon of modern American literature and yes I know this dude is Canadian This was the first novel that I read that uestioned the American Dream or traditional values It was the first time I heard anyone voice criticism towards what most considered the normal trajectory of adult life All that I knew at the time was that the idea of going the route expected of people of my station had zero appeal to me This book sort of let me know that I wasn’t alonePostscriptYou have to wonder if anyone from the Cell Phone Facebook Twitter Video Game generation would even be capable of the sort of introspection found in this novel I hate to stir up class warfare What am I saying? I love it stirring up class warfare but I doubt children of any sort of privileged status would even feel compelled to bother deconstructing their baffling worldat least it’s baffling to me What would they call their book? Generation Like Generation LOL Genreation Chat Click Swipe or maybe Generation Whatever?

  8. AnneMarie AnneMarie says:

    What a boring and pretentious book It's the kind of writing that would have seriously impressed me when I was 14 full of consciously witty soundbitesWhat I really don't like about it is the glorified loser culture of the early 90s and nearly 18 years later it hasn't aged well and just seems bloated The decade that everyone thought was the pinnacle of evolution is now looking as bad as the 80s did ten years ago To highlight this Coupland's plot doesn't have much as a 'story' per se instead it's a collection of short ironic stories and vague self realisations by the characters The only thing that prevented it being tossed out is the fact that Coupland is genuinely briliant and there's no doubt that he's a fantastic writer However you wish that he would get take his head out of his arse for this one

  9. Sophia Sophia says:

    I've been thinking about why I still love this book when I hate movies like Lost in Translation and Reality Bites I think it's because the characters are so active; Andy Dag and Claire don't lie around hotel rooms in their underwear or have planets of regret on their shoulders shut up Ethan Hawke They have jobs they do interesting things they daydream and most importantly they tell each other stories On the flip side they haven't aggressively dropped out of the mainstream a la Kerouac co They're just trying to find their way along some other path than the one they were told to be on and they try to find some uiet meaning in their lives as they go without being too consciously hip or too unconsciously unhip The book never feels forced and it's the author's gentle tone that makes it work for me

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    Credited with terming low payinglow statusunsatisfyingdead end employment as a McJob and introducingpopularizing the phrase Generation X to the American lexicon Coupland conveys the lives of three friends as they attempt to escape their collective uarter life crisis Using a raw ironic tone that is anything less than subtle Generation X entwines the exhausted lives of twentysomethings with relevant pop culture references Choice moments in the novel include Coupland's incorporation of cartoons slogans and Couplandisms all of which are specific to the sentiments portrayed by both the characters and the author himself Tele parabolizing is a personal favorite of Coupland's invented terms which is defined as describing everyday morals by using widely known plots found on television think that's just like the episode where Jan lost her glasses Generation X Tales for an Accelerated Culture may not cure your frustration with our culture's habit of excessive consumption and extreme commercialism but it will at least provide you with the solace of knowing you're not alone

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Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture [Read] ➲ Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture ➮ Douglas Coupland – Un roman cult al tinerei generatii publicat in treizeci de tariDouglas Coupland e un fel de Andy Warhol stie sa surprinda la fel de spectaculos esenta lucrurilor Generatia X e biblia post moderna a mi Un roman cult al tinerei generatii publicat in Tales for Epub µ treizeci de tariDouglas Coupland e un fel de Andy Warhol stie sa Generation X: Kindle - surprinda la fel de spectaculos esenta lucrurilor Generatia X e biblia post moderna a milioanelor de tineri alternativi care simt ca X: Tales for Kindle Ö lumea nu li se potriveste iar viata ar trebui sa insemne mai mult decat consumism si noianul de junk uri al X: Tales for an Accelerated PDF/EPUB or culturii popRomanul cult al lui Coupland e radiografia existentei a trei tineri de douazeci si ceva de ani care traiesc in deriva si au senzatia ca nu li se intampla nimic Inteligenti introvertiti imprevizibili Andy Dag si Claire isi abandoneaza joburile penibile leafa mica reputatie zero beneficii mici viitor zero si se refugiaza din fata Americii moderne in desertul CalifornieiCautand schimbarea drastica ce le va da sens vietii dependenta de media si cultura de mall au pervertit societatea parintii i au dezamagit viitorul pare lipsit de substanta tinerii refuza sa se maturizeze urmand caile conventionale si vaneaza noi repere ca intr un alt Decameron inventeaza povesti sinistru de amuzante despre un razboi nuclerar si un posibil Armaggedon Cei trei proscrisi culturali reusesc sa se smulga din apatia prezentului cu ajutorul fanteziei hranite cu alcool dar constata cu disperare ca ironia sarcasmul si cinismul adesea reactii imediate la idealismul strivit de realitatile dure sunt singurele cai de comunicare ce le au mai ramasSatira acida a lui Coupland si abilitatea de a surprinde esenta vietii unei generatii uncool prin refuzul de a fi cool cu orice pret stiinta lui de a face literatura serioasa deghizandu si povestea intr un urias articol de revista insotit de ilustratii si fotografii fac din Generation X unul dintre cele mai puternice si mai de impact romane ale ultimilor ani.

  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture
  • Douglas Coupland
  • Romanian
  • 01 October 2016

About the Author: Douglas Coupland

Generation X was published in March of Tales for Epub µ Since then he has published nine novels and several non fiction books Generation X: Kindle - in languages and most countries on earth He has written and performed for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford England X: Tales for Kindle Ö and in resumed his practice as a visual artist with exhibitions in spaces in North America Europe and Asia X: Tales for an Accelerated PDF/EPUB or marks the premiere of the feature film Everything's Gone Green his first story written specifically for the screen and not adapted from any previous work A TV series one hour episodes based on his novel.