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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Why I Forgot About This Book At the Bottom Of My Closet and Probably Should Have Left It ThereAs you can tell from the above I was not a happy camper with this book The basic story is the h Chess marries the womanizing man ho okay the H Nate She also comes with a patent for a fancy schmancy tobacco rolling machine yep this is the beginning of the smoking industry before we all got wiser and learned Just Say NO Chess is an amazing woman for her time as the author would have you believe she stands with Nate as a partner in his burgeoning business runs a gracious Southern home and is a proud mama of a feisty little girl Nate is a womanizer three mistresses at a time various visits to bordellos and a fatal infatuation for kinky sex with his minister brother's wife who is a manipulative witch of the first order In spite of all this manly love he is dishing out he can't even make sure his wife enjoys sex because ladies don't like sex So what does that make his sister in law who is a minister's wife? The worst part of all this is Nate feels ashamed of his addiction to sex and he tearfully confesses to Chess his inability to let his affair with his sister in law go So they go to England Chess to buy furniture Nate to get out of his affair with Lily the sister in law While there Chess meets her cousin Randal who is an amazing lover and starts up an affair She is now 45 and has been married for 15 years and has never been kissed or had an orgasm Well at least the girl gets some and she is really enthralled Time moves on as it does and Nate and Chess return to the US and in the course of events Lily has a son and tells Nate it is his Nate is over the moon of course and Lily is ecstatic cause now she can really make Nate pay through the nose Lily has been charging for her services over the years and previously lost her remittances in a bank failure but she is smexxing Nate for all he is worth and he cheerfully forks over the cash Chess basically tells Nate he is a pig the boy is probably Lily's husband's and not his and given the alternative entry positions I have to agree and he better start appreciating his daughter or life will soon become horrible for him at home She also adds he needs to wash as he has never come home stinking of his women before and don't think he can start now With all of this edifying and enlightening action going on Nate and Chess are invited to the Vanderbilt's and there Chess runs into Randall again Randall has decided he is in love with Chess and she should divorce Nate get a huge settlement and go shack up with him Chess decides she needs to make Nate admit his love and smex him up for good times in bed This happens on the last page and bang supposed HEAMy Take WTF? The ending of this story was badly done There is no resolution to the Lily plot there is no reconfiguring of the marriage or any acknowledgement that a new beginning is being made and there is no guarantee or attempt to assure the reader that Nate really loves his wife and will stay faithful I know he won't stay faithful the man's a dog He loves Chess but he isn't in love and Chess for all she acts like an 18 year old ingénue should have gotten a better resolution Ms Ripley was a Southern Lady and I do mean that capitalized unfortunately it comes across in her writing Her gentility gets in the way of really writing what needs to be written to make us believe Nate and Chess have a chance in the love stakes Nate needed to have a revelation that he could have moderately kinky sex with Chess and both could enjoy it Chess needed to hear Nate apologize and explain that he really wants her and only her As it is left Nate will be having nice sweet sex with Chess and go to Lily when he needs to get his kinda kink on Even the kink part is ladylike and if your going into sexual obsession you have to be gritty Polite little descriptions are okay but they don't convey the power of a full fledged sexual obsession Surprisingly she did a good job of describing Chess's infatuation with Randall but fails miserably when it comes to Nate I know Nate's obsessed because she tells me he is I know Chess is obsessed because she shows me Randall is another sore point Chess deserved some lovin' no one but she also deserved a better lover than Randall who basically comes off as chasing her for her money This is a deliberate character bias on the author's part cause Randall was actually decent to Chess and treated her like a desirable woman I wanted Chess to be with Randall he cared Ms Ripley realized too late that she wrote herself into a corner and had to make Randall look like a jerk so Chess would stay with manho Nate This book was such a disappointment on the romance front I had to throw it in the back of a closet and it is going back there now If you read this read for the history the famous historical characters and the interesting story of a woman who carves out a place for herself in business as a power behind the throne thing Don't read it for the romance cause IMO there isn't much of one

  2. Regan Walker Regan Walker says:

    Unusual Love Story Rich in Detail of Both the American South and Aristocratic London in late 19th CenturyHaving read Alexandra Ripley’s Scarlett I was eager to read another by this authorIt begins in the South in 1875 Francesca “Chess” Standish was raised to be a lady but the Civil War left her at 30 with only a rundown plantation and a patent on her grandfather’s machine to make cigarettes Once her life was filled with laughter now she is gray and glum She wants to be married but has all but given up hope until Nate Richardson comes along Nate is smart handsome and has ambition and desperately wants to gain the patent for the machine that makes cigarettes When Chess who is 8 years his senior tells him he can have the patent if he will marry her he agrees Ever since he was a teenager Nate has been in love with the girl who became his brother’s wife He shows Chess no passion believing she is not interested and finds his pleasure elsewhere Chess is so in love with him she is willing to take the crumbs he offers herChess is a heroine to love brave smart and willing to wait for what she wants She knows Nate doesn’t love her but she vows to become the business partner he will respect And she does sharing with him his dreams and his passion for the tobacco industry Though he admires her Nate is not faithful But a trip to London will show her the affection she has missed and awakens in her the girl she once wasThe story reflects the author’s deep research into the tobacco industry and the era of the late Victorian period both in the South and in London She captures the life of the idle rich as well as the Americans who were leading the development of new industries and discoveries Rich in detail even as to fashion with splendid characters some actual historical figures Ripley have given us a great tale You must wait till the very end for that happy ever after but I assure you it’s comingI didn’t want to put it down

  3. Laura Laura says:

    I remember I loved this book but may need to revisit bc I remember very little except it was a major saga I accidentally ran across this at the library probably 8 years ago

  4. Nancy Nancy says:

    Stupid book Both H and h who are married cheated on each other with ow and om The wife learns some sexy moves from om and seduces husband HEA Not

  5. Maria Maria says:

    What the f have I just read? Masochist that I am I finished it SPOILER The heroine has an affair and bangs the other man in a frenzy and tells him she loves him in the last pages of the book Then two pages later she realises she loves her husband The hero is obsessed with OW until yesterday and all of a sudden she is not mentioned any It was so bad I had to finish it

  6. Kathy Kathy says:

    A good look into post civil war America of the south Ripley has a good hand for realistic descriptions and a complex story line I love her descriptions of fashions of the day The settings of North Carolina and London England shows a love of diverse countriesThe only area I found lacking was the lack of depth of the relationship between mother and daughterAll in all a good read

  7. Gina Gina says:

    This book wasn't all that bad The characters were kind of hard to like because I thought they were pretty shallow and all they cared about wby sex Thewbook also had some facts about cigarette manufacturingas well I felt like that was put in just for the sake of moving the story along There wasn't a lot of character development either but I'm glad I read the book

  8. Joann Joann says:

    An interesting weave of real people real businesses cut throat deals upcoming classic books as well as historical happenings interwoven in this novel Women's fashion is portrayed through the changing trends both in US as compared to being in London The author has a knack for recreating visual history and stirring emotions

  9. Emily Mobley Emily Mobley says:

    I’ve read this book several times I just can’t get the characters out of my head Both of them have strong loveable and frustrating personalities They’re story is complex and fun and at times sad But also full of hope and love although they might not always realize it Highly recommend

  10. Mae R Mae R says:

    I would give this a 6 star if there was one'

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