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  1. Thomas Beekers Thomas Beekers says:

    This science fiction tale by Stanislaw Lem is easily missed or dismissed as just a space romp but it is much than that A crew land their gigantic overbuilt and overpowered Invincible starship on a planet trying to find out what happened to the previous starship that landed here Soon they find out mankind with all their technology is not as Invincible as they'd hoped and a mystery story begins as they try to find out what it is that lives on this planet The latter part of the book deals with the confrontation with these beingsThe mystery and action elements are solid enough and it's worth the read for that but seeing this book as just a mysteryaction book is as said selling it short Like many of Lem's book it is ultimately about challenging human's default conception of seeing themselves as the center of the universe and what space travel could truly mean encountering and dealing with beings who are so different in their genesis and evolution that we simply can not hope to understand them In the Invincible this lack of understanding leads to violent confrontation which adds to the core message of we can not understand everything with we can not conuer everything

  2. Stuart Stuart says:

    The Invicible Early classic encounter with a swarm intelligenceOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureStanislaw Lem was a Polish SF author one of the most famous and successful writers outside the English language world selling over 45 million copies in 40 languages over five decades from the 1950s but mainly in Eastern European communist bloc countries such as Poland Germany and the Soviet Union However despite his success he had a rocky relationship with the United States SF community having a fairly low opinion of American SF fiction writers other than Philip K Dick’s works and having his honorary membership with the SFWA taken away when he became eligible to become a regular member which may have been intended as a slight and which he took as one He refused to joinLem even translated PDK’s UBIK into Polish in 1972 but as PDK was already pretty eccentric as he neared his own personal 1974 religious experience he wrote to the FBI saying that Stanislaw Lem was a name used as a cover for the Communist Party to influence Western public opinion just a wee paranoid I’d say Basically he felt he got stiffed for payment for the translation and blamed Lem for this So there was a lot of misunderstanding with Lem and the Western SF world However as time has passed there have been many English translations of his works including a number of retranslations and audiobook versions which has brought his work to the attention of newer readers again His most famous book is Solaris written in 1961 in Polish see my review of the book as well as the 1972 Tarkovsky film and 2002 Soderbergh film versions which was not translated into English until 1970 from the French edition rather than the original Polish It finally received a direct Polish to English translation from Bill Johnston and an audiobook version in 2011 Similarly The Invincible was first published in Polish in 1964 then translated to German in 1967 but only received an English translation of the German version in 1973 Finally it received a proper Polish to English translation by Bill Johnston in 2015 so we have him to thank for bringing Lem’s works skillfully and faithfully to English language readers The audiobook has just become available from Tantor Audio narrated by Peter Berkrot and based on the Bill Johnston translation so it was a perfect opportunity to rediscover a classic Lem storyTurning to The Invincible itself it is a classic take of alien contact and rumination on the nature of human and non human in this case non organic intelligence and the possible futility of trying to communicate with a truly alien intelligence at all Rather than the simplistic and anthropomorphic aliens popularized by American SF pulps and films and TV shows like the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises Lem’s thoughts on alien consciousness or machine intelligence was way ahead of its time He was a pioneer when he wrote about encountering a sentient ocean in Solaris in 1961 and an artificial machine based micro bot swarm intelligence in The Invincible in 1964 almost a half century ago One wonders how much influence he might have had on the Western SF scene if his works had been translated uickly and accurately than they wereIn any case The Invincible is the story of an heavily armed exploration ship that sets out to discover what happened to The Condor a similar ship that landed on the uninhabited and desolate planet Regis III before losing contact without warning The first half of the book focuses on the crew’s efforts to discover what happened to The Condor and its crew and they soon discover a mysterious artificial city which seems to have been abandoned long ago They then discover The Condor still intact and largely undamaged hundreds of kilometers from the city Then they have their first encounter with an ominous and metallic cloud that emits a strong electromagnetic field and interferes with their communications Things uickly spiral downward as they realize they are dealing with an artificial machine intelligence that does not possess higher consciousness but is perfectly capable of destroying human technology and mental functions and even the mighty anti matter weaponry of the InvincibleThere are various arguments among the crew particularly the captain and the first navigator Rohan who is the main character in the story about how to confront this implacable alien swarm intelligence one that hardly seems aware of the pitiful human presence on the planet However unlike Kris Kelvin in Solaris we really don’t get to know the human characters in The Invincible as they seem largely lost in the face of an impossible situation Ostensibly they are there to discover the crew of The Condor but their whole mission comes into uestion and by extension the whole justification for human exploration of strange and hostile worlds is also put under the microscope Do humans really have a moral imperative to explore and conuer and when they encounter an inorganic swarm intelligence that is perfectly adapted to its environment but also perfectly uninterested in organic life what possible gain can be had by trying to “communicate?”Like many SF novels of the 1960s and 1970s the ideas in Lem’s books take precedence over excessive characterization and plotting which accounts for their welcome brevity under 200 pages vs the doorstoppers produced by Peter F Hamilton or Alastair Reynolds but Lem is very much a modern philosopher ruthlessly stripping away the pretensions of the Western idea that humanity has a Manifest Destiny to explore and conuer the universe The themes he prefers to explore are what intelligence and consciousness are and what their role is in a large and uncaring universe It is often a chilling vision and may well have been influenced by his long exposure to the Soviet Union’s dominance over the communist bloc countries including his homeland of Poland Rather than the naive optimism of American SF he painted an often bleak canvas of the limitations of human ambition Given that perspective it is uite fascinating how popular his works became I’ve only touched the surface of his books and look forward to reading some with a satirical slant such as the stories of Ijon Tichy Space Pilot The Star Diaries The Futurological Congress along with his fable like short stories exploring artificial intelligence The Cyberiad Mortal Engines There is a depth of intellectual rigor and refusal to provide escapism in his books that appeals to me and I hope he will find readers thanks to the new translations and audiobook versions

  3. Aleksandar Trapara Aleksandar Trapara says:

    Luckily I read the book in Serbian translation which was fairly good so I didn't have to bother about it having been originally translated into German and then into EnglishBrilliant little book and such a sad story It aroused so many conflicting emotions in me At one point I was infuriated by the crew's insistence on staying on Regis III and meddling with its ecosystem and yet I was so startled when their plan to use the Cyclops backfired on them Once again Lem successfully sets out the idea that any contact between two fundamentally different culturesentities is highly unlikely to result in any form of meaningful communication and knowing the nature of human beings may prove disastrousA few reviewers complained about the apparent absence of women in the story Well we don't know anything about the culture of the period Perhaps women had chosen to not be involved in interstellar travel for moral or health reasons Or maybe Lem believed it wouldn't be a good idea to introduce female characters because persons with reduced mental activity are naturally left alone by the swarms on Regis III so the book wouldn't be fun to read whatsoever Ever wondered why women are placed in a separate category whenever it comes to playing chess?What's also amazing about this story is its profound alienness like in Solaris the surroundings events and creatures on the planet have a genuinely extraterrestrial touch which gives them an atypical authenticity55 stars it is definitely worth reading even multiple times

  4. P.E. P.E. says:

    HOMEOSTASIS The story Spaceship The Invincible is sent on unexplored planet Regis III to investigate on the unexplained silence of the crew of the Condor spaceship sent there before As they begin the searching they discover neither amphibians nor land animals Flora and fauna are found to stick to the oceans as though they were wary of the continentsMy thoughts I particularly appreciate how you are made to discover the geology the biosphere the Condor wreck little by little This story stands as a prime example of information withheld and given oh so graudally There is no way I close that book before I discover what exactly are these weird ruins and these eerie glossy black clouds and that unaccountable ecosystem At the end of the day you have to piece it together by yourself there is nowhere to look for a global godlike vision of the whys and hows For those who liked Solaris please be my guest Some of my reservations The balance between action and theory can be a bit off at times If it were up to me I wonder whether I would have sent the same class of spaceship as the one lost to try and retrieve it Come to think of it isn't this giving a faithful image of mankind? If you don't succeed try again with the same setting the same crew the same line of action and call an air strike tooBuddy read with Tara 29032020RELATED WORKS Philip K Dick's short stories on self replicating machines or Neumann machines⇁ Second Variety⇁ War Game⇁ Autofac⇁ The GunAbout hives eusocial and colonial lifeforms Nimbus by Peter Watts Ender's Game Empire of the Ants Niourk Solaris The Day the Earth Stood Still Suggested Soundtrack Music for a Distance Rolf Julius Soundtrack for immeuble Manny 44200 Nantes L'immeuble Manny HOMEOSTASIE L'histoire Le vaisseau l'Invincible est dépêché sur le monde vierge Régis III pour enuêter sur les causes suspectes de la disparition de l'éuipage du Condor En arrivant ils découvrent un écosystème ui se cantonne aux océans comme si les animaux par réflexe ataviue craignaient d'approcher du rivageMon avis On découvre peu à peu la géologie la biosphère les ruines l'épave du Condor on théorise sur les causes de la catastrophe C'est une belle gestion de l'inconnu on a envie d'en apprendre plus à chaue nouveau chapitre à aucun moment on obtient une vision d'ensemble Tout au plus un soupçon c'est très fortMes réserves Un dosage parfois un peu inégal de l'action et de l'interprétation de la part des personnages Je me demande si à la place de l'autorité administrative de la Base j'aurais envoyé le même type d'appareil pour chercher Dans un sens ça donne une certaine image de l'homme ui n'est pas si fausse si ça ne passe pas reprenons le même cadre les mêmes acteurs les mêmes conditions et recommençons Aux mêmes causes les mêmes effetsBuddy read with Tara 29032020ŒUVRES PROCHES Nouvelles de Philip K Dick sur une machine de Neumann machine autoréplicanteMinority Report et autres récits⇁ Nouveau Modèle Second Variety⇁ Un jeu guerrier War GamePaycheck⇁ Autofab AutofacUn vaisseau fabuleux et autres voyages galactiues⇁ Le CanonThe GunSur des formes de vie en essaimcolonie Nimbus Peter Watts in Utopiales 2013 Ender's Game Les Fourmis Niourk SolarisLe jour où la Terre s'arrêta The Day the Earth Stood StillBande son Music for a Distance Rolf Julius bande son de l'immeuble Manny 44200 Nantes L'immeuble Manny

  5. Jamie Jamie says:

    How many extraordinary phenomena like this so foreign to human comprehension might lie concealed in space? Do we need to travel everywhere bringing destructive power on our ships so as to smash anything that runs counter to our understanding?Fascinating chilling and totally original first contact thriller set in deep space Lem was an amazing out of the box thinker imaging aliens and alien concepts that go far beyond what most people can fathom Aliens that are so different they're nearly incomprehensible sharing no common ground with humanityThe story focuses on a ship sent on a rescue mission under mysterious circumstances to a remote planet that proves deadly They encounter non sentient aliens in the form of a swarm of distributed micro machines remnants of an ancient civilization on a desolate world that have evolved as a Necrosphere capable of clustering together to form a sort of hive intelligence Lem provides some fascinating solid hard science underpinnings throughout touching on evolutionary biology and cybernetics in particularThis has the makings of an amazing movie Incredible stuff for it's day 1964 and no less so today Highly recommended

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    THE INVINCIBLE by Stanisław Lem tr from the Polish by Bill Johnston 19642006 Eng#ReadtheWorld21 📍Poland#ScifiJulyFinally made my way to Lem He's been on my meaning to get to list for about a decade I'd heard many good things about his philosophical and hard science fiction styleI got the Lem ball rolling with this 1964 work about the crew of The Invincible a research vessel on a reconnaissance mission to find their sister ship The Condor lost on the planet Regis III And what they find on Regis III well #nospoilers But it's a fast paced suspenseful ride around this planet Really enjoyed it Lem's works are considered hard scifi because they don't shy away from technical details or descriptions and operates within scientific logic and accuracy His characters in this book are engineers geologists and biologists Both nanotechnology and evolution are central scientific themes in The InvincibleInteresting translation note the first English edition of The Invincible was a two degree translation meaning it was the translation of the German text that was translated from the Polish It was only in 2006 that translator Bill Johnston translated Lem's original Polish directly into English

  7. Mark Mark says:

    The starship Condor never returned after landing on Regis III so its sister ship Invincible is dispatched on a rescue mission The sf portions are classic 60s hard science fiction a gradual exploration of an alien planet and the threat that defeated the first crew However what I really love is the sparse but effective characterization of the Invicible's crew From the beginning there is an undercurrent of tension implying that the crew has been together in space a little too long There is the subdued conflict between the captain who may be past his prime and his second in command As the threat mounts there is a wonderful balance between the discipline of a highly trained crew and the panic and fear of facing something they don't understand and may not be able to fight

  8. Mathew Mathew says:

    Easily one of Lem's best novels tense and gripping — I found myself reading it at 3AM because I wanted to know what would happen next Cinematic would make a good SF movie Unusually rich characterization for Lem too Boggles my mind that it had no available direct English translation until this year

  9. Daveski Daveski says:

    Really fantastic classic sci fi The only other novel by Lem that I've read is Solaris which is something I'm trying to fix This one is a straightforward adventure story where a spaceship and its crew are investigating an unexplored planet where a previous craft had disappeared The inhabitants of the planet are so alien that they aren't even alive by the standards of man and the most interesting parts of the novel are the attempts to study and understand them Lem explores the ideas of the creation and evolution of life and the limit of man's understanding of these concepts Highly recommended to fans of any sort of science fiction

  10. Andrea Andrea says:

    One of my favourite Lem novels it possible worries me that it is one of those with the least amount of uirky strangeness and the most predictable plot arc Two of my favourite uotesMan he saw in a flash of insight had not yet reached the true pinnacle; he had not yet appropriated that galactocentric idea praised since antiuity whose real meaning could not consist in searching only for similar beings and learning to understand them but rather in refraining from interfering with alien non human affairs Conuer the void of course; why not? but don't attack what already is that which in the course of millions of years has achieved a balanced existence of its own independent not subject to anyone or anything except the forces of radiation and matter an active existence neither better nor worse than the existence of the amino acid compounds we call animals or human beings 146 This reminded me of the television show UFO and that scene in Tarkovsky's Solaris pointed out by Mark Bould in his book on the sameHorpach took off his coat Underneath he was wearing trousers and a net undershirt 151And back to this old theme on this remarkable evolution of non living yet intuitive and sentient technologynow his desire was no longer merely to return and report what he had found out about their companions' deaths but to reuest that this planet be left alone in the future Not everywhere had everything been intended for us he thought as he slowly descended 182 The last lineThere it towered majestic as ever in its motionless grandeur as if it were indeed invincible 187

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