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Skinema ❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ Skinema Author Chris Nieratko – Though Skinema reviews over 150 pornos Nieratko hardly ever mentions them focusing instead on the pill popping exploits that he's documented unapologetically over the past seven years in his column fo Though Skinema reviews over pornos Nieratko hardly ever mentions them focusing instead on the pill popping exploits that he's documented unapologetically over the past seven years in his column for Vice Magazine—much to his editors chagrin As Johnny Knoxville so succinctly put it Nieratko is an asshole but whether Chris is rescuing a stalker from choking on her own vomit getting his nose broken for having AIDS he doesn't or marrying the one woman that could put up with his insanity his life sounds so much like a collection of hilarious bar stories it's impossible not to grab a beer and listen to the whole thing.

10 thoughts on “Skinema

  1. Justin Justin says:

    This book is a whole lot of awesome It's very funny and very fucked up and I mean that in the nicest way possible Chris Nieratko is an Asshole At Large for Vice Magazine and this book is a collection of his columns which are ostensibly reviews of porno movies but they rarely are More often either Nieratko riffs on the title of the movie to be reviewed and it reminds of him of some depraved situation he himself was once a part of or he just completely disregards the fact that he's supposedly writing a porn movie review and will write about something completely unrelated I'll just say that if so called gonzo journalism has something to do with getting fucked up and making the focal point of the piece you are writing you then this is gonzo journalism Actually I'm not so sure Hunter Thompson would like this but what do I know? Anyway you should read this if you like hilarious sex stories that involve drinking drugs being an asshole tattoos etc I know that description sounds like been theredone that but Nieratko is both creative and hilarious Actually the book is much than sex stories and what not Fairly often he retreats into flights of fancy that are as the rest of the book is often hilarious He has a flair for the right phrase even if the prose itself and the subject matter never rises above low brow I'd like to give you a snippet but I don't have the book with me You get the feeling that Nieratko may be fudging anywhere from 2% 98% of the stuff written about in the book but it really doesn't matter because ait's not billed as a memoir and; bit's again hilariousSo yap depraved debauched degenerate degraded licentious low twisted unhealthy just peruzing the old thesaurus here and wonderful I think you can buy this at American Apparel Or you can get it off the internet or at Barnes Noble I suppose

  2. Hilary Hilary says:

    This is not a book for everyone Chris Nieratko makes Tucker Max look like an angel However he does it with such humor that I sort of want him to be my friendChris Nieratko worked for Vice Magazine forever He then was besties with Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass Crew but when they started to go off to do Jackass he stayed to work at Vice This book is a collection of short stories about his life He was supposed to be reviewing porn video’s and instead would just write about whatever he wanted and didn’t watch the videos or so he says at leastIt was so hilarious that I actually laughed so hard at one point at the ridiculousness of these situations that I snorted however if you can’t handle this kind of humor you might get offendedI thought it was hilarious and entertaining and I laughed out loud multiple times Then again I loved Jenna Jameson’s How to Make Love Like A Porn Star so maybe I have weird taste

  3. Greg Greg says:

    This is how Tucker Max would write if he were actually creative interesting and a good writer Read if all his stories weren't just mild variations of So I got really drunk this time and some crazy shit happened SWEARTOGOD I could easily imagine Nieratko writing really thoughtful intriguing widely heralded books had his life taken a different trajectory But it was not to be Instead he spent his time skateboarding doing drugs and watching porn Not that any of that is necessarily a bad thing if only because it results in a humorous little book of misogyny and debauchery Skinema isn't high art and will probably start feeling dated pretty uickly but it really is uite fun and lighthearted Worth reading if you're not one to take life too seriously

  4. Monica Monica says:

    One of my guilty pleasures is that I enjoy Vice magazine Or I should say used to enjoy it because I hardly ever see it any but I do look at the Do's and Don't on occasion on their website I'd never been a big fan of Chris Nieratko's column but remembered it as vaguely amusing However what was vaguely amusing to see every once in a while is not so enjoyable in book form Maybe it's the misogyny and racism Maybe it's just that Nieratko's writing about shit ass sex hookers vomit drunkenness and ass sex and hookers gets repetitive and well stupid after a while Actually pretty uickly Not going to bother with the rest of this book it's already in the get rid of pile

  5. Amy Amy says:

    This is not a book for everyone Really it's not Chris Nieratko is hideously fucked up but man has he lived an interesting life Those of you familiar with his work on Jackass the television show and from Vice and Bizarre magazines will know exactly what to expect from a book penned by this self absorbed arsehole These vignettes of his life disguised as reviews of porn movies are offensivedisgusting and often baffling Prepare to be truly offended at least once grossed out to the point of nausea a dozen times and clutching your sides laughing throughoutI love Chris Nieratko There I said it He's disgusting and he's totally unapologetic about it

  6. Kit Fox Kit Fox says:

    I totally had a nightmare about the author while I was reading this book Like he was just a total dick to me for no apparent reason He seems like the kind of self styled anti hipster badass who'd totally call me a fag for watching movies that have subtitles but that being said some of his drunken drugged up stories are pretty fucking funny But that's what I'd expect from Vice magazine wouldn't you?

  7. Dayna Dayna says:

    Hilarious but not for the easily offended especially those who would be sueamish at the constant mention of anal lesbian and sex toy fantasies I wonder how much is exaggerated for effect but in the end don't really care because his crass tales left me laughing aloud many a time

  8. Karrie Karrie says:

    Chris is uite possibly one of the most clever assfaces well ever read this book or perish and no you can not borrow mineit's like the Ktel slow jams rekkid in the 70's no my brotha you must buy your own

  9. Leonard Pierce Leonard Pierce says:

    Abysmal self absorbed awful 'humor' book from the hipster jackasses at Vice and sadly typical of their entire just kidding but not really approach to writing with its faux ironic racism and sexism Awful

  10. Bridget Bridget says:

    Reading this on the bus was awesome fun timesNieratko reads like the illegitimate child of Allan Ginsberg and Georges Bataille dirty sexy weird and funny I'll bet his wife is a peach of a lady

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