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Christmas in Williamsburg [Download] ➼ Christmas in Williamsburg By Karen Kostyal – Bring the warm glow of Christmas past into your home with nostalgic Williamsburg flavor The perfect holiday gift this gorgeously illustrated handsomely designed book will become a family keepsake and Bring the warm glow of Christmas past into your home with nostalgic Christmas in MOBI :º Williamsburg flavor The perfect holiday gift this gorgeously illustrated handsomely designed book will become a family keepsake and a seasonal celebration of our nation’s past Packed with traditions crafts recipes and customs that span three hundred years of American Christmases this volume traces the rise of the holiday from colonial times to the present Exclusively shot reenactment photography and beautifully illustrated history bring traditions of yesteryear such as make a wish holiday tree tags handcrafted hot chocolate Victorian style paper chains and hand crafted clove orange pomanders straight to your family’s living room for a meaningful family holiday season   Also showcased are Colonial Williamsburg festivities and traditions such the Grand Illumination—which launches the Christmas season with fireworks wreath making workshops Christmas concerts recipes and You’ll feel like you are in Williamsburg with luminous photographs of historic places artifacts from the Williamsburg craft museum and hands on activities for kids Turn the pages and watch the sights and smells come alive—Christmas has come.

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  1. Andrea Andrea says:

    I was surprised that for the almost 2000 years since Jesus was born his birthday wasn't even celebrated December 25 may have been chosen for Christ Mass because it was near the winter solstice the shortest day of the year Pagan religions decorated with evergreen and holly and lit fires to welcome the sun back on the days after the solstice had passed Mistletoe was sacred to Druids Many centuries later English taverns and homes were decorated with mistletoe but it wasn't considered sacred It was an invitation to kiss In the 1600s the first colonists adapted English Yuletide traditions to the New World Dec 25 was a holy day where ppl went to church and the beginning of the Twelve Days of Christmas There was dancing feasting fox hunting for those who could afford it but not much gifts In the 1800s our current traditions started appearing There were stockings and a tree came soon after Mid 1800s tree decorating started Then Santa Claus trees cards carols and families together became tradition Colonial Williamsburg homes had outdoor decorations of natural materials like fruit evergreen leaves and pineappleDuring the Twelve Days of Christmas families and friends had long visits Midday meals had many meats wild fowl game and sweetsIn the 1600s the Pilgrims were pious and didn't believe in celebrating Christmas at all In 1620 the Governor had them workThe first Virginia colonists were too busy trying to survive to think about Christmas Puritans punished those who celebrated But as colony became established people celebrated in Dec when harvest was over Ppl visited farms and plantations 1700 Most ppl were farmers Towns were few and far between and the land was crossed by rivers and creeks The wealthy gentry owned huge plantations worked by slaves Most farmers had much less land and their crops fed their own families The land was full of plenty the rivers had fish oysters clams ducks and geese and the woods had deer turkeys and partridges People were focused on the growing season from spring til late fall In Dec they could relax a little Excitement began to build as month went on There were balls fox hunts entertainment At the College of William Mary there was a tradition that the boys would bar out their instructor from the classroom with their bodies and announce that it was time for winter break It was all in good fun The college had young teens as well as older boys On Christmas Eve muskets were fired Christmas was uiet and holy with a visit to church decorated with only a few sprigs of holly Kids rarely got to have chocolate It was seen as a stimulant for adults Made with either milk water or wine It's neat it gave a recipe for hot chocolate like the colonialists drink In Williamsburg and eastern Virginia relatives and friends visited for weeks and months The women and house servants were busy planning and preparing big feasts with 20 30 dishes arranged on the table for the afternoon meal The grand balls of the gentry served endless desserts around midnight after hours of dancing Hostesses had dessert pyramids with stacked apples pears or small cakes and mince pies Weddings were common during the Twelve Days of Christmas Travel was hard sometimes took days by horse on rough roads so this was a time when everyone was already gathered After the ceremony they danced Minuet reel and others Twelve Days all about eating and dancing Loved to dance formal minutes to country dances Sometimes full days of dancing after breakfast with a break for afternoon dinner then until dark Slaves worked hard all year whether on large plantations or small farms at homes of the gentry or the middling sort merchants and craftsmen who had enough money to own slavesTheir celebrations would have been simple probably with wild game and root vegetables They were allowed to visit friends and family who belonged to other owners Field slaves may have been given a few days off Most Field slaves and house slaves were given a few coins Young white kids might have been given a few coins educational book or small toy on New Year's Day Schoolboys might write Christmas piece for their parents to show off penmanship Twelve Days were mostly about adultsBoxing Day started in the 1700s in England On Dec 26 servants were given small ceramic boxes of coins or pieces of coins It was cute that it suggested celebrating Boxing Day by giving things to charity or making list of everyone who's helped us and giving them a small gift perhaps in a decorated cardboard box The air smelled of pig manure and horse crap and livestock They ands pomanders to cover bad odors It had instructions for an orange and clove one They stuck cloves all over an orange and it would last for months 1800sAmericans were not citizens and not colonists European immigrants streamed in with their own Christmas customs Germans cut small evergreen tree put it inside and clipped candles onto branches The first Williamsburg Christmas tree was in 1842 Decorated with gilded nuts paper cutouts and candles Santa Claus had been created in a poem After the Revolutionary War composers started composing Christmas songs Caroling probably started in the 1800s From an English tradition called wassailing from the Middle Ages where groups of singers were often given food or drink a spicy punch called wassail The spirit of Christmas developed of well wishing and hope and generosity Colonial Virginians decorated dinner tables with paper chains The first tree had paper chains 1900s It lost glory and bustle since it was no longer the colonial capital During the 1800s decorations were a big part with Holly and evergreen boughs on doors windows and inside The Williamsburg restoration really sounded amazing and I would love to visit someday With fireworks and music and candles The best part was the taverns where people could go and have traditional colonial meals They even have ghost walks to find the spirits of convicted pirates witches and colonials In the 1700s everything had to be symmetrical place settings on the table and in their gardens Hostesses brought out finest dishes and crystal Midday feast had wild turkeys ducks venison hams roast beef chicken fish oysters and a few preserved vegetables Desserts were served after or set out on dessert table in evening to be eaten after dancing was done Pies cakes small cakes like cookies fresh fruits sweetmeats candied fruits and nuts marzipans and jellies All symmetrically arranged Fruits cookies and tarts could be stacked in pyramid Sweetmeats might be served in glass dishes and placed on tiered glass stand called an epergne Custom that orange was always on top of the arrangement Fruit pyramids of apples pineapples lemons and oranges Handmade ornaments of gingerbread dough corncobs nuts and other materials Gold tassels swags medallions and dried flower ovals 50 years ago the town created the custom of having visitors write their holes and greetings on paper tags and hang them on the tree So uaint They invited readers to create their own tags and invite our guests to write messages That's a lovely custom I would like to do Twelfth Night was the merriest night on Jan 5 Dancing feasting card playing Big event of cutting the Twelfth Night cake Rich with eggs butter flour almonds currants brandy and candied orange and lemon pieces A bean was put inside and whoever found it in their piece reigned as king of Twelfth Night But the king had to host the party next year I liked the Christmas timeline that started in the Roman Era and went all the way up to the 20th centuryThe Romans had Saturnalia with feasting hunting and other festivities Mid to late DecEarly Christian Era Probably the 4th century the Church of Rome made Dec 25 the Feast of the Nativity to celebrate Jesus' birth Nicholas later St Nicholas was a bishop in this century9th century British law made Christmas season 12 days instead of 9 Last night was Twelfth Night day before EpiphanyIn the 1840s Christmas trees were introduced to Britain and America Prince Albert the German husband to Britain's ueen Victoria decorated a tree in Windsor Castle and it became popular German immigrants introduced trees in America I like that they listed heir resources because I was interested in learning They had a section of Christmas traditions from across the country It's neat that they said Christmas starts for many with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade The White House has the National Christmas Tree lit by the president It's surrounded by other trees that represent the states and territories of the US I didn't know that and that's really coolI like that it broke it up by century I hated to leave the colonial and 1800s behind They weren't nearly long enough and could have had so much information They sectioned it off into the centuries past and present but then in the present section they would reveal details from the colonial period that they hadn't shared It was jarring to have the author go back and forth between centuries like that She should have dispensed with all of the information at once in their proper time periods

  2. Gaile Gaile says:

    A beautiful book with lovely pictures this explains the celebration of Christmas down through the centuries and how the holidays evolved in America It also explains the re enactments in Williamsburg Virginia and how many tourists come each year to experience Christmas there A few crafts and recipes are included

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