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  • Paperback
  • 254 pages
  • Conversas de Escritores
  • José Rodrigues dos Santos
  • Portuguese
  • 10 October 2019

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    Talks with writers would be a good translation for the title.I ve read some of JRS novels But this is better than his novels He should dedicate time and writing to interviews.This is a compilation of 10 interviews with 10 writers Next, I ll present just some interesting, sparse notes deriving from the interview with Nobel prize winner J Saramago Maybe later will add some other authors.JRS first time talk with Saramago was in a flight to Sweden December 1998 for the Nobel prize ceremony The second time was on TV about the post Nobel novel A Caverna.The third time 11 years later was in Galveias palace library a place chosen by the writer, because it was here that Saramago discovered literature Topics approached in the interview 1 Polemic saying Bible is a manual of bad costumes habits is commented That aplies mainly to Old Testament Saramago had book in 1947 Terra de Pecado then a long period with nothing significant.One is yet to be published Claraboia only after his death 2 International recognition came only wi...

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    Livro com pontos de vista e hist rias de vida interessantes de salientar, para mim, Ian McEwan, G nter Grass e Isabel Allende autores que, curiosamente e at data, nunca li.Tinha esperan a que as perguntas se c...

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    Normalmente realizada a transposi o livro filme Em Conversas de Escritores o oposto primeiro passou na televis o e s posteriormente para papel Para quem n o viu a s rie de programas de entrevistas a escritores de literatura internacional contempor nea, que passou

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    opini o em breve

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    Very interesting set of interviews, especially if one writes or wants to get a priviledged view of the creative process Loved reading it.Maria Carmo,19th October 2012.

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Conversas de Escritores O Que Acontece Quando Os Maiores Escritores Da Literatura Universal Contempor Nea Se Sentam Para Falar Com Jos Rodrigues Dos Santos A Resposta Um Di Logo Fascinante Conversa De Escritores Coloca Os Grandes Autores Do Nosso Tempo A Reflectir Sobre A Vida, O Mundo E A Escrita S O Vozes E Rostos Que Desfilaram Semanas A Fio Pela Antena Da RTP N No Mais Inteligente Programa Da Televis O Portuguesa Em 2009.Dez Grandes Escritores, Dez Grandes ConversasEste Livro Traz Nos As Entrevistas Com Dez Dos Principais Escritores Da Literatura Universal Contempor Nea E Ainda As Hist Rias De Bastidores Dos Seus Encontros Com Jos Rodrigues Dos Santos.

About the Author: José Rodrigues dos Santos

Jos Rodrigues dos Santos is the bestselling novelist in Portugal He is the author of five essays and eight novels, including Portuguese blockbusters Codex 632, which sold 192 000 copies, The Einstein Enigma, 178 000 copies, The Seventh Seal, 190 000 copies, and The Wrath of God, 176 000 copies His overall sales are above one million books, astonishing figures considering Portugal s tiny market.