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My Life After Life ★ My Life After Life PDF / Epub ✪ Author Galen Stoller – An unorthodox personal tale of tragedy and transcendence My Life After Life confronts timeless uestions concerning what happens to our loved ones and ourselves after death The journey began for Dr K P An unorthodox personal tale of tragedy and transcendence My Life After Life confronts timeless uestions concerning what happens to our loved ones and ourselves after death The journey My Life Epub / began for Dr K Paul Stoller one evening in when he received a phone call from the state police that his year old son Galen had been killed Shortly thereafter Dr Stoller's son appeared and eventually began to communicate with him in dream states Keenly aware of their emotional bond during his son's life Dr Stoller soon realized just how powerfully that bond could express itself Dr Stoller experienced difficulty in accepting what was happening to him both the stress of the loss and the stress of the contact Eventually convinced that it was his son Dr Stoller began journaling hundreds of pages of communication from Galen about his new circumstances which led eventually to this book Stoller's only comments appear in his Editor's Notes at the end of each chapterMultiple Award Winner Winner Nautilus Silver Award Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner Indie Excellence Award Finalist International Book Awards Finalist USA Book Awards Finalist ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award .

  • Hardcover
  • 174 pages
  • My Life After Life
  • Galen Stoller
  • English
  • 13 November 2016
  • 9780615383071

10 thoughts on “My Life After Life

  1. Richard Martini Richard Martini says:

    Really amazing account and story Galen passed away at the age of 16 and began to contact his father who is a well known pediatrician and doctor I contacted his father Ken because the accounts of classrooms in the afterlife was nearly identical to the same accounts I had been researching in the work of Michael Newton I asked Ken if he had been aware of these reports and he had not Further Ken shared with me an email from a woman in St Louis who had contacted Ken out of the blue apt metaphor to let him know that her deceased husband had contacted her through a medium and told her to read Galen's book She wrote that the medium was a family friend and that when her husband came through he told her to look up this book that everyone over here is talking about He told her the name of the author and that he was wearing a red shirt on the cover I've seen the actual emails she wrote and asked Ken to see if the medium possibly had heard about the book She had not and at the time of the reading the book was in limited release Subseuently I asked Galen to pen the foreword to It's a Wonderful Afterlife Further Adventures in the Flipside volume two and he generously has done so Either way highly recommend this and all of Galen's books If you'd like to know what it's like for someone on the flipside in their own words this is a must read

  2. Bookmasters Bookmasters says:

    This book won the Indie Excellence Award for the Death Dying category

  3. Christopher J. Christopher J. says:

    It’s not everyday a teenager writes a book so if they have left this lifeGalen Stollen’s story of how he communicated with his doctor father after his death is exciting It shows another perspective to what some call heaven and other call nirvana is really like I found Galen’s stories of his adventures in his after life fascinating They euate generally to what a number of researchers say happens ie there is continuous learning to move you between levels of enlightenment and a place of pure love and lightThis was Galen’s first book and I look forward to reading his next

  4. Michele DeLuca Michele DeLuca says:

    A very unusual book written by a 16 year old who died but who found a way to communicate with his father from the afterlife I've read many books about near death and what is said to come after but this one is uite unusual even in that genre Regardless I enjoyed it and I would definitely read the next one in this series

  5. Joel Orr Joel Orr says:

    An unusual and gratifying accountNot only is this book well written it impresses me as truthful and uplifting i look forward to books in this series

  6. Mike Mike says:

    One of the most interesting books I've ever read As an emotionally numb person at times I found this book very touching One of the most interesting books I've ever read

  7. walter Lind walter Lind says:

    I loved this detailed account of life between livesI loved the simple matter of fact style and feeling of this book I look forward to tbe series Well done galen and father

  8. Marion E. Goddard Marion E. Goddard says:

    Interesting Read on an AfterlifeWhen you want to read about dimensions after you make your transition to the other side this experience is an interesting experience

  9. Denis Lenihan Denis Lenihan says:

    Hard to believeAfterlife interests meThis is so amazing I have a hard time believing it Trulytruly amazing A bit highfaluting

  10. Nancy Nancy says:

    I try to keep an open mind and since this is a father's communication with his dead son it seems cruel to doubt But doubt is my major reaction I may not be ready to receive the communication coming from this book It seems like so much fantasy to me

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