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  • Mr. Murder
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  • 03 October 2014
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10 thoughts on “Mr. Murder

  1. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Murdering good THE DEADLIEST ENEMY Back then in 1994 when I read this novel I enjoyed a lotI think that it was an interesting way to present the plot since the main character Marty Stillwater is threatened by an unthinkable menace himselfor at least someone who claims that he is Marty Stillwater tooHowever this new Marty is a coldblooded killerThe story is alternated told from the perspective of the main protagonist and the main antagonist HOW ESCAPE FROM HIMSELF? It's uite shocking when I was reading the chapters of the other since he is indeed a perfect killing machine and the way that he kills is so remorseless that it's really disturbing to read that scenes but of course it's all part of being a horror novel I think that this story is a loosely approach of the idea of Frankenstein where a mindless monster wants a life to his ownAnd since Dean Koontz the author has a book series about a continuation of the original Frankenstein it's not odd that he has a fascination with that classic story and in this book he evolved a twist in the plot to make an original story of his own MEET DREW KARL There two supportive characters Drew Karl that they are following the trace of the other trying to clean the mess that he is leaving on his bloody journey They are hired assassins and I found an enjoyable surprise when Karl is revealed as a Trekkie so it was fun to read some dialogues of him An unexpected surprise in the book maybe my main complain in the story it is that it's never clear how or why Marty Stillwater got involved in this messy business He is a famous novelist as many main characters in Koontz' books but that isn't a factor of why poor Marty is suffering this threatHowever in the general I enjoyed a lot the reading experience

  2. Supratim Supratim says:

    I found this novel in a second hand book shop The title the blurb and the fact that the protagonist is a mystery novelist piued my interest I love mysteries which has some mystery writer in it Please allow me to introduce you to Martin Stillwater He is a mystery writer who has started to achieve fame and success He leads a near perfect life with his psychologist wife Paige and two daughters Emily and Charlotte All of a sudden Martin starts to experience blackouts and senses a weird kind of fear There is also a nameless killer He does not know his own name has no memories about his family and has no idea who controls him He simply knows what to do This character has been “blessed” with extraordinary strength and unimaginable recuperative power In sort the invincible killing machine This killer is a big time movie lover and likes to think of himself as the hero However the character is also tortured by the loneliness and his meaningless lifeThe killer gets drawn “westward” by an unknown force and he believes that he will get a life and family there He breaks protocol and embarks on his journey You have already guessed it the killer pays a visit to Martin’s family and the nightmare begins Needless to say a lot of people are going to dieParts of the book have enough tension suspense and action to keep you hooked Gun fights chase scenes twists some BIG conspiracy interesting characters will keep you turning the pagesThe characters are pretty fleshed out Martin is a good man – a good father a good husband a sort of person who does not want the death of innocents on his conscience even when his and his family’s life is in danger But do not think for a sec that Marty is weak I liked the way Martin would use storytelling to soothe his daughters’ fear Paige has also been portrayed as a very strong character and not some damsel in distressThe killer’s thought process was pretty chilling as well The way he would justify his every crime isamazing and horrifyingThere is another character who I liked very much Found him a bit eccentric at first But later I liked him a lotThis is just an action adventure thriller and do not expect much from it only thrills The premise has been used in many movies and novels The end was predictable Having said this I have to say that I did enjoy parts of the book I say parts because the book has a lot of flab Had the author made it a bit concise then the book would have been much enjoyableA nice thriller if you do not mind the extra flab There might be better books with the same storyline as wellI shall end by saying that I do agree with Martin and Paige on one thing Nothing soothes the mind like reading especially novels

  3. Karl Marberger Karl Marberger says:

    Well written entertaining suspense The bad guy has a similar character dynamic to the Monster in Frankenstein

  4. Kalin Kalin says:

    Originally this was going to be a 4 star really liked it rating but the fourth star got gagged and snatched by the savage climax and the escapist devil may care resolution Most other parts I enjoyed a lot as the following highlights will show Atanas Slavov recommended this book to me in my perennial uest for inspiring couples in literature or art as a whole I can already see whyThat he loved her now than when they had met in college was no surprise The triumphs and failures they had shared the years of daily struggle to make a place in the world and to seek the meaning of it was rich soil in which love could grow Cheers to all my shamanist friends out thereEmily had only one pet Its name was Peepers It was a stone the size of a small lemon smoothed by decades of running water in the Sierra creek from which she had retrieved it during their summer vacation a year ago She had painted two soulful eyes on it and insisted “Peepers is the best pet of all I don’t have to feed him or clean up after him He’s been around forever so he’s real smart and real wise and when I’m sad or maybe mad I just tell him what I’m hurting about and he takes it all in and worries about it so I don’t have to think about it any and can be happy” This was the happiest part of Marty’s day Story time No matter what else might happen after rising to meet the morning he could always look forward to story timeHe wrote the tales himself in a notebook labeled Stories for Charlotte and Emily which he might actually publish one day Or might not Every word was a gift to his daughters so the decision to share the stories with anyone else would be entirely theirsAs a fledgling father I can testify to the first part As a wannabe writer bwaha I can laud and perhaps envy the second What sort of conversations do you indulge in with your doctor?“Panic attack? You of all people suffering a panic attack?” Paul Guthridge asked doubtfullyMarty said “Hyperventilating heart pounding felt like I was going to explode—sounds like a panic attack to me”“Sounds like sex”Marty smiled “Trust me it wasn’t sex”“You could be right” Guthridge said with a sigh “It’s been so long I’m not sure what sex was like exactly Believe me Marty this is a bad decade to be a bachelor so many really nasty diseases out there You meet a new girl date her give her a chaste kiss when you take her home—and then wait to see if your lips are going to rot and fall off”“That’s a swell image”“Vivid huh? Maybe I should’ve been a writer” Is this one media's assault on another or what?But first he must actThat is another lesson he has learned from the movies Action must come before thought People in movies rarely sit around brooding about the predicament in which they find themselves By God they do something to resolve even their worst problems; they keep moving ceaselessly moving resolutely seeking confrontation with those who oppose them grappling with their enemies in life or death struggles that they always win as long as they are sufficiently determined and righteousHe is determinedHe is righteousHis life has been stolenHe is a victim He has sufferedHe has known despairHe has endured abuse and anguish and betrayal and loss like Omar Sharif in Doctor Zhivago like William Hurt in The Accidental Tourist Robin Williams in The World According to Garp Michael Keaton in Batman Sidney Poitier in In the Heat of the Night Tyrone Power in The Razor’s Edge Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands He is one with all of the brutalized despised downtrodden misunderstood cheated outcast manipulated people who live upon the silver screen and who are heroic in the face of devastating tribulations His suffering is as important as theirs his destiny every bit as glorious his hope of triumph just as greatThis realization moves him deeply He is wrenched by shuddering sobs weeping not with sadness but with joy overwhelmed by a feeling of belonging brotherhood a sense of common humanity He has deep bonds with those whose lives he shares in theaters and this glorious epiphany motivates him to get up move move confront challenge grapple and prevailBut seriously some of the killer's ruminations on how movies teach us everything we need to know cross from the psychotic into the hilarious I wonder if it was intentional When the going gets tough you can always count on the kids to inject some levityAt home she’d checked the dictionary to see if there was any definition of “nuts” that would explain what the good guy had done to the bad guy and also explain why her mother was so unhappy about it When she saw that one meaning of the word was obscene slang for “testicles” she checked that mysterious word in the same dictionary learned what she could then sneaked into Daddy’s office and used his medical encyclopedia to discover It was pretty bizarre stuff But she understood it Sort of Maybe than she wanted to understand She had explained it as best she could to Em But Em didn’t believe a word of it and evidently promptly forgot about it“Just like in the movie Saturday” Charlotte reminded her “If things get real bad and he goes berserk kick him between the legs”“Oh yeah” Em said dubiously “kick him in his tickles ”“Testicles”“It was tickles”“It was testicles” Charlotte insisted firmlyEmily shrugged “Whatever”Mrs Delorio walked into the family room drying her hands on a yellow kitchen towel “Are you girls ready for Pepsi?”“No ma’am” Charlotte said “we’re fine thank you Enjoying the show”“It’s a great show” Emily said“One of our favorites” Charlotte saidEmily said “It’s about a boy with tickles and everyone keeps kicking them”Charlotte almost thumped the little twerp on the headFrowning with confusion Mrs Delorio glanced back and forth from the television screen to Emily “Tickles?”“Pickles” Charlotte said making a lame effort at coveringThe doorbell rang before Em could do damageMrs Delorio said “I’ll bet that’s your folks” and hurried out of the family room“Peabrain” Charlotte said to her sisterEmily looked smug “You’re just mad because I showed it was all a lie She never heard of boys having tickles”“Sheesh”“So there” Emily said“Twerp”“Snerp”“That’s not even a word”“It is if I want it to be”Later I found out Koontz does not have children Which makes his depiction of Charlotte and Emily even of an accomplishment Besides the axes it has to grind with movies ; this novel has something to say about books“What happened over there?”“Just now? In the other room?”“Yeah”“Magic”“I’m serious”“So am I” Marty said “You can’t analyze the deeper effects that storytelling has on us can’t figure out the why and how any than King Arthur could understand how Merlin could do and know the things he did”“We came here shattered frightened The kids were so silent half numb with fear You and I were snapping at each other—”“Not snapping”“Yes we were”“Okay” he admitted “we were just a little”“Which for us is a lot All of us were uneasy with one another In knots”“I don’t think it was that bad”She said “Listen to a family counselor with some experience—it was that bad Then you tell a story a lovely nonsense poem but nonsense nonetheless and everyone’s relaxed It helps us knit together somehow We have fun we laugh The girls wind down and before you know it they’re able to sleep”“I don’t know” he said “but I think if some university did a long term study they’d discover that people who read fiction don’t suffer from depression as much don’t commit suicide as often are just happier with their lives Not all fiction for sure Not the human beings are garbage life stinks there is no God novels filled with fashionable despair”In fact there have been similar studies Given the book's attitude to cinema I was than a little surprised by its afterword Bruce Willis starring as Martin Stillwater huh? Maybe Hollywood has enough sense of self irony after all But most probably not; the rumination parts are the first ones to go as any resentful novelist will assure you ;

  5. Maciek Maciek says:

    Reading this book made me remember just how much Koontz rehashes There is nothing original in this book black and white characters government conspiracy etc If there were no secret organizations DK would be out of job And how many times did a Koontz novel feature a heroic couple running away from an evil adversary? All of this is embroidered by his subtle ideology the god guy is a writer the bad guy despises the written word Apparently in Koontz's school of philosophy having a beautiful wife two ideal daughters and being a succesful writer of suspense novels is good and being a member of a seceret government organization is bad Sometimes I wonder how he became a bestseller since all he does is repeat himself over and over; but then maybe that's exactly the reasonSeriously if you want s story about a writer hunted by his mirror image read King's Dark Half instead Koontz obviously did This one is recommended only for Dean's biggest fans

  6. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    Dean Koontz at his best I'm giving this book full marks for the suspense sitting on the edge of your chair holding your breath type suspenseAnd he can keep it going at the same terrifying level for whole chapters Wow I have seen a few criticisms of the ending maybe because the book does not end at the climax but instead spends a few uiet pages letting the reader get their breath back and wrapping up all the loose ends I liked that myself One I would certainly recommend to readers of the genre

  7. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    For the main character of this novel his talent gets the better of him in the form of a homicidal imaginary friend that stalks him and threatens his family Suspenseful eerie and original Mr Murder is a frightening horror thriller about the power of words on a page

  8. Dustin Crazy little brown owl Dustin Crazy little brown owl says:

    2015 Update While I still enjoyed the story I did drop the rating one star and this would not be #6 in my favorite Dean Koontz ranking that was clearly my evil twin talking I read Mr Murder as a mini group read in the Koontzland Dean Koontz group While the ending could have been better the story and mystery was plenty intriguing for me intriguing enough that I'm ranking this at #6 in my list of Dean Koontz favorites Mr Murder wasn't uite good enough to make it into my top 5 but he's in my top 10 for sure The book reminded me a lot of Relentless by Dean Koontz a story I'm absolutely in love with Mr Murder was published in 1993 and Relentless in 2009 My top five favorite Dean Koontz novels are in order #1 Life Expectancy #2 By The Light of the Moon #3 Relentless #4 Cold Fire and #5 The Taking My list is of course subject to change depending on future reading and re reading Thanks Dean for writing so many books to keep me entertained and all you Dean Koontz fans who haven't already joined come become a Koontzlander in the Koontzland Dean Koontz group on goodreads you'll be glad you did because I'm the moderator Update I just realized that my evil twin wrote this review I don't know if I would really rank Mr Murder as #6 but I'll go ahead and keep this review because since I have an evil twin I clearly have a lot in common with Mr Murder

  9. Carlotta Carlotta says:

    This book was given to me as a gift for my birthday by my boyfriend so I love that he gave it to me However Mr Koontz could have written this story in half the pages He spent time beating the same jokes to death describing nothing of interest and repeating characteristics of his characters The story could have been interesting regardless of how much it reminded me of some of his other works if he had cut out about half of the pages The book felt to me like he had a page uota to make and by God he was going to make itThe only reason I gave it two stars was because of how interesting the daughter characters were how much the parents loved them and because my boyfriend whom I adore gave it to me and tried to find something I would enjoy

  10. Chris Chris says:

    WOW Once I got hooked I couldn't wait to see what happened next A genetically engineered assassin Alfie inexplicably goes rogue He begins to have a driving need to be someone other than a robotic individual without a past or real connections in the present This mutation brings to fore a previously unknown magnetic ability to connect track a specific person The other MC Martin Stillwater a mystery writer is innocently living his life with his family when he begins to have fugue episodes of suffocating foreboding fear which as they get stronger cause physical reactions He doesn't know if these episodes have a psychological or organic originWhen these two players' lives intersect it is a mind blowing revelation for the both of them which sends Martin family on the run with Alfie hunting them down Add to the mix characters from the organization who manage Alfie They need to corral their asset and eliminate those who might blow the lid off their secret The climax has a head turning surprise

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Mr. Murder❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Mr. Murder Author Dean Koontz – Martin Stillwater has a vivid imagination It charms his loving wife delights his two little daughters and gives him all the inspiration he needs to write his highly successful mystery novels But maybe Martin Stillwater has a vivid imagination It charms his loving wife delights his two little daughters and gives him all the inspiration he needs to write his highly successful mystery novels But maybe Martin’s imagination is a bit too vivid One rainy afternoon a terrifying incident makes him uestion his grip on reality A stranger breaks into his house accusing Martin of stealing his wife his children—and his life Claiming to be the real Martin Stillwater the intruder threatens to take what is rightfully his The police think he’s a figment of Martin’s imagination But Martin and his family have no choice but to believe the stranger’s threat And run for their livesBut wherever they go—wherever they hide—he finds them.

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